Working Hard But Getting Nowhere?

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Does it feel like you’re spinning your wheels? Are you working hard but you have “nothing to show for it?” Are you busy doing ‘a whole lot of nothing?’

There are generally two explanations for wasted energy: 1) What humans call ‘achievements’ are really an illusion. And, 2) Most people are trying to live a life they have no genuine interest in living.

Achievements are illusions because they inherently involve failure. For every success, there is a failure; for every failure, there’s success.

Not only that, achievements and failures are constant and infinite. When you reach one milestone, there’s always another one. They come and they go, and they keep on coming and going so that they are always happening all the time. Achievements may seem nice in the moment you’re aware of it, but then it’s gone. It vanishes as soon as you think about something else. It vanishes into thin air because it’s an illusion.

From the human perspective, it appears as though you work really hard and then you get something, such as a diploma or a paycheck. First you’re at one place in life, then you’re at another place. But time and distance are only imaginary tools used to experience the perception of order for chaos or random events. In reality, you aren’t actually going anywhere. Your perspective has only changed. You’re only looking at the same event from a different angle.

In reality, success is always in the Here and Now moment, whether you’re beginning an endeavor, in the middle of it, or completing it – along with mistakes and failures as well.

Concerning the second explanation for wasted energy, if you’re trying to be someone you’re not or if you aren’t living your life passion, it will feel like you’re wasting your energy for obvious reasons. You ARE wasting your energy. Instead of trying to live up to standards and expectations of others, what do you really want to do? What are you here for?

When you follow your soul inspirations and when you abide in the success/failure of each present moment, every mere breath gets you where you want to go – WHICH IS RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE.