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What About Politics?

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If you’re like me, you may have found yourself swinging across the political spectrum. As far as U.S. politics are concerned, I was first a Republican, then a Democrat, then an Independent, to non-political to finally, “This Whole Planet Is One Big Joke.”

Finding hope or comradeship in a political party can provide a sense of security at first. Arguing politics can feel especially good for our personal pride. And there’s nothing essentially wrong with that. The subject of politics is just another (valid) pathway through life. It can be a very fulfilling or thrilling path too, at least for a time.

Eventually, it all turns in on itself. You begin to realize there will ALWAYS be a war to protest, there will ALWAYS be a social cause to support, a revolution to join, an injustice to fight, a criminal to remove from office, an oppressed group or political figure to defend…. It goes on and on and on….

Political problems appear to be current issues which are urgent. But if you can dive in deep enough, you eventually realize that old problems are only being infinitely recycled. Why is that?

Could our very focus on the issues actually contribute to and fuel the issues?

The reality is that politics isn’t an actual entity. It’s a mirage, an illusion. The subject of politics is a mere thought form without any real substance behind it. And people can make up any thought forms that suit their fancy. Because we need challenges and drama for this virtual reality, political and socioeconomic causes are the perfect breeding ground.

That gives us something to do in this virtual realm. That gives us challenges to face and adventures to explore…. And so, politics, humanitarian, and sociopolitical causes have their place – until you grow bored or exhausted from the infinite run around.

You might find the political leader you don’t respect unexpectedly does something respectful or noble. Maybe you were only hoodwinked by a paid-for smear campaign. Or, maybe the political team you supported makes a series of foul plays. Perhaps you become disillusioned as the most honorable candidate with the most enticing campaign promises begins to act terribly human just like the rest of us….

Who’s really right and who’s really wrong? Why does EVERYONE and EVERYTHING seem to have SOME element of right and wrong to it?

What then? If it’s all just an endless addicting drama, is there any hope for humanity? Are there other ways to make a better world? Should we even try to make a better world?

As your consciousness expands, you can zoom out and simply watch the drama unfold as it’s fueled by the sport of taking sides. When you become aware of the illusion of politics, you can free yourself from the perceived need to belong to a “winning team.” You can avoid the ‘endless dead end’ of ‘either/or’ politics and political debates. You can see that all sides have something to contribute, and all sides make detrimental mistakes.

The privileged may have more systematic power, but that pushes the oppressed to become more aware, intelligent, strong, talented, and creative… which makes the oppressed more powerful….

Right and wrong seem to be far more nuanced than you thought. Good and evil seem to keep changing sides….

You begin to notice humane standards and principles are exemplified everywhere, anywhere, and nowhere – whether it shows up in the Green Party, Brexit Party, Conservative Party, Union Party, Peace Party, Oppressed Party, Privileged Party, Rich Party, Poor Party, or Pirate Party…. And they extend to more than just politics. You never really know where they’re going to show up or disappear! And that’s the true nature of the virtual, temporal dimension of consciousness.

At that point, we really have no other choice than to take a hard look at our own existence. Are we living out and cultivating our personal standards and principles in our own day to day life?

That can change everything. We might realize our external reality is coming from within because there is no actual external reality. EVERYTHING is occurring within our own consciousness because everything IS our own consciousness.

At that point, we can accept that drama is infinite and even start having some fun with it. We can actually ENJOY our existence rather than believing someone or something else with more power controls our experiences.

There was a time I believed the government has only two jobs: To make sure the planet’s inhabitants have their basic survival needs met, and to make sure those inhabitants are safe. I viewed humanity like a family, with governments being the parents….

Basic survival needs and safety. Clearly, our parents are dysfunctional. And yet…. One day we might realize our parents are just like us. And, in fact, they ARE us. They just happen to have more toys – too many toys – but only because we stopped playing with our own.