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Your Best Life Guidance

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Deep within, your soul knows exactly what you need to enjoy your most fulfilling life. Your soul knows all the details about your personal skills, your life passion, and your unique composition. Your soul knows what you absolutely love and what you really don’t need at all. Your own soul has the most accurate guidance to help you navigate life in the most authentic and satisfying way possible.

The only problem? There are many barriers between your human consciousness and your soul consciousness. There’s a thick, invisible veil between these two dimensions. Communication between these two realms can be a little tricky because they utilize entirely different languages. The soul language is an energy language. It’s a language that is felt more than it’s heard. For this reason, if you have emotional blockages, that can also block your 6th sense or Third Eye, also known as your intuition.

Every now and then, your intuition or gut feeling might send you a vague message. Yet so often, the programmed mind undermines that message with a different story. The mind is an important tool. But if it’s given too much control, you can end up making choices that don’t really feel good and right on a genuine level.

There comes a point when it’s time to get back in touch with your real, true self. But how? How do you bypass the socially conditioned mind so that your soul guidance can come through?

There are different mediums that can be used to connect with your higher insights and guidance. Music is one of them, as well as any creative art. Have you ever listened to a song or viewed a painting in an art gallery that touches you at some mysterious level? If you can let go and open up to that abstract sensation, you might become aware of some liberating revelation about your life. You’ve known that intuitive insight all along. But the song or painting dissolved your mental barriers for a moment which allowed you to finally accept what you intuitively KNEW.

Alcohol, drugs, psychedelics or even coffee can also temporarily dissolve mental barriers. That’s right, even coffee. Personally, coffee makes me feel physically unwell once the coffee high is over. Same with red wine. But they can be beneficial on rare occasions. They can help release inhibitory walls I put up for protection when those walls have become overly constrictive.

Most often, however, I use the intuitive arts for communication beyond the veil. The intuitive arts is not for everybody. But it works well for me personally, especially tarot. The cards allow me to get direct, detailed messages of guidance from my own true self. When I do a reading for my clients, I can most easily and quickly connect with their soul or soul guides through the cards, as well as other mediums.

There’s a simple, scientific explanation for how this works, although we generally do not fully understand it just yet. The double slit experiment in quantum physics shows how our observation determines an outcome or life experience. The material realm occurs exactly on point according to our expectations and programmed beliefs. This allows the physical human experience to occur. But when we observe some kind of abstract art, the physical manifestation of the art can ‘distract’ the programmed mind so that it can’t observe, and determine, an event according to its usual programs. The programmed mind is temporarily out of the way so that our true self and intuitive insights can come through.

These intuitive messages and higher wisdom can be surprising at first. That’s because we tend to drift from our real self, especially when we feed or indoctrinate our mind with entertainment media, religious doctrine, or standardized or institutionalized information. Soul guidance may not make sense at first. It might be contrary to what you’ve been trained to believe. Or it might trigger trauma, fears, and other buried emotions, resulting in a subconscious resistance to your intuition.

However, if you can give it some time and consideration, you’ll find over and over again through many tests, that your soul has a higher and deeper intelligence that is very useful if you’re ready to experience your most authentic and deeply fulfilling, adventurous life.

Your soul is concerned with one thing: your highest life potential and possible paths to get there. If you aren’t ready for that, there’s no need to get in touch with your intuition. But if you’ve experienced enough of the human dimension and are ready for something different, you may want to consider getting in touch with the guidance of your own soul.