Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

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Generalized Event Chart

February 24, 2022, 4:55am Ukraine Time

  • Sun in Pisces 5° 16′
  • Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 5° 16′
  • Capricorn Rising
  • Capricorn Stellium: Ascendant, Venus, Mars, Pluto, Vesta
  • Venus, Mars, Vesta Triple Conjunction (<1° orb)
  • Sun square Moon
  • Sun octile Venus (1° orb)
  • Moon square Pisces Stellium
  • Moon octile Capricorn Stellium
  • Jupiter octile Pluto
  • Mercury square Uranus (1° orb)
  • Venus Scorpio Nodal Axis
  • Uranus and True node on the Nadir
  • Prominent Aspects: Sextile, Square, Octile
  • Capricorn Stellium sextile Neptune
  • Mars conjunct Vesta
  • Saturn octile Pallas
  • Venus septile Jupiter
  • Jupiter sextile Uranus (1° orb)
  • Neptune octile Juno (1° orb)
  • Uranus square Juno (3° orb)
Approximate Time of Full Scale Russian Invasion of Ukraine, Feb 24, 2022

Edit [Feb 5, 2022]: “In mid-January, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Russia was laying the groundwork for an invasion of Ukraine. According to her, Moscow’s aggression may occur in January-February, and the pretext fabricated by Russia will be the reason for it.”The Saxon

Edit [Feb 5, 2022]: “’We consider unacceptable even the idea of ​​a war between our peoples,’ said Alexei Zaitsev, deputy director of the information and press department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), at the end of January. According to Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, Moscow does not intend to take any actions of an aggressive nature, including attacking, attacking or invading Ukraine.” — The Saxon

Edit [Feb 17, 2022]: “U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said ‘evidence on the ground is that Russia is moving toward an imminent invasion.'” — Bloomberg

Edit [Feb 17, 2022]: “As Biden departed the White House for a speech in Cleveland, he told reporters that the probability of a Ukraine invasion is ‘very high’ and that he expected an attack in the next several days.” — Bloomberg

Edit [Feb 17, 2022]: “Russia has dismissed the warnings as ‘hysteria'” — Bloomberg

Edit [Feb 17, 2022]: “Russian officials said no invasion of Ukraine was underway and none was planned.” — Bloomberg


Just before dawn on February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation led by President Vladimir Putin launched a full scale invasion on the sovereign country of Ukraine which inherently came with a nuclear threat of World War III.

The invasion immediately became a sensational news story of interest around the world. Protests against the war broke out in Russia and across the globe….

A mass wave of refugees fled Ukraine into Poland, Romania, Hungary, and beyond. Many expressed admiration or respect for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy who was offered a chance to flee to safety but resolutely remained in Ukraine to fight with civilians to defend their country and their land.

The E.U., the U.K, the U.S., Canada, and Allies enforced sanctions on Vladimir Putin and oligarchs before sending troops to NATO countries neighboring Ukraine as well as ammunition in support. President Zelenskyy continued to request support from European allies as well as acceptance into NATO.

Global gas and oil prices and a European pipeline were affected, as well as financial market volatility.

What do the planets reveal?

The invasion began during a Last Quarter Sagittarius Moon, one of the most critical Moon positions squaring the Sun octile a triple conjunction in a Capricorn Stellium including Mars conjunct Vesta and Capricorn Rising. That is a lot of audacious, ambitious Fire energy just after the Sun joined Jupiter and Neptune (unbridled ambition) in Pisces. Jupiter was octile Pluto and Mercury was in a hard square to Uranus, which can trigger pressurized explosive energy which built up over time.

The Capricorn conjunction may indicate a rare type of powerful bravado of political alliances that is characteristic of remarkable strength that can endure for long periods of time under great pressure. However, it can also be associated with karmic consequences or a violent end. Also, the Pisces planets may indicate more of a delusional zeal with an excessive amount of explosive energy, but with no real structure or container – or end game.

There was an extraordinary amount of sextiles and octiles which, along with the intensified Sun square Moon and trigger happy Mercury square Uranus, equates to passive aggressive conflict which can be more powerful or intense than an external opposition aspect which was strangely missing.

The Pisces bunch may also relate to the outpouring of heartbreak and compassion toward people suffering in the Russia Ukraine conflict, especially persons who are associated with innocence such as young, confused Russian soldiers or Ukrainian civilians throwing molotov cocktails at a nuclear superpower or trying to push back Russian tanks with their bare hands as an attempt to defend their smaller country.

Venus was also in close conjunction with Mars and Vesta in Capricorn indicating intense conflict over political or state control of land. And Pluto, the planet of intensity, hidden power, or immense hidden wealth of an elite or government officials… wasn’t too far away in an octile to Jupiter.

Uranus, the planet of shock or unexpected events was also triggered by a square to Mercury. In fact, the invasion caught many by surprise.

The critical turning point of the Sagittarius Moon along with Jupiter in Pisces may be associated with explosive fire in the air, rockets, and missiles… (which may not have precision target aim until the Moon in Aquarius Feb 27.)

The Capricorn Stellium may be associated with geopolitical events, heavy machinery, violent assault, war and political conflict that is focused on material resources such as land. It may also indicate a collapse of an old sociopolitical structure (with the intention to establish a new order, possibly a new world order) along with a possible unexpected dethroning of a head of state around March 17-22. A powerful country or government may lose a conflict with an alliance that turns out to be unexpectedly more powerful or able to rally global support sometime around April 12. An upset victory may be ahead.

War propaganda, media disinformation, fake news stories that manipulate emotions, or hidden transfers of wealth may powerfully change the tide of public opinion or official decisions in a lasting or historical way.

The Pisces planets may symbolize chemicals, air pollution, nuclear pollution, fire in the sky, ocean, oil, gas, or inflation.

Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus may give details about failed negotiations, communications technology, drone technology, cyber attacks, mobility of people (refugees), machinery, vehicles, air vehicles, or firefights on the ground.

Saturn in Aquarius octile Pallas in Aries may relate to a battle strategy that breaks the rules without concern for consequences or, war crimes.

Plenty of major planetary Square and Octile aspects involving empowered planets in conjunction occurred while the Sun and Jupiter were softened and unable (unwilling?) to deter conflict. Or, the excessive fiery aspect may indicate global alliances or the public may have even participated in instigating or fueling an invasion…. Pisces can be an invasive sign when hosting the powerful Sun and ambitious, zealous Jupiter with a conflict Moon in Sagittarius.

Either way, these aspects may explain why the start of the invasion occurred at this Cosmic point in history.

Russia Ukraine Conflict Predictions

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine may occur through October 2023, although intensity of the war may occur through or up until March 22, April 4 or 5, or June 17, 2022. (See details below.)

Ultimately, some type of success is likely and will end in celebration, but it may come through excruciating challenges, a prolonged stalemate, or a humbled surrender.

3 stelliums (powerful events) occur on an international level or come into global focus through the first two weeks of Pisces Season 2022 (Last week of Feb and first week of March.)

There may be 2 – 3 different international events occurring simultaneously, but all involve government control, global and local judicial rulings, issues of war crimes, control of land or property, material supply chain issues, issues of social equality, as well as strong, immovable courage and emotional triggers of compassion.

This powerful period in global events may be marked by shocking news or traumatic news images as well as…

fires, explosions, immense pressure or tension, government overreach, irrational and ambitious geopolitical expansion, intensified military operations, war propaganda, war crimes, raging fury, terrorist acts, suicide, mass violence, protests, chemicals, gas, fuel, downed aircraft, vehicular violence, air pollution, food and supply shortages, extreme inflation or deflation, extraordinary courage, deep heart felt empathy, alliances of compassion, charity, censorship, redacted or blocked communications, cyber attacks, and cybersecurity. Sanctions may fail.

With Saturn in Aquarius, negotiations or paperwork required by alliances may be excruciatingly slow with plenty of reality checks along the way; but success is likely if dedication can be sustained over the long term.

February 27

The Sun octile the Capricorn Stellium, and the near Dark Moon in Aquarius transited a series of hard aspects including a square to Uranus. Volatile tension that may be at a breaking point.

Edit: Vladimir Putin put nuclear deterrents on high alert, threatening the use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine in response to NATO sanctions and threats.

March 1

Conflict on all fronts between geopolitical alliances may heat up through March 6, or there may be the beginning of a collapse in global power or an official structure.

Negotiations may be slow or stall March 1 – 6, while strategic planning takes place behind the scenes.

March 2

The Sun and New Moon Pisces Stellium octile the Capricorn conjunctions may indicate a blockage or stalling in military operations. But intense conflict continues or heavy strategic organization is occurring behind the scenes for an upcoming operation.

Edit [March 2, 2022]: “The US believes a 40-mile-long Russian military convoy outside of Kyiv is ‘stalled,’ a senior US defense official told reporters Wednesday. ‘They are not moving at any rate that would lead one to believe they’ve solved their problems. So we would characterize it as stalled.

Edit [March 5, 2022]: “‘We also have indications that the Ukrainians have struck the convoy elsewhere and on vehicles,’ Pentagon spokesman John Kirby says. ‘We do believe the actions of the Ukrainians have stalled that convoy, certainly slowed it down, stopped it in some places.'” “But he says the Russian military convoy has also been slowed because of its own challenges, like running out of gas and food for soldiers. ‘So they’ve also been plagued by their own missteps and stumbles,’ Kirby adds.”

Watch for war propaganda that uses emotional manipulation.

Mercury conjunct Saturn may indicate Jupiter and Capricorn ambitious or irrational geopolitical expansions may come with a verbal or online reality check. Mobility may be blocked. Uranus square Juno may correlate with blockages in communications technology or censorship. However, willpower and reserved control eventually leads to success.

Edit [March 2, 2022]: “In a rare emergency session, the UN General Assembly has approved a non-binding resolution condemning Russia for the invasion of Ukraine and demanding an immediate withdrawal.”

Edit [March 5, 2022]: “Ukraine Govt Won’t Let Civilians Leave Country Amid War”

Downed or blocked air or ground vehicles may lead to delusional ambition or some type of heavy or immense, powerful explosion.

Edit [March 4, 2022]: “‘We also have indications that the Ukrainians have struck the convoy elsewhere and on vehicles,’ Pentagon spokesman John Kirby says. ‘We do believe the actions of the Ukrainians have stalled that convoy, certainly slowed it down, stopped it in some places.'”

March 3

The Capricorn Stellium is at 27° which is the success degree, although success only occurs after long hard work that has enough integrity, self-control, and genuine passion to sustain it long term through relentless challenges.

The Pisces stellium is still octile the Capricorn stellium indicating increasing or deepening tensions and violent conflict. Uranus square Juno may indicate negotiations will not support progress, although new awareness or an unexpected event may occur.

The Capricorn conjunctions octile and sextile the Pisces Sun and Moon may indicate immense hidden power of an elite may block material resources, creating stress, but sanctions may fail.

Compassion drives slow, steady hard work to support the vulnerable, which has tremendous power. Travel plans or mobility are in favor although actions may be blocked or tension may be high.

