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What Do Synchronicities Mean?

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As you step outside the door of your home, and walk through your neighborhood and into town to buy groceries, you might notice changing traffic signals, vehicles moving through intersections, squirrels crossing your path, and other pedestrians also walking to their destination….

You might consider these occurrences as normal, everyday yet random events.

But, are they really?

Is it possible there’s something more or something else occurring beyond what you see – or expect to see – with your human eyes?

There was a point in my life where I began to notice synchronicities and ‘deja vu’s.’ For example, I would look up from my computer and notice more than usual birds flying around outside. Their animated singing caught my attention and I watched them for a while with fascination. Then I returned to a poem I was reading on my laptop. The very next sentence said, “birds animatedly singing outside.”

Or, I would notice the same repeating number sequences from the clock, the date, store receipts, or license plate numbers. I had no explanation except that some kind of “spooky action” was clearly occurring.

I also have very strong, continuous feelings that I’ve been here before, I’ve said these same words before, and I’ve interacted with these same friends before…. These seemingly interconnected or repeating events began to occur more and more often. They occurred so often, it became difficult for me to function normally in the every day world.

Then I realized these synchronous events contained information. Two friends might send me a text message within minutes of each other virtually saying the same thing. Do their words subtly contain an important lesson for me to learn? Or maybe I keep noticing yellow squash or pictures of yellow squash. Do I need more yellow squash in my diet?

If someone is walking SUPER slow in front of me on the sidewalk or blocking my path altogether, I would would think: Do I need to slow down? Am I missing something? Do I need to go back into the store because I forgot something? Sure enough, I most certainly did forget something from the store.

From stoplights to missed buses to the weather to an unexpected change in plans… the universe is always trying to tell me something. On days that I’m especially attuned, it’s clear that incoming messages of guidance are constant. It’s only a matter of being aware of them.

Sometimes the message is vague and fuzzy, and sometimes it’s blatantly clear: Smile and get to know this person, but give that other person time alone. Take this route, not that route. Eat this food, and avoid that food. Buy this product, but hold off on that other product….

Sometimes the message comes through a strong intuitive sense. Other times, it comes through a physiological signal in my body or an event in my environment. Either way, the message is always advantageously helpful. After years of receiving these messages, I could no longer attribute them to chance or coincidence.

It’s clear enough we live in an interconnected universe. But it seemed as if the universe was actually helping me and guiding me through everyday mundane events. What’s really going on here?

After I realized coincidences were not actually coincidences, the question became: Are these messages coming from my environment? Or are they coming from my subconscious mind? Am I only projecting them onto reality?

My soul guides said it was both a projection and coming from my environment, because it’s all one energy field. But it only happens when I’m aligned with my true self, attuned to the universe, and living in the present moment. Otherwise, events in our environment are only random events. They don’t mean anything because we aren’t noticing them. We aren’t really looking at them or seeing them. Our mind is somewhere else.

If we took the time to really notice or ‘look into’ a random event, we would notice much more than a random, mundane event. We would notice our very own soul, guiding our way.