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Why You Aren’t Happy

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One of my favorite things to do is hang out alone in a public place with my laptop and drink tea. I take up a whole table as I brainstorm, draw diagrams and write ideas in my notebook, accept my failures, scrap efforts that aren’t working, design new projects and… watch people.

It’s fun to ‘people watch’ in Seattle, a city filled with conscious creatives or revolutionaries who don’t feel a need to look and dress like everyone else, or live up to some perception of an admired persona. There’s always a starving artist playing live music with a loudspeaker on a street corner. And they’re good. Real music.

Overall, everyone looks fine and good. Humans are intriguing and beautiful.

But I’ve learned by now that people aren’t always as they appear. In fact, no matter where you go, no matter what city you’re in, people in general know how to put on a good act.

A person’s real energy is loud and clear to energy readers. Some people appear stoic or subdued, yet a sweet bliss follows them as they pass by and lightly nod at you. Or, a person’s energy could be lifeless, shallow, bored, traumatized, or stressed out and depressed – no matter how well or put together they appear to be. There’s always some subtle or not so subtle clue that defies their act.

Very few people are actually real and alive.

Unfortunately, most people wear a mask of wellness, positivity, prettiness, intellect, success, or humor. Sometimes people aren’t only hiding their hollow shell or unhappiness from others, but also from themselves.

The first step is to be honest with yourself about what you really think and how you really feel. It seems like that would be easy. But social programming creates a filter over reality. What you think and feel might only be what you’re TRAINED to think and feel. They aren’t your REAL thoughts and feelings. They aren’t your OWN thoughts and feelings.

After a while, playing a role or trying to prove yourself can destroy you on a soul level. And getting in touch with the real you might seem impossible. But being the real you – even in public – is where it’s at. That’s the only real happiness.

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