Edit [March 3]: “A second round of Russia-Ukraine talks have ended in Belarus, with both sides agreeing on humanitarian corridors for civilians.” “US-Russia militaries create communication line.” Edit [March 4]: “Civilian evacuations in Ukrainian city of Mariupol are postponed as official says Russia is still shelling, despite agreed pause.” “Ukraine Alleges Evacuation Of Civilians Delayed Due To Russia’s Violation Of The Ceasefire”

March 4

The Sun and Jupiter conjunction at 14° during an Aries Moon: Negotiations are paramount as any aggression may increase tensions dramatically and lead to horrific suffering or structural damage. However, Mars in a Capricorn stellium at 27° and an Aries Moon indicates actions may be swift and effective, especially if related to an emergency rescue effort.

Edit [March 5]: “Zelenskyy to NATO: ‘All the people who die from this day forward will also die because of you, because of your weakness, because of your lack of unity,’ Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a nighttime address.”

Edit [March 4]: “Russian army is firing from all sides upon Zaporizhzhia NPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. Fire has already broke out. If it blows up, it will be 10 times larger than Chernobyl! Russians must IMMEDIATELY cease the fire, allow firefighters, establish a security zone!” — Dmytro Kuleba#Ukraine tells IAEA that fire at site of #Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant has not affected ‘essential’ equipment, plant personnel taking mitigatory actions.” “On March 4, Russia seized Europe’s largest nuclear plant after fighting sparked a fire….” “Management at the nuclear power plant seized by Russia is working ‘at gunpoint,’ the company says, as energy watchdog warns of ‘fragile’ situation.”

March 5

The Sun conjunct Jupiter March 5 during an Aries Moon may involve an explosion, fire, or a gas, chemical, or nuclear event during a Sun Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. An oil resource may be involved, or Naval forces.

Edit [March 5]: “Russian forces have now seized two Ukrainian nuclear power plants and are advancing toward a third, Ukraine’s president said during a call with U.S. senators Saturday.”

Edit [March 5] “‘Mankind At The Brink Of A Nuclear War’: Chinese Geopolitical Expert On The Debate”

Edit [March 5] “TASS: ‘Russia put nuclear forces on special alert after UK foreign secretary’s statement — Putin'”

Edit [March 5] “South Korea’s government issued a natural disaster alert after a wildfire that broke out near the Hanul Nuclear ☢️ Power Plant. Yeah, what a week for nuclear power plants.”

Edit [March 5] “The Ukrainian Navy purposely sank the flagship of its Black Sea fleet on Thursday to prevent the warship from being seized by the Russian military, according to Ukraine’s defense minister, Oleksii Reznikov”

Edit [March 5] “Elon Musk calls for more oil and gas production amid Ukraine invasion”

Edit [March 6] “Democratic Representative Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, says lawmakers of both parties support banning the import of Russian oil and natural gas over the country’s invasion of Ukraine.”

Sun Jupiter conjunction in Pisces: Compassion can make significant changes globally; however, the imagination can make something appear larger than it really is; watch for delusional idealism.

“Airbnb users are booking stays with hosts in Ukraine to help send donations to those hit by the war in Ukraine.”

Venus and Mars octile Sun and Jupiter; Mercury octile Pallas: Material supplies, material needs, combat artillery may be blocked, vehicles and a battle strategy may be stalled or blocked, all of which increases tension. Hope may be deflating.

Edit [March 5]: “Doctors Without Borders says the humanitarian situation in Mariupol is currently ‘catastrophic.’ The population has problems with access to drinking water. In addition, the city is running out of food, there is no electricity and energy supply.”

Edit [March 5]: “It’s been three days since Pentagon first called the long Russian military convoy outside Ukraine’s capital ‘stalled.’ Many now wondering where the Russian soldiers are. U.S. officials think ‘something must be wrong.”

Edit [March 7]: “Ret. Gen. Mark Hertling says on @AC360 CNN, Russians are losing. Their logistics failed. They are running out of supplies, equipment, recruits. He expects to see the convoy that is stalled to be wiped out.”

Venus and Mars at 29° Capricorn: There may be a secret meeting among official decision makers.

Edit [March 5] “Republican Senators Marco Rubio & Steve Daines tweeted photos of their zoom mtg with #Zelensky. ALL on the zoom call were told to keep quiet about the meeting.”

March 6

March 6 may witness a change in conflict as an exact Mars Venus conjunction (octile Jupiter) shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius. For example, a ground war may focus on the sky, space satellite, or the internet or new technology such as drones. Or, the weaponization of finances and trade [sanctions] may become more prominent.

Edit [March 5]: “‘Close The Skies Or Give Us Planes’: Zelenskyy Tells US House & Senate In Zoom Call” “Zelenskyy pleads with U.S. lawmakers for no-fly zone and fighter jets”

Edit [March 7]: “Security in the sky’ – Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s most important request from the U.S.”

Edit [March 5]: “NATO rejects ‘No-Fly Zone’ policing over Ukraine”

Edit [March 5]: “Putin warns if any countries try to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine, Russia will consider them “participants in an armed conflict.”

Edit [March 5]: “Mayor of Mariupol, Ukraine: Russian forces have intensified shelling of the city by plane and the city is in a very, very difficult situation.”

Edit [March 5]: “‘Ukrainian Air Force says 5 Russian aircraft, 4 helicopters were downed on March 5. Ukraine now claims a total kill count of 44 planes and 44 helicopters.”

Edit [March 5]: “One of Vladimir Putin’s most senior paratroopers Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky was gunned down by a ‘sniper’ during a special operation in Ukraine. Death of Russian commanding general, Sukhovetsky, said to be major demotivator for troops.”

Edit [March 6]: “Russian Troops Bomb Ukraine International Airport, Major Loss of Ukrainian Air Vehicles”

Edit [March 5]: “Russia said on Saturday that Western sanctions imposed over the conflict in Ukraine had become a stumbling block for the Iran nuclear deal: RTRS”

Edit [March 5]: “Talked to @elonmusk. I’m grateful to him for supporting Ukraine with words and deeds. Next week we will receive another batch of Starlink systems for destroyed cities. Discussed possible space projects 🚀. But I’ll talk about this after the war. — Zelenskyy”

Edit [March 5]: “VISA suspends all Russia operations.” “MASTERCARD suspends all Russia operations.” “Microsoft, PayPal and Samsung have become the latest companies to pull out of Russia” “Inditex, one of the world’s largest clothing retailers and which owns brands such as Zara, Adidas, Nike will close over 500 stores in Russia.” [March 6] “Netflix is shutting all services in Russia” “TikTok suspends uploading of new videos and live streaming in Russia” “Russian Banks Switch To Chinese Card System As AmEx Joins Visa & MasterCard In Suspending Russian Operations” [March 7] “Boeing Suspends Buying Russian Titanium” [March 10] “Goldman Sachs is exiting Russia, becoming the first major Wall Street bank to announce its plans to leave since the country invaded Ukraine”

Edit [March 10]: “UK sanctions Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, freezing his assets including English Premier League soccer club Chelsea”

Edit [March 5]: “‘Ukraine A Pawn In US’ Geo-Political Interests’: Former UN Independent Expert”

Taurus Moon square Venus, Mars in Aquarius which are octile Sun, Jupiter in Pisces: Watch for cyber attacks, media manipulation, or censorship may ramp up. War propaganda may be harmful, helpful, or unintentional. Some type of success related to international alliances and technology may occur but an illusion is likely.

Edit [March 5]: “‘I’m in Kyiv, at my workplace… Every 2 days there is info that I have escaped somewhere: from Ukraine, from Kyiv, from the office. I am here, on the spot. No one has run away. We are working’ – President Zelenskyy from his office.”

Edit [March 6]: “… the hope of some oligarch palace coup is mostly a fantasy because Russia has changed a lot since 2014 – Nate Sibley” “Putin has been preparing for the risks posed by a palace or military coup for decades. The Russian coercive apparatus in fact has multiple mechanisms to prevent a coup”

Edit [March 6]: “Poland will not send its fighters to Ukraine and will not give permission for the use of airfields — Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland” “White House Says It’s Working With Poland To Get Jets To Ukraine – Warsaw Responds: ‘Fake News'”

Edit [March 5]: “The Russian government is blocking Facebook in the country as part of a broad effort to silence dissent and limit information about its invasion of Ukraine.”

Edit [March 6]: “A protester in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg was shown being beaten on the ground by police in riot gear as more than 4,300 people were detained in Russia-wide demonstrations against President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.”

Edit [March 6]: “The hacking collective #Anonymous today hacked into the Russian streaming services Wink and Ivi (like Netflix) and live TV channels Russia 24, Channel One, Moscow 24 to broadcast war footage from #Ukraine. All Russian-state TV channels have been hacked.”

Edit [March 7]: “”Small progress” on humanitarian corridors after third round of talks between Russia and Ukraine. Talks to continue says Ukrainian negotiator Podolyak.”

The Taurus Moon conjuncts Uranus: Cryptocurrency. Sudden wealth may fall just as quickly as it arrived.

Edit [March 7]: “Biden set to sign an executive order this week directing federal agencies to examine the potential regulation of cryptocurrencies like #Bitcoin, Bloomberg reports.”

Mars in Aquarius (conj Venus) opposite Mars in Leo transit March 6: Ukrainian president Volodymir Zellenskyy may suffer substantial damage affecting Ukraine leadership; however, material support from alliances may allow him to survive.

Edit [March 6]: “Zelenskyy Changes Tone, Loses Cool At West, Accuses West Of Trying To ‘Slowly Kill Ukrainians'”

Edit [March 6]: “”Russia announced that tomorrow it will be bombing our defense industry enterprises. Most of them are located in our cities, with civilians around. It’s a murder, simply a murder. And I didn’t see any world leader react to it today, any Western politician.”

Edit [March 6]: “Countries Flood Ukraine With Military Support After Zelensky’s Appeal”

Edit [March 6]: “Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the U.S. is considering replacing Polish fighter jets if the Polish government decides to send aircraft to Ukraine. Blinken says NATO countries have ‘green light’ to send fighter jets to Ukraine”

Edit [March 6]: “Zelenskyy told U.S. congress it may be the last time they see him.”

Edit [March 7]: “Zelenskyy cooled his expectations when it became apparent Nato was not about to accept Ukraine”

March 7

Mars in Aquarius (conj Venus) octile Sun, Jupiter in Pisces; Mars square Taurus Moon. Conflict intensifies in destruction of public structures, military equipment, material collateral. Civilian attacks or war crimes may be more apparent.

Edit [March 6]: “Russian Troops Bomb Ukraine International Airport”

Edit [March 6]: “Russia escalates assaults on Ukrainian cities”

Edit [March 6]: “Head of NATO accuses Russia of using widely banned cluster bombs”

Edit [March 6]: “Children were reportedly killed by a blast at a checkpoint near Kyiv, as evacuation efforts failed again in southern Ukraine” “200,000 people hoped to get out of Mariupol today, it seems only 200 or 300 made it before firing resumed

Edit [March 6]: “Putin Rejects US Charge Of ‘Deliberate’ Civilian Attacks”

Edit [March 6]: “A second attempt to evacuate civilians from Mariupol has been halted as pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian officials trade accusations”

Edit [March 6]: “WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES: Today I witnessed Russian troops deliberately targeting civilians fleeing for their lives from the village of Irpin. At least three members of a family of four were killed in front of me. @nytimes

Edit [March 6]: “The UN says this is the fastest growing refugee crisis in Europe – since the second World War”

Edit [March 7]: “UK rejects opening borders to Ukraine refugees”

Edit [March 7]: “International Red Cross alleges humanitarian corridor for Ukrainian evacuation of refugees is filled with land mines”

Edit [March 6]: “Ukraine is visually confirmed to have lost 247 pieces of equipment.

