When Life Seems To Fall Apart

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We’ve all been there. Nothing is working. No one knows how to do their job. Your best friend betrayed you. The kids are late for school, and you’re ready to call in sick to life – or quit life altogether.

For some people, ‘rock bottom’ can last for decades. Sure, there are a few moments of pleasure and signs of hope to keep your head above water. But why do you have to struggle to keep your head above water?

On the personal front, I’ve had tech problems and social media issues for years. It’s either my wifi, my website, email, plugins, or social media that has a problem. Sometimes it’s all of them all at once. Add to that, mysterious electrical issues in my home, lifelong food and chemical sensitivities, allergic reactions, and I finally just learned to laugh about it all. It was that ridiculous. After solving one problem, another one would pop up. EVERY TIME.

Are things really that bad? They’re not only that bad, they’re worse. Us humans have a general tendency to ignore the madness and malfunctioning of our laws, profiteering practices, and social systems. We get used to seeing children starving, people living on the street, corporate political scams and feel the only solution is to shut down our feelings. Meanwhile, there’s always some coping mechanism to escape it all and make it through another day.

When positive affirmations stop working and you get a taste of reality, you might think, “Oh my God, the world is falling apart!” But it’s alway falling apart. That’s what life does, and that’s what life is supposed to do. The surprising fact is that we act so surprised about that fact.

Just as a flower opens in bloom, then wilts and dies, so does the birth and beauty of life have an end – always. But humans like to fixate on the living flower and ignore its inevitable death that makes life what it is.

The realm of impermanence where humans are asleep in consciousness was never supposed to make us happy. It’s supposed to make us UNhappy so that we look for something a little deeper, something more real. We’re SUPPOSED to give up hope in the finite and finally turn within to discover our real, eternal self, our soul.

Instead of fighting to keep your head above water, what would happen if you relaxed and observed the situation? You might realize these life experiences are really just a dream. The real you isn’t affected in the slightest by any of it.

Once you awaken to the real, you’re no longer threatened by life’s illusory drama. You can actually enjoy the drama, in fact, because you know it’s a virtual reality. There’s no substance or permanence there. The real reality comes from within. It’s infinite consciousness, inexplicable tranquility, and subtle bliss.