Daily Zen

What Were You Born To Do?

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One of my favorite things to do is walk around Seattle running errands and if I have time, to take in Seattle’s breathtaking oceanic and mountain views. The city has plenty of urban trails and nature trails as well. I like to look for a nice steep hill to get my heart pumping and to keep my body healthy.

When I’m out in the city, it can also be fun and interesting to observe people. Some people drive, some ride the bus, some are in wheelchairs, some people walk their dog, bike, jog, or run.

It’s fascinating for me to watch certain people run. Some runners run for purposes of vanity and that’s a valid reason. But what I’m interested in are the natural born runners.

Natural born runners don’t just run. They glide. Or maybe they fly. I mean, who really knows? Their feet barely seem to hit the pavement and the subtle but quick movements of their legs are so graceful, it could maybe even be called a dance with life.

I’m inclined to bless these runners but they don’t need a blessing. They’re already blessed which you can tell from the pure enjoyment emanating from their energy field.

The point of this story is to be like the natural born runner. What were you born to do? The whole world wants you to do that, if it’s possible and if you have access to it. When you’re aware of and respect your personal skills, interests, and passion, that inspires us to do the same; and that’s how we all function and dance together in harmony.