Edit [March 6]: “Visually confirmed Russian equipment losses now exceed 800.

Edit [March 10]: “Ukrainian army explode Russian tanks in Kyiv suburb ‘forcing them to retreat'”

Edit [March 10]: “Ukrainian soldiers find field full of abandoned Russian tanks after invaders ‘fled their post'”

Edit [March 6]: “Putin’s military is not ready for Ukrainian insurgency against Russian occupation

Edit [March 6]: “Foreign minister denies Russian forces targeted civilians by bombing a children’s hospital

March 8 – 9

Taurus Moon square Aquarius Stellium, Gemini Moon trine/septile Aquarius Stellium, square/octile Pisces Stellium: Cyber warfare, sanctions, blocked or delayed resistance, confused communications, social equality issues, irrational decisions, ‘in the dark,’ unexpected consequences, loss, increased tension, Kamala Harris, Best time for mobility: Mar 8

Edit [March 7]: “Ukraine and Russia are fighting it out on social media. Memes have become the weapon of choice in this information warfare.”

Edit [March 8]: “Russian-Ukrainian war becoming most documented in history”

Edit [March 7]: Russia in Ukraine “‘On the ground , in the north, they continue to experience delays, they continue to experience a stiff resistance…that has slowed them down’ per @PentagonPresSec Notes damage by #Ukraine to Russian vehicles”

Edit [March 7]: “Recall they [Russian forces] are advancing and they are taking ground. Just really slow.”

Edit [March 7]: “‘I’m staying at #Kyiv . On Bankova. Without hiding. And I fear no one. As much as it takes to win this war!’ — Zellenskyy”

Edit [March 7]: “Ukrainian lawmaker to Putin: ‘You can shoot us but you can’t have us'”

Edit [March 7]: “U.S. Secretary of State Blinken: ‘We will defend every inch of Nato territory if it comes under attack,’ ‘No one should doubt our readiness. No one should doubt our resolve.

Edit [March 7]: “US stocks ended the day sharply lower as the US and Europe ramp up talk of a Russian oil ban. It was the worst day of 2022 for the Dow and S&P”

Edit [March 7]: “Not much movement after tonight’s negotiations, the sources report. Ukraine firm, knowing it’s on a winning streak (or rather, Russia’s on a planes-and-convoys-losing streak). An idiotic proposal was made by RU to have refugees from Mariupol cross into LNR/DNR ‘as it’s closer'”

Edit [March 7]: “Cities like Kharkiv take a lot of units, they’re going to have a very hard time blockading them. [They] can hold out for quite a while…that being said they are making progress towards steady envelopment of some of these major cities…This war is very much still undecided.”

Edit [March 7]: “Controversial Russian Spy Ship Yantar has left its base in Russian Arctic…. Yantar is the ‘special mission’ ship reputed to be involved in spying on undersea internet cables”

Edit [March 7]: “The Russian forces are now shelling Mykolaiv with cluster rockets, like Kharkiv before it. Photos and videos from locals show the remains of rockets from both Uragan and Smerch multi-launching rocket systems”

Edit [March 7]: “Russian forces have killed the mayor of Gostomel, a city near the Ukrainian capital Kiev that is home to a strategic airport, city authorities said on Monday. Prylypko was shot and killed along with two other people, the city said”

Edit [March 7]: “Russia lost one more major general today. Vitaliy Gerasimov, the first deputy commander of the Russian 41st Army, was killed during battles near Kharkiv. He took part in the 2nd Chechen war, Syria, occupation of Crimea, UA Intelligence informs”

Edit [March 8]: “Ukraine says it sank the Russian warship that attacked Snake Island: ‘We f—— hit them!'”

Edit [March 8]: “Russian airstrikes killed 21 people including two children in the city of Sumy overnight”

Edit [March 7]: “PM Orban signs decree allowing deployment of NATO troops in western Hungary”

Edit [March 11]: “To try to save World War III and nuclear war – we just sent Kamala Harris, who talks like she’s a kindergarten teacher trying to explain the magic of color crayons to 5-year-olds. I’ve never been so humiliated and embarrassed in my life. The world is laughing hysterically.”

Edit [March 5]: “Western cybersecurity experts are bracing for the war in Ukraine to spread beyond the country’s borders – either intentionally or by accident.”

Edit [March 6]: “Forces from U.S. Cyber Command known as ‘cybermission teams’ are in place to interfere with Russia’s digital attacks and communications, New York Times reported”

Edit [March 8]: “NYC on ‘ultra-high alert’ amid increased risk of Russian retaliatory cyberattack”

Edit [March 8]: “NEW: @ODNIgov warns ‘#China almost certainly is capable of launching cyber attacks that would disrupt critical infrastructure services within the #UnitedStates, including against oil & gas pipelines & rail systems'”

Edit [March 9]: “This historic legislation will carry major bipartisan legislation that has been in the making for years including… new cybersecurity protections to fight against cyber attacks to our infrastructure by Russia….”

Edit [March 7]: “U.S. House considers strong legislation that would ban oil and other energy imports from Russia”

Edit [March 7]: “Russian Deputy PM Alexander Novak threatens to embargo oil exports, halting gas supplies through Nord Stream 1”

Edit [March 8]: “McDonald’s says it will temporarily close hundreds of restaurants, joining a long list of companies leaving Russia over its attack on Ukraine”

Edit [March 8]: “Coca-Cola Co said on Tuesday it is suspending its business in Russia, following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine”

Edit [March 8]: “Starbucks suspending all business activity in Russia”

Edit [March 8]: “The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said more than 2 million refugees have fled Ukraine since Feb. 24, including 1 million children”

Edit [March 8]: “The first batch of civilians who were evacuated through the humanitarian corridors have arrived safely; other attempts at humanitarian corridors have collapsed”

Edit [March 9]: “Ukraine is getting more missiles and possibly more fighter jets to beat back the Russian invasion”

Edit [March 9]: “Nine of Putin’s commanders killed in Ukraine”

Edit [March 7]: “Russia has run out of reserves”

Edit [March 10]: “Colonel Andrei Zakharov, commander of a Russian tank regiment, has been killed in battle in Brovary, near Kyiv Zakharov rece”

Edit [March 9]: “‘They’re about to enter the most difficult of all combat and that is urban combat’: Gen. Petraeus” “US intelligence warns Putin is likely to escalate his invasion of Ukraine”

March 10

First Quarter Gemini Moon square Jupiter, Sun, Neptune in Pisces, sesquiquadrate Pluto, Venus, Mars: Blockages or pressure, gas, oil, chemicals, biowarfare, fire, mass explosion, nuclear threats, military air vehicles, aerial bombardment, failed negotiations, blocked or hidden communications, censorship, blocked mobility

Edit [March 7]: “Massive Explosion In Ukraine’s Luhansk, Oil Depot On Fire After Russian Strikes”

Edit [March 7]: “Shell oil company to shut all petrol stations in Russia and will stop all spot purchases of oil from the country”

Edit [March 7]: “US drivers have never paid this much for gasoline”

Edit [March 8]: “President Biden announces US ban on Russia oil, natural gas, energy imports, saying he’s targeting ‘the main artery’ of their economy.”

Edit [March 8]: “UK to phase out Russian oil imports by end of this year, minister says, as part of its response to invasion of Ukraine”

Edit [March 11]: “Our Community Guidelines prohibit content denying, minimizing or trivializing well-documented violent events. We are now removing content about Russia’s invasion in Ukraine that violates this policy.” — YouTube

Edit [March 11]: “Full-scale global censorship regime from Google breezily announced…. This war is being exploited to implement a scheme of information control previously unseen in the West, that is not going anywhere once this war is over. Decide for yourself if you’re comfortable….” — Glenn Greenwald

Edit [March 8]: “Victoria Nuland at the senate hearing: ‘Ukraine has ummm biological… research facilities.'”

Edit [March 8]: “Russia has claimed that US is running around 30 biolabs in Ukraine, possibly creating biological weapons. Russian ministry also accused that the United States has spent around $200 million on these biolabs.”

Edit [March 11]: “The Russian Federation to the UN just reported that the United States has been funding gain of function research in Ukraine. ‘The United States actively funded the biological projects in Ukraine. Experiments were being conducted to study the spread of dangerous diseases…'”

Edit [March 8]: “White House warns Russia could use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine”

Edit [March 9]: “In today’s Pentagon briefing, many details sound reasonably stagnant. Bombardments continue. The convoy north of Kyiv is still stalled beginning at Hostomel airport. And the Russians continue to have a bit more success in southern Ukraine.”

Edit [March 11]: “UN Warns Ukraine War Could Spark 20% Surge In Global Food Prices”

March 10 – 27

Mercury in Pisces in Detriment (conjunct Sun, Jupiter, Neptune). Watch for peak delusion, misinformation, cult behavior, or idealism on a global scale, especially in trendy pop culture, influencers, Tik Tok. Beliefs may be blown out of proportion; may not know who or what to believe.

Edit [March 6]: “This TikTok video claims to show intense fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces, racking up 7.3 million views. It was taken in 2014 in the Chechen capital, Grozny, during a deadly attack by an armed jihadist group.”

Edit [March 12]: “White House Holds ‘Briefing’ For TikTok Creators On Ukraine: ‘Like A Kindergarten News Conference

Edit [March 6]: “Millions of Leftists Are Reposting Kremlin Misinformation by Mistake”

Edit [March 9]: “Russia announces another cease-fire as attacks continue in Ukraine”

Edit [March 10]: “High-level talks between the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine end without progress on a ceasefire or humanitarian corridors”

Edit [March 11]: “Rep. Madison Cawthorn calls Zelensky a ‘thug,’ says Ukrainian government is ‘incredibly evil'”

Edit [March 11]: “Full Psaki quote from @TaylorLorenz audio: ‘If you look back at 2014, and frankly even 2016, when Russia invaded Ukraine and then in 2016, when they, you know, of course, hacked our election here, we did not do that, we did not declassify information.'”

Edit [March 11]: “Anna Khachiyan: Russophobia Is The Latest Liberal Activism”

Edit [March 11]: “I want to be clear: We will defend every inch of NATO territory with the full might of a united and galvanized NATO. But we will not fight a war against Russia in Ukraine. A direct confrontation between NATO and Russia is World War III. And something we must strive to prevent.” — President Biden

Edit [March 11]: “WWIII is already here.”

Edit [March 11]: “Your words carry the weight of a thousand historical generals president Biden. I have full trust that your actions are going to save us from entering full scale conflict and prevent global catastrophe. You are the shepherd, we are the flock. We will follow you to the end”

Edit [March 11]: “Which domains are active in spreading (and in some cases countering) the biolab ‘conspiracy’ theory? Looking at the Twitter data over the last few days, the most cited domains…. Don’t overlook YouTube….

Edit [March 16]: “@Meta removes deepfake video claiming to show #Ukraine‘s President @ZelenskyyUa ‘issuing a statement he never did

March 12

Sun conjunct Neptune, Pisces Stellium octile Aquarius Stellium: Irrational idealism intensifies conflict or heavily tests resolve. War propaganda or a battle strategy will likely fail but raw strength leads to victory.

