Daily Zen

True Devotion

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You don’t have to remind me to eat real food, dance, walk in the sunshine, talk to people I love, meditate, and relax into sleep at night…. These things promote happy neurotransmitters and they feel good to me.

But what makes us truly, honestly, and genuinely devoted to someone or something? Is it only the pleasure hormones?


There’s something deeper that allows you to fully enjoy anything in the first place. Without it, you could have all you ever wanted and the most perfect life – yet not feel satisfied. As always, real bliss doesn’t come from things, places, people, or circumstances.

It comes from a soul that is alive and real, a soul that’s as aware of and in tune with pain as well as ecstasy. It’s the ability to honestly admit what makes you feel unexpectedly and thoroughly good – and what does not. It’s the tenacity to not settle for a half life.

That’s the only true commitment that can never be broken, even if we betray it ourselves.

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