What Is Your Life Path?

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Everyone has their own path in life. Sometimes there are multiple paths along the way. Your path might be meditation, yoga, the intuitive arts, health and fitness, working hard, money and materialism, romance, TV and movies, pop culture, family devotion, music, psychedelics and drugs, astral travel, fantasy, political activism, social equality, science, UFOlogy, religion or spirituality….

Each person’s path is important. We like to judge one path better than another but that’s foolish talk. Every path is unique and a vital aspect of the whole. And EVERY PATH LEADS TO THE SAME DESTINATION – if you’re aware.

But here’s the real surprise. The GOAL for every path is to GET OFF THE PATH. After you learn basic dance techniques, you no longer need those techniques because now you’re dancing on your own. They were just to help get you started. This is true for every path.

The point of yoga asanas is to transcend the body. The point of tantra is to transcend sex. The point of spirituality is to stop being so spiritual. It’s annoying.

The point of health, relationships, and money is to realize they’re illusory. The same is true for the intuitive arts, energy work, and ‘higher consciousness.’ They’re just a temporary medium to help spark the expression of your own infinite soul.

For every single path, the inevitable will eventually happen, which is, you will come to a dead end. EVERY PATH LEADS TO A DEAD END. If you can fully devote yourself to the path, you will begin to realize the path is actually pretty ridiculous. You might lose interest in it. Or you might realize it’s going nowhere. It’s no longer fulfilling for you. It isn’t helping you anymore.

It might feel discouraging when you reach a dead end. Maybe you try a different path. And a different one, and yet still another one…. Some people sit at a dead end their whole life, forever trying to make it work. And yet other people realize they have no choice except to give up on ALL paths.

You then realize that everything us humans do in this world is completely absurd. There’s no point to it. “All is vanity.” This is a very difficult but very good state to be in. Now you’re awakening to a truer state of consciousness.

If everything we do is pointless, then what’s the point of doing anything? What’s the point of even being alive? EXACTLY. The only point to being alive is to be alive:

  • To eat when you eat.
  • To work when you work.
  • To play when you play.
  • To sleep when you sleep.
  • To die when you die.

The purpose of every path is to reach a state of nothingness – TOTAL emptiness. To realize that everything you think, say, and do is pointless. Why is it pointless? It’s an impermanent realm and EVERYTHING has its end. It was just a wisp in the wind.

When you can finally let go of all expectations, desires, dependencies, goals, ambitions, life missions… and ALL THE PATHS… you have finally arrived at your destination – which is right where you are, right where you have always been, and right where you will always be. It’s a place of total acceptance of ‘what is’ or ‘beingness.’

Now you’re back to your true self, your child-self. A child doesn’t sit the whole family down and tell everyone what they need to do. A child knows better than anyone what the family needs to do. They’re the only people who have their common sense still somewhat intact. But they are not so stupid as to try to control life and other people. Instead, a child goes with the flow. They’re observers. They observe reality and naturally find creative ways to enjoy or authentically experience – or get out of – any situation, as needed.

Because they’re open, flexible, and vulnerable to life… they can be happy simply playing in the dirt. They don’t need a mansion. They don’t need a play group. They don’t need an elaborate candle-lit dinner…. Their needs are like a bird’s needs – very basic.

Because they are a ‘nobody’ and they have ‘nothing,’ they’re connected with the very life force energy of the universe. They are fully engaged with life. They know what they like and what they don’t like in each moment and they don’t make a complicated matter of it. They naturally find ways to do the few, basic things they like, according to what is. After you’re done with the detours in life called ‘life paths,’ you can start living life too.