Edit [March 12]: “Kyiv is preparing for a full-scale Russian assault”

Edit [March 12]: “Russia targets oil depot, edging closer to Kyiv, battle for Kyiv intensifies, Russia’s attack moves West, strikes on new cities”

Edit [March 12]: “Russian missiles hit civilian areas, bombs humanitarian aid, medical trains evacuate Ukrainian hospitals”

Edit [March 12]: “More US troops being deployed overseas amid Russian invasion of Ukraine”

Edit [March 12]: “Russia has warned the United States that Western shipments of weapons to Ukraine could become ‘legitimate targets’ if they continue.”

Edit [March 12]: “Russia threatens Finland and Sweden over joining NATO”

Edit [March 12]: “President Zelenskyy says that Ivan Fedorov, the kidnapped mayor of Melitopol, is being tortured by the Russian military in an effort to force him to collaborate.”

Edit [March 12]: “Ukrainians Protest Against Russia In Melitopol, Demand Mayor’s Release”

Edit [March 12]: “Rivne Mayor Affirms ‘Not Afraid Of Russian Attack, Will Fight Till The End'”


March 13

Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Danger is offset for Putin even though, with all of his wealth, he may fall from grace or have “no external help.” Setbacks in success and happiness for both Putin and Zelenskyy; however, fortitude overcomes setbacks with “flying colors.” Dangers at night.

Edit [March 13]: “Russian forces intensify attacks as they approach Kyiv”

Edit [March 13]: “Russia threatens Western weapons supplies as missiles strike near NATO border”

Edit [March 16]: “President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday referred to pro-Western Russians as ‘scum and traitors’ who needed to be removed from society, setting the stage for an ever fiercer crackdown at home and even more aggression abroad.”

March 16

Sun in Pisces 25-26°: “…law prevails over force, and… intelligence can defeat sheer might…. Ordeals increase self-confidence and faith in divine providence and turn out to be a powerful spur to accomplish remarkable feats.” – Janduz

Edit [March 16]: “‘Of course, it’s first and foremost a courage of the Ukrainian forces that’s stopped and holds back the Russian invasion….'” — Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg

March 17 – 22

Nuclear activity or use of a powerful weapon possible. A game changer. One side has all the power. Volatile conflict continues with Venus and Mars square Uranus March 18-22 after a Virgo Full Moon. The Scorpio Moon is also going to square Venus and Mars, and oppose Uranus. This may be an especially volatile time with a potential for a chain reaction of mistakes, accidents, or sudden, unexpected, or shocking events – especially via social media, the internet, or military operations technology. There may be a powerful desire for a new regime change.

Edit [March 17]: “U.S. @SecBlinken, just now: ‘Today, we have a strong sense.. that #Moscow may be setting the stage to use a chemical weapon & then falsely blame #Ukraine to escalate attacks on its people.'”

Edit [March 17]: “Blinken: ‘We’re concerned [China is] considering directly assisting Russia with military equipment.’ Says Biden, in call with Xi, ‘will make clear that China will bear responsibility for any actions…to support Russia’s aggression.’ ‘We will not hesitate to impose costs.'”

March 17

Sabian Symbol for Full Moon at 28° Virgo: “A Bald-Headed Man Who Has Seized Power”

A religious or socio-political order may be “radically and relentlessly challenged,” altering a social structure. “Ruthless as the power may appear, it must be accepted.” A traumatic decision must be made, mobilizing cathartic change.

Edit [March 17]: “Vladimir Putin Justifies Ukraine Invasion, Claims ‘Fighting For Future Of Russia and Russia Identity’ and ‘Ukraine is creating provocation'”

Edit [March 17]: “‘The West wants to “cancel Russia,” Putin says'”

Edit [March 17]: “Vladimir Putin addresses the entire world regarding the Special Military Operation in Ukraine stating genocide in Donbass, terrorist attacks, Kiev obtaining nuclear weapons and military biological laboratories in Ukraine supported by the Pentagon.”

Edit [March 17]: “U.S. @SecBlinken, just now: ‘[#Russia is] also likely to systematically kidnap local officials & replace them with puppets. This has already begun… it’s a terror tactic.” “#Putin is not relenting. In fact, he may be growing more desperate…. We believe #Russia will also bring its mercenaries.. to #Ukraine.‘”

March 18

Libra Moon trine Aquarius Stellium, sesquiquadrate Pisces Stellium, Sun sextile Pluto: The focus may be on basic material needs or humanitarian or environmental reforms. Brave humanitarian political efforts may be rewarded with public acknowledgement or “high distinction.” However, jealousy, war crimes, or simmering conflict may escalate behind a facade of public diplomacy.

Edit [March 18]: “People booking Airbnb-s in Ukraine but not planning to stay there in efforts to support Ukrainian people is what I call beautiful. Also university students made a website to help place displaced refugees. The best of humanity is showing up & its wonderful to see” — Twitter User

Edit [March 20]: ““In all my years of war reporting, I’ve never seen people showing up like this in very individual acts of kindness.””

Edit [March 18]: “China’s surprise stance on Russian invasion of Ukraine: ‘We have a responsibility for peace’”

Edit [March 18]: “Biden’s call with Xi has not eased US concerns China may be willing to provide military or financial support to Russia. ‘We have that concern,’ said Jen Psaki. ‘The President detailed what the implications & consequences would be if China provides material support.'”

Edit [March 18]: “Russia claims progress in talks with Kyiv on a neutral Ukraine”

Edit [March 18]: “Putin accuses Ukraine of ‘war crimes’ in Macron call

Edit [March 18]: “Barbara Woodward, British permanent representative to the U.N., says the British government ‘definitely’ agrees with President Joe Biden that there are war crimes being committed in Ukraine by Russia”

Edit [March 18]: “#Russian forces face growing morale and supply problems, including growing reports of self-mutilation among Russian troops to avoid deployment to #Ukraine and shortages of key guided munitions. Read the latest from @TheStudyofWar

Edit [March 18]: “Ukrainian troops keep eliminating commanders of the Russian Army (Live Updates)

Edit [March 20]: “Turkey says Russia and Ukraine ‘have almost reached agreement’ on: – a neutral Ukraine with no plans for Nato – ‘demilitarising’ Ukraine and security guarantees – ‘denazification’ (whatever that is) – lifting restrictions on the use of Russian in Ukraine”

March 19-22

Venus, Mars square Uranus; Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Neptune: Immense pressure or tension may potentially trigger an unexpected, possibly explosive event, which may involve chemicals in the atmosphere. Misinformation and propaganda continues, causing confusion. Use intuition to notice difference between empowered integrity and manipulative arrogance.

Edit [March 19]: “Ukrainian Security Forces Launch Powerful Tochka-U Missile”

Edit [March 19]: “Ukrainian paint and varnish factory bombed and gas pipeline damaged in Russian attack”

Edit [March 21]: “Russia allegedly struck a chemical plant in the Sumi area causing an ammonia leak”

Edit [March 19]: “‘In Ukraine, the Nazis are preparing provocations using poisonous chemicals to accuse the Russian military … Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, Head of the National Center for Defense Management of Russia, said at a briefing.'” “Russian Ministry of Defense accuse Ukraine of: – plotting attack against western diplomats in L’viv – planting explosives at cylinders with ammonium and chlorine in Sumy – chemicals to school in Kotlarovo village of Mykolaiv”

Edit [March 19]: “11 employees of the Belarusian embassy left #Ukraine. The last employee crossed the border today at 9 am. This is quite worrying”

Edit [March 19]: “Russia fires hypersonic missile” “Russians Claim Underground Arms Depot Destroyed near Polish border by Nuclear-Capable Hypersonic Missile”

Edit [March 19]: “Russia fires hypersonic missile” “Russians Claim Underground Arms Depot Destroyed near Polish border by Nuclear-Capable Hypersonic Missile”

March 20

Sun ingress to Aries, Scorpio Moon in hard aspects, opposite Uranus, square Mars, Venus; Venus and Mars square Uranus: Unexpected events, a superweapon, volatile conflict, loss.

Edit [March 20]: “Russia bombs an art school sheltering 400 people in Mariupol, city council says. Moscow claims it launched hypersonic and cruise missiles on targets.”

Edit [March 20]: “Russia Steps Up Attacks On Ukrainian Civilians, Hits Theatre Filled With Children”

Edit [March 20]: “Mariupol ‘Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth’”

Edit [March 20]: “Humanitarian evacuation corridors in Ukraine have constantly been targeted, causing delays”

Edit [March 20]: “‘Vladimir Putin Orders Nuclear Evacuation Drill, Moves Family Out Of Russia’ To An Undisclosed Location” “The Rossiya Special Flight Squadron flights east today do seem to have been a very visible drill.”

Edit [March 20]: “China Warns West’s ‘Outrageous’ Sanctions Are Forcing Nuclear-Armed Russia ‘Into A Corner'”

Edit [March 20]: “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tells CNN that he’s ‘ready for negotiations’ with Russian President Vladimir Putin but warned that if they fail ‘that would mean that this is a third World War.'”

Edit [March 21]: “Ukraine: No surrender. ‘There can be no talk of any surrenders, laying down of arms. We have already informed the Russian side about this,’ says Dep PM Iryna Vereshchuk. ‘Instead of wasting time on 8 pages of letters, just open a [humanitarian] corridor.

“Forcibly, you cannot make a friend…. You cannot curry favor with the citizens of another country forcibly…. You cannot force people to love the enemy.”

March 21

Fixed T-Square: Scorpio Moon opposite Uranus, square Mars, Venus. Deep tension or buried pressure may lead to an unexpected event or explosion. Conflict intensifies under the surface, quietly drawing in more ammunition, troops, or countries…. World War III?

Sun at Aries 1°: A head of state may “fall from grace” by trying to brutally impose their own beliefs on others. [Janduz]

Edit [March 21]: “In Mariupol, graves for the dead are being dug in the streets near residential buildings. The survivors are hiding in basements….

Edit [March 21]: “Ukraine Rejects Russian Demand To Surrender Port City Of Mariupol”

Edit [March 21]: “Lieutenant General Sir Jim Hockenhull, the UK’s Chief of Defence Intelligence, said: ‘The Kremlin has so far failed to achieve its original objectives.’ ‘Russian operations have changed. Russia is now pursuing a strategy of attrition. This will involve the reckless and indiscriminate use of firepower. This will result in increased civilian casualties, destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure, and intensify the humanitarian crisis.’”

Edit [March 21]: “Ex-KGB Agent Speaks To Arnab Goswami; Says He’s Never Seen His Ex-colleague Vladimir Putin So Angry

Edit [March 21]: “Dramatic Escalation In Russia-Ukraine War As Both Sides Field Deadly Weapons

Edit [March 21]: “#Belarus may soon attack #Ukraine according to a senior #NATO intelligence official. The source adds that the Belarusian government is preparing the environment to justify such an attack and the imminent deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus.”

Edit [March 20]: “Up to 250,000 U.S. troops deployed to Europe in support of NATO countries”

Edit [March 21]: “The European Union Foreign and Defense Coucal has today Announced that the EU will establish a Military Quick Response Force consisting of 5,000 Troops by 2025, The German Defense Minister has stated that they are Prepared to Provide the Core Number of Troops for the QRF.

