When You’re Having A Bad Day

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Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a series of unfortunate events? Everything that could go wrong seems to be going wrong? I had one of those days last Friday.

I was rushing through my morning work so I could meet up with my son Jonah. He has an extremely busy schedule, so I didn’t want to keep him waiting.

I got ready to go and walked quickly out the door. As I approached my bus stop, my bus was there. But I was stuck across a busy intersection and couldn’t get to it in time. I stood there helplessly watching it stroll right past me. Missing that bus set off a domino effect of unwanted circumstances the rest of the day.

I decided to take a different bus and walk a mile to get to my destination sooner, but I ended up taking even longer. Not only did I keep Jonah waiting, the elegant vegetarian restaurant where we wanted to eat was closing.

We walked another mile looking for food. How were there so many restaurants but no place to eat? If you aren’t both relaxed and consciously deliberate, you could waste your whole life on subpar quality.

Jonah and I settled on a restaurant of subpar quality. No big deal, I could make the best of it. And yet… Jonah asked where I wanted to sit and somehow I chose the ONE table next to the ONE woman covered in cheap perfume. Because I’m highly sensitive to artificial scents, I ended up with a headache. Halfway through eating, I realized the food wasn’t worth the paper plate it was served on, and I felt nauseous.

Thankfully, Jonah was in a calm, meditative state and we had a great time talking. But after I left, I was still out of alignment WITH THE WHOLE UNIVERSE.

My intuition told me to take one route home but I ignored it and ended up walking longer than expected to another bus stop. I kept passing creepy, drugged out men making uncomfortable advances. Usually I carry pepper spray or a stun gun in my pocket in case of an attack, but I forgot them in my earlier rush out the door.

When I finally made it to the bus stop, I again JUST missed the bus. I waited a long half hour in the cold for the next bus that was so overly crowded, I ended up standing in the very front right next to the driver, which was against regulations. At the next stop, I pushed my way into the crowd. The bus driver who drove slower than a turtle was making bad decisions too. He got stuck in multiple intersections trying to make a turn, nearly taking out the siding of other buses. Horns were blaring, and lines of cars had to back up so we could get through.

I could’ve made it to my destination faster by walking, but I finally arrived. Then I got stuck behind several people walking unusually slow and taking up the whole sidewalk. I nearly collided with the woman in front of me when she completely stopped for unknown reasons. A few minutes later, I was nearly hit by a cyclist who yelled at me as I tried to walk around some meandering Canadian geese.

There were so many coincidences that they could no longer be called a coincidence. What was going on? What was I doing wrong?

After I got home, it was too late to start any work projects, so I decided to go to bed early. I took some vitamin supplements which alleviated my nausea and headache. I washed the makeup off my face and took a bath to wash the whole day off my body. During my evening yoga meditation, I was finally in a blissful state of deep relaxation.

Ahhh… now it all became clear. It all made sense.

In my rush to be on time, I was late.

Because of over decision and indecision, I made all the wrong decisions.

By disregarding my fears, my fears came to pass.

When I’m patient, mindful, and present, I can stay connected with my true thoughts and feelings and act accordingly. When I’m in a rush and full of expectations, I find myself confused, not knowing what to do, and settling for subpar.

All I had to do was chill out to get back in flow with myself and the universe, where all the right things seem to happen at all the right times. Sometimes all we need to do is relax, and it doesn’t get any more complicated than that.