Daily Zen

What To Do About Bad Situations

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It’s interesting that us humans get provoked or feel surprised when something wrong or something bad happens.

Why the surprise? Why the conflict? Something bad is always happening every minute of our life since the moment we were conceived and they will continue to occur until our very last breath.

You might say that bad things shouldn’t happen because nobody likes them. Nobody wants those experiences. They’re unpleasant, uncomfortable, painful, and excruciating. They’re simply bad, and bad things shouldn’t happen.

Okay, let’s follow that assumption all the way through to the end.

Let’s say you reached your goal and nothing bad, evil, unpleasant, or uncomfortable existed in your life. You are now living in a utopia. You can expect that whenever you interact with someone, they will have benevolent intentions toward you. They will always be nice, respectful, and contribute to your happiness and well-being. Everyone is loving, smiling, joyful, and feeling good all the time.

And yet… there doesn’t seem to be any depth to that happiness. In fact, it even seems a little unreal. Fake. An act. A programmed response. A delusion or a drug….

Plus… if there was no sorrow, how would you even know you’re happy? What would happiness even mean? Who cares? If people had no other choice but to love you, would that be actual love? Wouldn’t they need a choice in order for it to be real? Love and happiness with no other choice might feel a little empty after a while. Or, you might prefer some adventure in life, some mystery, some passion, or challenges to test and improve your capabilities. You might prefer some realness.

Reality consists of both good and bad functioning together so that we can experience something real – a real existence. This is how your most fulfilling life happens. If you find yourself always happy or always down, that’s a good sign you’re outside of reality. You’re caught in the illusion of an extreme if you’re not experiencing the harmonious sum total of both happiness and sorrow. When you aren’t experiencing the fullness of life, it’s really the emptiness that feels so awful.

An emptiness and lack of real connection with life can reveal an underlying unhappiness even when you’re smiling, laughing, and having fun.

At some point, it will be time to accept the bad things as well as your deeper feelings. It’s okay to dislike bad things. That would be a proper response. That would be a REAL response. You can accept that good occurrences are good and bad situations are bad. Now you can feel life which must include ALL of life. There’s no such thing as a half life. That would be called the living dead.

You can rest deeply when you’re not resisting life and your own honest thoughts and feelings. You can relax when you allow everything to be as it is. This can lead to the Infinite Calm which is at the core of us all.

When you’re not resisting reality, you can experience Infinite Calm even in the worst of circumstances.

When you’re infinitely calm, you can think clearly and realistically. Now you can respond according to what feels best and thereby make your best life decisions. Now you have an authentic connection with your own existence.