Edit [March 21]: “Ex-KGB Agent Speaks To Arnab Goswami; Says He’s Never Seen His Ex-colleague Vladimir Putin So Angry [in speech to cabinet, lashing out at his own citizens]; nuclear escalation where misunderstanding can happen”

March 22

Mars square Uranus, Uranus square Aquarius Stellium, Ambitious Moon in Sagittarius: Especially volatile conflict or brutal violence. Unexpected events or explosions, impatient unwise decisions. Peak of conflict along with May 29. Chemical or cyberwarfare.

Edit [March 21]: “10,000 Russians killed is a ‘reasonable estimate’, a western official says. The figure briefly appeared on a pro-Kremlim website, possibly after being hacked, before being quickly deleted. The official added this would mean a further 30-40,000 wounded or incapacitated”

Edit [March 21]: “‘This is a level of casualties that has not been experienced really since the second world war,’ the western official said…. ‘It is a conflict on a different scale.'”

Edit [March 22]: “Biden sees ‘clear signs’ Russia preparing ‘false flag’ attack in Ukraine to pave the way to use chemical/ biological weapons. US intel is across Kremlin comms so this will be based on intercepts, which makes it all the more worrying. Biden says Putin’s ‘back against the wall.'”

Edit [March 22]: “Putin critic Alexei Navalny, who was poisoned in 2020, jailed for nine years in Russian ‘sham’ trial.… More media sites banned in Russia, Facebook and Instagram banned as extremist organizations”

Edit [March 22]: “Russia allegedly now using phosphorous munitions”

Edit [March 22]: “Ukraine’s prosecutor general Iryna Venediktova confirms earlier reports that Russian occupiers have been raping Ukrainian women. She says a Russian serviceman killed a civilian man in Kyiv region, repeatedly raped his wife, threatened a child. He is now wanted”

Edit [March 22]: “Talking to refugees from Mariupol here in Zaporizhzha. Heartbreaking tales of suffering. And these are the lucky ones – the ones who had cars and petrol. ‘There were old women on roadside begging to be given a lift – holding out money in one hand, icons in the other'”

Edit [March 22]: “Russian warship, likely Admiral Grigorovich Class Frigate, shot 8 x Kalibr cruise missiles from Sevastopol, Crimea” “‘What we observed over the last 24 hours is that the Russians have likely been firing into the city from the sea, from the Sea of Azov, so just to the south of Mariupol. We assess that they’ve got about… seven [ships in the Sea of Azov]…'”

Edit [March 22]: “Zelenskyy reiterates call for direct talks with Putin”

Edit [March 22]: “The first attack echelon of Belarusian armed forces in the amount of approximately 5000 troops is already formed and lined up along Ukraine’s border, brigadier general Victor Yagunov of the intelligence community says”

Edit [March 22]: “Japan summons Russian ambassador after Moscow halted peace treaty talks”

Edit [March 22]: “Russia and North Korea discuss ‘developing bilateral relations'”

March 23

Mercury conjunct Neptune, sextile N Node, trine S Node. Sagittarius Moon sextile Aquarius stellium, square Pisces stellium, Sun at 3° Aries: Global travel for diplomatic meetings in favor. A man with humble honor in favor. A military operation will likely succeed. Extravagant ambitions blocked. Mistaken assumptions.

Edit [March 23]: “Russia uses white phosphorus bombs in Hostomel and Irpin. Russian forces targeted Kyiv’ suburbs with phosphorus bombs on the night of March 22, according to Irpin Mayor Oleksandr Markushin.

Edit [March 23]: “#Russia running low on air-launched cruise missiles – down to abt 50% – but on other missiles, stockpiles are adequate, per a senior US defense official ‘They’ve expended a lot but they put a lot in…and they have an awful lot left

Edit [March 23]: “#Germany will send 2000 anti-tank missiles to #Ukraine

Edit [March 23]: “Sweden will send another 5,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, Minister of Defense tells national news agency TT

Edit [March 23]: “UK to provide 6,000 missiles to Ukraine in new support Will also pay Ukrainian soldiers and pilots.”

Edit [March 23]: “1st shipment of new $800 million US security package to #Ukraine set to arrive “very soon” – in next few days, per a senior US defense official”

Edit [March 23]: “NATO/U.S. forces in Europe have been placed at heightened readiness per NATO Secretary General” “NATO leaders set to OK ‘major increases’ of troops in response to Putin’s war on Ukraine”

Edit [March 23]: “#NATO official on Russian troops in #Ukraine: “#Mariupol-‘They [#Russia] are carpet-bombing the city’ per the @NATO official ‘To reach this extreme, you need to be cornered & you need to be pushed to break all moral human rules to go to such brutality…'” “Fears #Russia, #Putin could turn to weapons of mass destruction, even target @NATO very real ‘He is dangerous’ per NATO official ‘Putin & his close circle, they are absolutely reckless ppl. They don’t care abt human life'” “They are stalled in #Kyiv. They are stalled in #Kharkiv. They are stalled in #Chernihiv‘ – ” “#Putin ‘has a deep hatred of our society, our values’ warns @NATO official ‘The alliance is absolutely at risk’ Official warns Putin could launch direct attack on alliance ‘due to miscalculation,’ something #Russia has done a lot in #Ukraine… Also potential for mistakes…” “@NATO preparing for 2 main types of potential chemical weapons attacks by #Russia in #Ukraine, per official – a #falseflag operation or a chemical attack delivered by military means” — @jeffseldon

Edit [March 23]: “Ukraine’s counteroffensive near Kyiv has pushed Russian forces ~35 mi to the east of the capital: senior U.S. defense official Russia was ~20 mi to the east of Kyiv earlier in the week. Ukraine has begun to take back territory from the Russians this week, officials said.” “We’re at a surprising stage where the Ukrainians have gained more land in the last 72 hours than Russia has

Why does Putin keep waving the nuke card?

March 24

Last Quarter Capricorn Moon square Sun in Aries 4° and octile Mars in Aquarius: “Despite nearly insurmountable obstacles, efforts are eventually rewarded by a safe and comfortable position. One goes through many perilous
adventures and achieves many conquests owing to one’s perseverance and courage, and not owing
to lucky circumstances.
” — Janduz

Edit [March 24]: “In the centre of Kyiv, however, life is improving. Petrol is no longer rationed, and there is more traffic on main roads than at any time since the invasion began on February 24th. Bread is back on supermarket shelves. Trains enter and leave the city.”

Edit [March 24]: “Welcome to the world where Ukraine, in which very few had faith in West, has spent a month successfully defending itself from the biggest military operation since World War II. And now it has a very real chance of spelling the end of Russia as a world power.”

Edit [March 24]: “#US has begun consulting with #NATO allies on providing anti-ship missiles to #Ukraine – senior administration official”

Edit [March 24]: “Biden: NATO will increase the military assistance to Ukraine, give it additional weapons systems, including air defense systems The alliance will provide Ukraine with equipment for protection against chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, as well as cyber defenses.”

Edit [March 24]: “‘Today I am announcing the US has prepared to commit more than $1 Billion in humanitarian assistance to help get relief to millions of Ukrainians affected by the war […] We will invest $320 Million to bolster democratic resilience and defend human rights in Ukraine.'” – U.S. President Biden

Edit [March 24]: “US President @JoeBiden says Russia should be removed from G20. He said he raised this during meetings today. He said if not all G20 members agree in removing Russia then Ukraine should be allowed to attend the G20 meeting as well”

Edit [March 24]: “Russian military ship destroyed in Berdyansk, Ukrainian Navy claims

March 25

Last Quarter Capricorn Moon trine Uranus, sextile Pisces, Sun in Aries 5°: Amidst extreme danger or disaster, a leader achieves power or protection. A significant explosion. Danger continues on all sides but a leader calmly and confidently makes progress. An unexpected or unconventional commitment. A new strategy.

Edit [March 25]: “Russia’s military held a big briefing this afternoon, announcing the war was entering a ‘second phase’.”

Edit [March 25]: “The Ambassador of Moldova has been summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation”

Edit [March 25]: “Russia Today and Sputnik will not be banned in #Switzerland. The Swiss Federal Council says ‘it is more effective to counter untrue and harmful statements with facts instead of banning them’ in a press release.”

Edit [March 25]: “Russian commander killed ‘deliberately’ by his own troops in Ukraine, officials say”

Edit [March 26]: “As a result of Russian strikes in #Lviv, one of the industrial facilities where fuel is stored is on fire – city mayor”

Edit [March 26]: “Russian troops again shelled a nuclear research facility in Kharkiv. If the shelling continues, it could lead to an environmental disaster”

March 26

True Node and Uranus square Aquarius Stellium, Sun at 6° Aries: An objective is achieved by defense without violence rather than aggression. It’s a favorable day for diplomatic alliances, cooperation, and defense amidst shocking or unexpected collateral damage, civilian danger, or lack of security.

Edit [March 26]: “As war rages on Ukraine, many of the Ukrainian orphans have been able to safely evacuate to neighboring countries”

Edit [March 26]: “The military field hospital sent to #Ukraine is now up and running at its destination! This small and mobile hospital can go where it is needed quickly. Made in #Estonia with financing by #Germany.”

Edit [March 26]: “#Biden speech in #Warsaw, #Poland, re: #Russia‘s invasion of #Ukraine: ‘Helping these #refugees is not something Poland or any other nation should carry alone. All the world democracies have a responsibility to help. All of them.

Edit [March 26]: “#Biden speech in #Warsaw, #Poland: Says Putin has strengthened Ukraine, the West and #NATO

Edit [March 26]: “Ukraine asked the European Union (EU) on Friday to close its borders with Russia and Belarus, a country allied with Moscow in the invasion launched a month ago against Ukraine.”

Edit [March 26]: “U.S. President Biden concluded his speech earlier by advocating for regime change in Russia, stating, ‘For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.'” “‘[Biden]’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region. He was not discussing Putin’s power in #Russia, or regime change.'”

Edit [March 26]: “The Kremlin: It is not for Biden to decide whether or not Putin will remain in power.”

Edit [March 26]: “#Biden speech in #Warsaw, #Poland, re: #Russia‘s invasion of #Ukraine: ‘A dictator bent on rebuilding an empire will never erase a people’s love for liberty. Brutality will never grind down their will to be free.

Edit [March 26]: “Update: Head of the Duma’s International Affairs Committee: Biden’s speech is unacceptable from a world leader.”

March 27

Mercury in Aries, Aquarius Moon square Uranus, Sun at 7° Aries: Unexpected or erratic conflict. Verbal war. Someone may have an anger issue, creating unnecessary conflict or disturbing the peace. Rash reactions or irresponsible words can be dangerous.

Edit [March 27]: “French President Macron has called for restraint in ‘words and actions’ after US President Biden described Russian President Putin as a ‘butcher’ and said he should not remain in power.”

Edit [March 27]: “In Latest Speech, Zelenskyy ‘Essentially Accused Western Leaders … Of Being All Talk'”

Edit [March 27]: “‘No sign’ of Russia withdrawal from around Kyiv as village is almost completely destroyed”

Edit [March 27]: “Cruise missile attack on oil depot in the Lutsk region of western Ukraine reported” “Officials confirm a Russian missile strike on an oil depot in #Lutsk

Edit [March 27]: “Ukrainian soldiers shoot Russian prisoners of war in the legs and afterwards give them a severe beating. At the beginning of the video, there are Russian POWs lying on the ground with bullet wounds in their legs, some of them have got leg bones broken.

