Intuitive Dreams and Visions

Neptune is symbolic for loosening boundaries, removing barriers and expanding love to the world.

In its unnatural form, Neptune tends to compromise standards of quality, get lost in illusions, confusion, or addictions, and may want to sleep around. Neptune doesn’t like to feel restricted. There’s a desire to accept and explore everything, although nothing really satisfies, except other dimensions of consciousness.

In its purest form, Neptune might be selective or celibate yet fully liberated from restrictions, as well as awake to the real reality (which is energy), accessed through intuition.

Neptune Retrograde

When Neptune retrogrades, the imagination may cross boundaries, yet breaking rules still doesn’t satisfy. Or, logic and self-discipline may become more clear as intuition recedes. Or, intuition may become more powerful, as logic is thrown out the window. There’s an opportunity for a full awakening in consciousness, but is not likely to occur. Watch for distractions, wrong choices, or wrong directions, although disappointments can bring awareness and development of selective discernment.

Neptune in Aquarius

There may be an illusion of dependency or false attachments to friends or a friend group, which may eventually result in disappointment. Or maybe you feel love and compassion for the whole world, which may also result in disappointment – until the right connections are discovered and native is able to be selective with associations. Beware of using friends or socializing to avoid real feelings.


A particular plan of action can make a dream come true. Success is likely but others may doubt you or the plan. Provide plenty of space for the plan of action to occur organically or as inspired.