Edit [March 27]: “#Ukraine‘s Ministry of Defence issues stmt alleging #Russia ‘used banned cluster munitions against civilians near #KryvyiRih.'”

Edit [March 27]: “Ukrainian President: We understand that Russia cannot be expelled from all of our lands, because that will start a world war.”

Edit [March 27]: “Since the offensive started over 200,000 Ukrainians have used the app «еВорог» (‘e-Enemy’) to report Russian soldiers, their equipment and attacks. These real-time alerts have helped Ukrainian defenders kill more than 16,000 invaders and destroy more than 4,000 of their vehicles.”

March 28

VOC Moon and Venus conjunct Saturn, Sun in Aries 8°: A presumptuous person with rash, reckless bold self-pride makes friends as well as enemies. Basically, an attention seeker. Courage amidst danger may not be a good thing. Heavy reality checks.

Edit [March 28]: “New fires have broken out in the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which is occupied by Russian forces, a Ukrainian official said.”

Edit [March 28]: “New details on Ukraine’s ceasefire talks with Russia: – Ukraine has to give up on Nato but will be free to join the EU – Russia is no longer demanding ‘denazification’ – ‘demilitarization’ and Russian language are not part of the possible deal either”

Ukrainian Memes

March 29

Pisces Moon conjunct Jupiter, Neptune: Compassion or grand illusion. Saturn conjunct Juno: Contracts. Sun 9° Aries: Success or prestige especially in military or politics involving or related to humble but daring boldness in the face of death or destruction. Weapons manufacturing.

Edit [March 29]: “Ukrainian negotiator assures that a meeting between Zelensky and Putin is already possible. At the same time, he declared that Ukraine asks for an ‘international agreement’ to guarantee its security, of which several countries are guarantors.”

Edit [March 29]: “the recent reopening of clubs, beach restaurants, and nail salons across Odesa is not simply an expression of defiance, or an economic necessity. It also reflects growing local confidence in the course of the war against Russia”

Edit [March 29]: “Moscow says it will ‘drastically reduce’ military activity in Kyiv and Chernihiv after Ukraine claims Russian troops are withdrawing on those fronts”

Edit [March 29]: “The Russian army is regrouping to concentrate the main efforts on the Slobozhansky (Kharkov) and Donetsk directions.”

Edit [March 29]: “Air raid alarms are being sounded in almost all regions of Ukraine at this moment. HEAD TO SHELTERS”

Edit [March 29]: “French presidency says no Mariupol humanitarian mission possible ‘at this stage

Edit [March 29]: “Donetsk People’s Republic will consider becoming part of Russia once military goals achieved, separatist leader says”

Edit [March 29]: “Disaster after disaster for Russia, explosion in ammunition depot in Belgorod, Russian close to the border with Ukraine.” “Could be sabotage by Ukrainian SSO/SOF, who have allegedly conducted operations in Russia over the past few years, but we should also keep in mind that there have been several explosions at Russian ammo depots in recent years due to lax safety standards.”

Edit [March 29]: “The theme of the day is ammunition management.”

Edit [March 29]: “Russia To Let Ukraine Join EU If It Stays Out Of NATO, But Cautions ‘Still Long Way To Go’ Toward Final Ceasefire”

Edit [March 29]: “The Russian Foreign Ministry: Belgium’s decision to expel 21 Russian diplomats is a serious blow to the foundations of relations between the two countries, and it will not go unanswered.”

Edit [March 29]: “Kremlin Warns Biden’s ‘Emotional’ Rhetoric Could Lead To ‘Something Irreparable & Dangerous” For Whole World'”

Edit [March 29]: “Canadian Prime Minister: The war in Ukraine will only end if Russian forces withdraw completely and Ukraine regains its sovereignty.”

Edit [March 29]: “‘The Zelenskyy effect: Why Ukraine’s ‘Ze’ is defeating Russia’s ‘Z’ ‘What is making him extraordinary in war comes from his ordinariness as a Ukrainian…he inherits a tradition of dissent & fierce civic sense that is baked into the country’s identity…. Russian leader Vladimir Putin echoes King George III from the musical Hamilton, in essence telling Ukrainians he will kill their friends and family to remind them of his love….'”

Edit [March 29]: “UK, US, France, Germany and Italy urge West not to drop guard against Russia ‘They agreed there could be no relaxation of Western resolve until the horror inflicted on Ukraine is over,’ they say, according to a read-out from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s”

Edit [March 29]: “Commander of US Command in Europe: We may need to send more troops to Europe.”

March 30

Weakness of will and danger in compromise or desire to please others.

Edit [March 30]: “White House: “President Biden informed President Zelenskyy that the United States intends to provide the Ukrainian government with $500 million in direct budgetary aid.”

Edit [March 30]: “‘Nothing very promising’ in peace talks with Ukraine so far, Russian President Putin’s spokesman says”

Edit [March 30]: “White House comms director Kate Bedingfield: ‘We believe that Putin is being misinformed by his advisers about how badly the Russian military is performing & how the Russian economy is being crippled by sanctions because his senior advisers are too afraid to tell him the truth.'”

Edit [March 30]: “Elements of #Russian forces around Kyiv, both in the northwest and around #Brovary, continued to pull back into #Belarus on March 30, though Russian forces continued to defend their front lines in the area and shell civilian targets.”

Edit [March 30]: “#Ukrainian forces continued to repel #Russian assaults throughout Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts in the last 24 hours.”

Edit [March 30]: “#Russian forces continued to make steady but costly progress in Mariupol. Social media users depicted ongoing Russian use of thermobaric munitions in Mariupol. Russia’s 150th Motor Rifle Division is likely suffering high casualties.”

Edit [March 30]: “Swedish TV4 has revealed that two of the four Russian aircraft that violated Swedish airspace a few weeks ago, were carrying nuclear weapons

Edit [March 30]: “7 busses with Russian soldiers suffering from Acute Radiation Syndrome have arrived to a hospital in Belarus from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine. They allegedly dug trenches in the highly radioactive Red Forest – UNIAN News Agency” “Chernobyl employees say Russian soldiers had no idea what the plant was and call their behavior ‘suicidal’” “Russian forces transfer control of Chernobyl”

March 31

Aries Moon triple conjunction octile Mars; Venus square Nodes, octile Sun, Chiron; Sun in Aries 11°: A sinister diplomat on a mission, in conflict with authority and colleagues. Volatile conflict, explosions in the sky. Material provisions or humanitarian aid may be blocked.

Edit [March 31]: “Biden says ‘there’s some indication that (Putin) has fired or put under house arrest some of his advisers. But I don’t want to put too much stock in at this time because we don’t have that much hard evidence.

Edit [March 31]: “Russian Military Appears To Be Losing Ground In Ukraine”

Edit [March 31]: “There have been a number of Ukrainian gains around Kyiv and Chernihiv over the past couple of days, Zavorychi, Mokrets, Sloboda, Lukashivka, Yahidne, Zolotynka, Vyshehrad, Mar’yanivka and Kolonschina, additional offensives around Irpin and Nova Basan.”

Edit [March 31]: “NATO says Russia is repositioning, not withdrawing” “Russia Plots Major Donbas Offensive in Eastern Ukraine as Putin Calls for 134,500 New Conscripts”

Edit [March 31]: “Red Cross – can’t help starving sieged towns… IAEA – arrived after a month of nuclear power stations being invaded… UN – what”

Edit [March 31]: “Nastya Tahirova was a second-year student and a volunteer. On March 30, her car was shelled during the delivery of the humanitarian aid to #Chernigiv. russians attacked at least two columns of volunteers’ vehicles which went to bring aid & evacuate people”

Edit [March 31]: “Russia increasing air strikes in Ukraine, Pentagon says”

Edit [March 31]: “#Russia has flown more than 300 air sorties over #Ukraine in the past 24 hours”

Edit [March 31]: “Poland says that Russia will aim to take one-third of Ukraine and then negotiate from a ‘very strong position

April 1

New Moon conjunct Aries Stellium 12°, sextile Aquarius Stellium: Efficient competition especially in sports or government. Success after relentless challenges or suffering. Something laid bare. Fate, but also awe and wonder. New alliances.

Edit [April 1]: “Ukrainian helicopters attacked a fuel depot in the Russian city of Belgorod, Russian officials said. If confirmed, it would be the first attack of its kind by Ukrainian forces inside Russia since Vladimir Putin’s forced invaded five weeks ago and the first air strike in Russian or Soviet territory since the Korean War”

Edit [April 1]: “In Russia’s Belgorod, a fire broke out at an oil depot Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov states that the fire broke out due to an air strike from two Ukrainian helicopters.”

Edit [April 1]: ” RIA- In Belgorod, eight tanks with fuel with a volume of 2,000 cubic meters each are on fire, there is a threat of the fire moving to eight more, emergency services told RIA Novosti.” “Eight fuel tanks are burning in Belgorod and there is a threat of fire spread to 16 more, said the Ministry of Emergency Situations.”

Edit [April 1]: “#Belgorod oil storage still on fire. Around 200 firefighters trying to extinguish the flames. There are long queues at gas stations in the city.”

Edit [April 1]: “Please note that this air strike comes after Russia had claimed it had neutralised the Ukrainian Air Force.”

Edit [April 1]: “That Ukrainian helicopters can do this well inside Russian territory highly symbolic of Russia’s disappearance as a great power. Can you imagine an enemy helicopter attack inside US or China?”

Edit [April 1]: “This is the craziest stunt since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor”

Edit [April 1]: “The Ukrainian General Staff tells my colleague @fpiatov, it does ‘not have this information’ that Ukrainian forces attacked an oil depot in Belgorod oblast”

Edit [April 1]: “Putin has been briefed on the Ukrainian strikes in the Russian city of #Belgorod – Peskov” “Peskov says #Ukraine air strike on #Russia will hinder negotiation talks”

Edit [April 1]: “Ukraine reported this Friday that nine humanitarian corridors were opened for the evacuation of civilians in Mariupol, Energodar, Berdyansk, Melitopol, Rubizhne, Nizhnee, Severodonetsk, Popasna and Lysychansk.”

Edit [April 1]: “Russian forces around Kyiv are retreating en masse, leaving behind wrecked armour and possibly trapped pockets of troops as the Ukrainian army advances.”

Edit [April 1]: “Ukrainian forces ambushing a retreating Russian convoy somewhere in Chernihiv.”

Edit [April 1]: “Day 38 The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announces the liberation of settlements in Kyiv and Chernihiv regions”

Edit [April 1]: “Russian forces have reportedly taken Izyum in Eastern Ukraine”

Edit [April 1]: “There is a terrifying war in Europe, and the UK and the EU are on the same side. What does that mean in a post-Brexit world?

Edit [April 1]: “The European Union is stockpiling medicines and protective gear to protect against any potential chemical, nuclear and biological incidents”

Edit [April 1]: “US ‘is providing the gvt of #Ukraine w/life-saving equipment & supplies that could be deployed in the event of #Russia‘s use of a chemical & biological weapon’ @PressSec confirms Psaki says it does not compromise US preparedness”

April 2

Triple Conjunction 12° Aries, Sun 13° Aries, Saturn square Nodes, Nodes square Aquarius Stellium, Jupiter and Neptune contraparallel Aquarius Stellium. An isolated strange being without friends driven by a powerful sense of superiority toward war-like destruction – or success. Endurance through grief or suffering that tests and purifies. Gold.

Edit [April 2]: “Almost 300 people buried in mass grave in #Bucha outside #Kyiv, mayor of the city says”

Edit [April 2]: “The entire #Kyiv region has been liberated from Russian Army – Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister”

Edit [April 2]: “Ukrainian and U.S Defense Officials have both announced that Ukrainian Military Forces have now Re-Captured the entire Kyiv Region all the way to the Southern Border of Belarus where Russian Forces continue to withdraw to, this area includes the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.”

Edit [April 2]: ““Whatever happens on the battlefield, Moscow has lost forever its cultural sway and beachhead in the bilingual, multinational, and yet now unambiguously Ukrainian east.” Putin’s Pyrrhic Victory at ⁦@ForeignAffairs⁩”

Edit [April 1]: “The U.S. military has canceled a test of its Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile that it had initially aimed only to delay in a bid to lower nuclear tensions with Russia during the war in Ukraine, the Air Force told Reuters on Friday”

Edit [April 2]: “The Biden admin will work with allies to transfer Soviet-made tanks to bolster Ukrainian defenses in the country’s eastern Donbas region, a U.S. official said on Friday…It marks the first time in the war that the US has helped transfer tanks.”

Edit [April 2]: “A a large number of Russian troops, previously withdrew from #Kyiv and #Chernihiv oblasts, have entered the #Sumy region from #Russia – Head of the Sumy oblast”

Edit [April 2]: “Russian strikes reported in Mirgorod and Khmelnitsky. Poltava Regional State Administration says Russia striking infrastructure in Mirgorod. In Khmelnitsky an oil depot was reportedly hit and is on fire.”

Edit [April 2]: “April 2 (Reuters) – A Ukrainian negotiator said on Saturday Russia had indicated that draft peace treaty documents were at an advanced enough stage to allow for direct consultations between the two nations’ leaders, Interfax Ukraine reported.”

April 3

Taurus Moon square Aquarius Stellium, Saturn square Nodes, Sun in Aries 14°: Feeling secure despite the ground crumbling under feet.

Edit [April 3]: “Russian troops built a 45-foot long mass grave in a church yard after killing hundreds of Ukrainian civilians in massacres in Bucha, near the capital of Kyiv.”

Edit [April 3]: “The Economist was able to verify reports of what appear to be summary executions. Nine bodies lay at the side of a builder’s yard, and another two on the road…All had puncture wounds to the head, chest or both. At least two of the bodies had their hands tied behind their backs”

Edit [April 3]: “The actions described here by eyewitnesses would undoubtedly amount to war crimes.”

Edit [April 3]: “The war crimes in Brovary and Chernihiv directions might be more heinous that those in Bucha. We have eyewitness accounts through friends, relatives and students. We need help documenting them Journalists and lawyers who can help please contact @ZoyaMylovanova

Edit [April 3]: “Explosions in Ternopil, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kharkiv regions. The mayor of Ternopil confirmed the missile strike on the city.”

Edit [April 3]: “Heavy fighting has continued in Mariupol as Russian forces attempt to take the city. The city continues to be subject to intense, indiscriminate strikes but Ukrainian Forces maintain a staunch resistance, retaining control in central areas”

Edit [April 3]: “#Russian efforts to advance its offensive operations in eastern #Ukraine made limited progress in the past 24 hours.”

April 4 – 5

Endurance, passion, and loyalty assures success or recognition. “There is, however, the danger that, at the supreme moment when the fruit of his labor falls due, it may be swallowed up and lost to him forever.” — La Volasfera by Sepharial

Diplomatic, but selfish ambition for money or fame. Wealth gained by speculation, wasted in excess. Another understands scientific laws and mysteries of nature and prefers quiet solitude… yet readily helps the weak against the powerful. [La Volasfera by Sepharial, Janduz Degrees]

Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius = Strategic cyber attacks and cyber security. The Saturn Mars conjunction square Nodes around April 4 or 5 may indicate a humbling reality check or karmic consequences. Something big may crash or fail, disillusionment after taking on too big of a challenge. A critical fire may occur, or flood. There may be a military event involving war crimes, POW’s or a head of state may be captured, imprisoned, or on trial. Military aid is a major asset. After a struggle, willpower is combined with swift and sure execution.

Edit [April 4]: “Russia evacuates most of the territories it had occupied in Northern and North-Eastern #Ukraine

Edit [March 30]: “UN human rights’ Chief Michelle Bachelet says Russia’s widespread and indiscriminate attacks in Ukraine could amount to ‘war crimes’.”

Edit [April 4]: “Today in formerly Russian occupied Bucha I saw the bodies of five men who appeared to have been executed in a basement at a children’s holiday camp. Four had their hands bound with plastic ties.”

Edit [April 4]: “BBC witnesses more evidence of atrocities against civilians near Kyiv, as Ukraine accuses Russia of genocide”

Edit [April 4]: “The Kremlin has categorically denied any accusations related to the murder of civilians in the Ukrainian town of Bucha.”

Edit [April 4]: “Satellite photos show bodies lay in Bucha for weeks, disproving Russia’s claim that the scene was staged after they left Source: MAXAR”

Edit [April 5]: “Recently released drone footage shows Russian forces firing on a civilian cyclist in Bucha, on Yablunska Street where multiple bodies have been photographed since Ukraine regained control of the city.”

Edit [April 4]: “Over 70 attacks on medical infrastructure in Ukraine”

Edit [April 6]: “The US now believes ‘it will be able to identify the Russian units’ that carried out the atrocities in Bucha, Ukraine, according to a US official familiar with the latest information.”

3rd Degree Torture Inflicted On Civilians

Edit [April 4]: “Andrei Kortunov. ‘Russian society is in a state of extreme excitement and even exaltation; from the pages of newspapers and from TV screens, the scream of a hawk is heard much louder than the cooing of a pigeon. But public sentiment…should be controlled'”

Edit [April 4]: “The war’s phase 1 is Russia’s crushing defeat. Now phase 2… begins.”

Edit [April 4]: “Confirmation of the surrender of 264 (according to other information 267) Marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Mariupol.” “… Russian sources claim that 267 Ukrainian Marines have surrendered in Mariupol, and they have the video. But the uniforms are too clean. Nobody is wounded. No one needs a shave, & the t-shirts are all wrong….”

Edit [April 4]: “After several failed attempts, staff from the International Committee of the Red Cross have again been unable to enter Mariupol, a spokesperson for the aid agency says.”

Edit [April 4]: “The once mighty south coast city of Mariupol, is now a blackened shell. We’ve all seen post nuclear apocalypse cities in the movies – well this is for real. An entire city destroyed by Russia in 2022.”

Edit [April 4]: “‘The Banderite elite must be liquidated, its reeducation is impossible. The social ‘swamp’ which actively and passively supports it must undergo the hardships of war and digest the experience as a historical lesson and atonement’ ‘Denazification is inevitably also deukrainisation…'” — Russian State TV News Agency RIA Novosti Op-Ed openly calling for genocide and total elimination of Ukraine and Ukrainian State

Edit [April 4]: “Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said a representative of the village of Motyzhyn, near Kyiv, was murdered along with her family while being held by Russian Forces. She also informed there are 11 mayors and community heads currently in Russian captivity.”

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Addresses United Nations Security Council

Edit [April 4]: “Ukraine says Russian troops preparing a big attack in the east”

Edit [April 5]: “Russian forces are quickly advancing in #Kharkiv oblast, the Ukrainian general staff reports, trying to surround the remaining Ukrainian forces in Donbas. Kramatorsk and Sloviansk are under intense threat of being encircled now.”

Edit [April 4]: “President Biden calls for a war crimes trial against Russian President Vladimir Putin after images emerge of atrocities allegedly committed by Russia in Ukraine” “Putin should face ‘war crimes trial’ after Bucha killings, says Biden”

Edit [April 4]: “FBI Seizes $90 Million Yacht Owned By Putin Ally Viktor Vekselberg”

Edit [April 4]: “France has decided to expel about 30 Russian diplomatic staff, echoing a similar action taken by Germany, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said”

Edit [April 4]: “French President Emmanuel Macron expresses support for the introduction of another package of sanctions on Russia in light of video, allegedly from the Ukrainian town of Bucha, which Moscow has called a staged provocation.”

Edit [April 4]: “Elysée source confirms that France is in favour of including an embargo on Russian oil and coal in a new round of EU sanctions, after the massacre in Bucha.”

Edit [April 5]: “#Estonia expels 14 #Russian diplomats and closes the consulate in #Narva and the embassy office in #Tartu.”

Edit [April 5]: “Spain will expel 25 Russian diplomats following the Bucha Massacre.

Edit [April 5]: “Denmark has expelled 15 alleged Russian intelligence officers it claims were working undercover as diplomats”

Edit [April 5]: “Italy has expelled 30 Russian diplomats for “reasons related to our national security,” Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio says”

Edit [April 5]: “Portugal expels 10 employees of the Russian Embassy.”

Edit [April 5]: “Slovenian PM @JJansaSDS just announced that Slovenia has expelled 15 Russian diplomats following the Bucha Massacre.”

Edit [April 6]: “Greece will expel 12 Russian diplomats following the Bucha Massacre.”

Edit [April 4]: “Former Russia President Dmitry Medvedev has vowed a harsh reaction to expulsion of Russian diplomats by Western governments.”

Edit [April 4]: “The Complete Closure of the Land Borders from Poland and The Baltic States with Russia/Belarus seems to be Confirmed, the real question is how is this going to effect Shipments going To and From Kaliningrad, this would most likely isolate the Region from everywhere but the Sea.”

Edit [April 5]: “Germany takes over a key European unit of Russian state-owned gas giant Gazprom, effectively nationalizing the unit until at least Sept. 30 (In legal terms, the unit, called Gazprom Germania GmbH, is put under the trusteeship of the German energy regulator)”

Edit [April 4]: “Almost 50 pictures of destroyed and abandoned Russian equipment posted by the Ukrainian 93rd Motorized Brigade….

Alleged Russian and Ukrainian War Crimes

Edit [April 5]: “NATO will provide Ukraine with weapons to defend against the new offensive of the Russian army, which is expected in the Donbas in a few weeks – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg”

Edit [April 5]: “It is estimated that Australia will supply about 10 secure Bushmaster cars to Ukraine, which will be delivered by S-17A military transport aircraft.”

Edit [April 5]: “Estonia sends lethal weapons to Ukraine. Estonia has handed over to Ukraine anti-tank missiles and mines, automatic weapons, ammunition, disposable grenades and hand grenades.”

Edit [April 5]: “US is training #Ukrainians outside of #Ukraine including here in the US, per @SecDef and Gen. Milley. No training inside #Ukraine or #Poland, they say.”

Edit [March 21]: “White House: Russian government is ‘exploring options for potential cyberattacks’ on critical infrastructure in the United States.” “‘I’ve previously warned about the potential that Russia could conduct malicious cyber activity against the U.S. Today, I’m reiterating those warnings based on evolving intelligence that the Russian Government is exploring options for potential cyberattacks.’ — President Biden”

Edit [March 29]: “FBI says Russia scanning for new cyberattack targets”

Calls to remove Russia from United Nations Security Council after verified war crimes

April 6

Gemini Moon square Jupiter Neptune in Pisces, Saturn square Nodes, Sun in Aries 17°: Progress blocked by internal conflict, an inflated ego, or grandiose ambition. Death or conflict and the ground, fire, or sea. Mobility, weapons. Gas, oil, chemicals through April 12. A feminine figure who is kind and well-loved may be instrumental in achieving moderate or steady success.

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Is Pursuing 4,500 War Crimes Cases
United Nations Will Vote To Suspend Russia from Human Rights Council

Edit [April 6]: “Horror of Borodyanka with Putin death squads & victims screaming in rubble”

Edit [April 6]: “Kyiv tells residents of eastern Ukraine regions Kharkiv, Lugansk and Donetsk to evacuate ‘now’ or ‘risk death'”

Edit [April 6]: “The Battle of Kyiv may be over, but what comes next is the even more decisive and difficult Battle of Donbas. This fight is likely to define the war’s outcome.”

Edit [April 6]: “The US has announced new sanctions on Russian financial institutions and individuals, including President Putin’s two adult daughters”

Edit [April 6]: “U.S. Secretary of State Blinken: We are working to verify the defense capabilities of NATO partners.”

Edit [April 6]: “The Pentagon: A Pentagon official: Ukrainians are being trained in America to run drones we gave them.”

Edit [April 6]: “Pentagon says that, on average, it’s taking 4 days to ship weapons to pass-off points outside Ukraine + another 1-2 days for those shipments to enter the country. Such transfers have ‘never been done that fast before

Edit [April 6]: “Russian Defense: Ukrainian forces are preparing to use toxic materials in Kharkiv and accuse us.”

Edit [April 6]: “Drone footage taken from the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant appears to have confirmed reports that Russian troops dug trenches and fortifications in some of the most irradiated parts of the region.” “…RUSSIANS RETREAT THROUGH ‘ROADS OF DEATH'”

Edit [April 6]: “Russia’s Black Sea Fleet launched more Oniks anti-ship missiles at ground targets in Ukraine from Bastion Coastal Defense systems.”

Edit [April 6]: “The Russian Ministry of Defense: A missile strike destroyed a fuel storage base in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.”

Edit [April 6]: “In order to hide the evidence of their crimes, [Russian] occupiers used mobile crematoria in Mariupol. They destroyed the bodies of hundreds of tortured and murdered citizens. ‘The world has not seen a tragedy on the scale of Mariupol since the Nazi camps,’ said mayor of the city.”

Edit [April 6]: “UK commits to stopping Russian coal and oil imports by end of 2022 amid war crimes claims”

Edit [April 6]: “The Kremlin: The world is bigger than the West, and we can sell gas anywhere.”

Edit [April 6]: “EU stockpiling drugs and equipment in preparation for nuclear attack”

Has US Committed War Crimes To The Same Extent As Bucha?

April 7

Cancer Moon trine Venus, Mercury sextile Saturn, Mars square Nodes, Sun in Aries 18°: Selfish, hateful person hoarding for no purpose, gold, loss or fear of loss. Material resources blocked due to internal or hidden political, cultural, or geopolitical conflict. Voting leads to change after intense conflict. Innovative wartime apps or communications technology. Explosions in the sky, structural destruction.

Edit [April 7]: “UN votes to remove Russia from Human Rights Council”

Edit [April 7]: “Russia will ‘defend our interests’ after UN rights suspension, Kremlin spokesman says”

Edit [April 7]: “If Russia is removed from the human rights council, should the USA and China also be removed?”

Edit [April 7]: “Congress Votes To Suspend Russia Trade Status, Enact Oil Ban”

Edit [April 7]: “Putin’s spokesman admits ‘significant’ Russian losses”

India abstained from a UNGA vote to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council. The move came despite Russia’s explicit warning against abstentions.

The battle for Donbas will remind of World War Two

April 8

Jupiter conjunct Neptune, sextile/trine Nodes, Cancer Moon in hard aspects, Sun in Aries 19°: Thorough assessment of the rough journey ahead. Low intelligence or ego displays equipped for a reckless adventure or distant travel. A violent death. Missed opportunity, unbridled ambition, obstacles. Winning at all cost creates resentment from others and isolation. Dangers under a dark sky or at night. Success related to material resources including petrol. Some type of major victory around April 12.

Edit [April 8]: “Massacre in Kramatorsk: At least 50 dead including 5 children during civilian evacuations after the Russian Tochka short range ballistic missile attack on a train station in eastern Ukraine. There are more than a hundred wounded. The compound housed some 4,000 people trying to flee the country.”

Edit [April 8]: “Russia denies reponsibility for the attack”

Edit [April 8]: “France calls strike on Ukraine rail station a ‘crime against humanity'”

Edit [April 8]: “Japan announced it is expelling eight Russian diplomats and trade officials and will phase out imports of Russian coal and oil, with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida saying Moscow must be held accountable for ‘war crimes’ in Ukraine.”

Edit [April 8]: “US Sec Def #LloydAustin stmt re: #Slovakia giving #Ukraine an S-300 air def system: ‘At my direction, and at the invitation of Slovakia, US European Command will reposition one Patriot missile system, manned by US service members, to Slovakia.

Edit [April 8]: “There’s not a day that goes by where shipments aren’t being moved on the ground into Ukraine from the United States as well as many other nations.” “I know it doesn’t get the headlines that fighter jets and tanks and Javelins and Switchblades get. But millions of rounds of small arms ammunition continues to flow in… there is a lifeblood quality to that small arms ammunition that they are getting everyday.” “… This could be very bloody and very ugly.”

Edit [April 8]: “UK to send ‘Mastiff’ armored vehicles to Ukraine. The U.K. will be sending an unspecified number of Mastiff heavily armored vehicles to Ukraine, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed on April 8. British troops will head to a country neighboring Ukraine to provide training.”

Edit [April 8]: “The Pentagon: The United States has more than 100,000 American troops in Europe at the moment.”

Edit [April 8]: “U.S. and Poland hold joint military exercises/live fire drills near Rzeszow, about an hour away from Poland’s border with Ukraine.”

Edit [April 8]: “MFA Anniken Huitfeldt: Norway has allocated € 200 M in support to Ukraine. So far we have donated 4.000 anti-tank weapons. We will continue to support Ukraine”

Edit [April 8]: “Authorities in Kyiv have reached out to the International Commission on Missing Persons to help put names to bodies that might otherwise remain anonymous amid the fog of war”

Edit [April 8]: “At a press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday, Ursula von der Leyen said that Russia faces a dim future due to ever more stringent sanctions” “Zelensky to EU: ‘Thank you for sanctions, but they are not enough.'”

Edit [April 8]: “Russia is moving to mobilize 60k reservists.”

Edit [April 8]: “NE grouping of #Russia|n forces ‘we have seen them plus up’ by about 10 BTGs, per a senior US defense official ‘We have seen them increase'”

Edit [April 8]: “Russian Defense: A huge ammunition depot belonging to the Ukrainian forces was destroyed near Odessa with precision missiles.”

Ukraine war: ‘For the children’ written on Russian missile used in train station airstrike

PRIME Minister Boris Johnson today condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ‘targeting of civilians’

April 9

Jupiter conjunct Neptune sextile/trine Nodes. 1st Quarter Cancer Moon square Mercury, opposite Pluto. Mars conjunct Juno, Uranus square Vesta. Sun in Aries 20° octile Venus

Weapons with advanced technology. Material loss or damage. Hardship, lack of basic resources, lack of support, surrender of soldiers, or prisoners of war. Clinging to the past, resisting change. Danger in foreign travel. Danger of “drowning.”

Edit [April 12] Every day, more evidence emerges of atrocities in Ukrainian communities that have been occupied by Russian forces. In the village of Buzova near Kyiv, a mother was overcome with grief when she found the body of her son at the bottom of a well.

Success or benefits due to the respect of many friends, cooperation, or a pleasant environment but watch for problems due to sacrificing self for others.

Some type of milestone victory around April 12 for those who stood strong through immense challenges.

Edit [April 9]: “The third official prisoner swap: 26 Ukrainians, including 12 military servicemembers, are going to get back home

Edit [April 9]: “Ukraine says 12 soldiers, 14 civilians freed in prisoner exchange with Russia

Edit [April 9]: “‘We treat them as guests, not as refugees.’ Krzysztof Szczerski, ambassador of Poland to the U.N.

Edit [April 9]: “Dozens of volunteers assisted Ukrainian emergency officials in the clean up and restoration efforts underway in Borodyanka, Ukraine.

Edit [April 9]: “Estonia has sent Ukraine 10 tonnes of electrical products to help restore overhead power lines and support the country’s electricity systems.

Edit [April 8]: “Ukraine belongs in the European family. And today, Ukraine takes another important step towards EU membership. We will accelerate this process as much as we can, while ensuring that all conditions are respected. — Ursula von der Leyen

Edit [April 9]: “European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says Russian forces appear to have committed war crimes by targeting civilians in Ukraine, adding that lawyers must investigate the alleged incidents.

Edit [April 9]: “The UK said it will send 120 armoured vehicles + new anti-ship missile systems to support Ukraine’s armed forces. Announcement made after talks in Kyiv between @BorisJohnson & @ZelenskyyUa. The UK PM made his first visit to Ukraine since Russia invaded”

Edit [April 9]: “Following Boris Johnson’s surprise visit to Kyiv on April 9, President Volodymyr Zelensky called Johnson ‘a friend’ and ‘one of the most principled opponents of the Russian invasion.‘”

British Defence Intelligence Report

Edit [April 8]: “The Russian Foreign Ministry transfers its ‘denazification’ rhetoric on Ukraine to Latvia: ‘The ruling regime in Latvia has long been well known for its neo-Nazi preferences and attempts to whitewash the atrocities of Nazi Germany’s henchmen‘”

Edit [April 8]: “#Russian efforts to shift forces east from their failed assault on #Kyiv continue to struggle.”

Edit [April 9]: “Russia’s first default in a century looks all but inevitable now: Bloomberg

Edit [April 9]: “Ukraine is now visually confirmed to have captured 1000 vehicles and pieces of (heavy) military equipment from Russia. Full list @oryx:”

Edit [April 8]: “Ukraine’s General Staff: More than 80% of Russian troops in some units refuse to fight. Russian commanders reportedly refuse to accept applications for the dismissal of military personnel, even from those whose contracts have already expired.

Edit [April 8]: “… Ukrainians… they’ve been very successful on the ground in pushing the Russians out — pushing them back and defeating them in many places…. — U.S. Senior Defense Official

Edit [April 8]: “…some units are much more devastated than others. We’ve seen indications of some units that are literally, for all intents and purposes, eradicated… There’s just nothing left of the BTG (Russian battalion tactical groups) except a handful of troops, and maybe a small number of vehicles” — U.S. Senior Defense Official

Edit [April 8]: “Ukraine says it has about 7,000 unclaimed Russian corpses in morgues & refrigerated rail cars. Officials say Kyiv’s figure of 18,600 Russian dead was based on battlefield reports & intercepted military communications. — Washington Post

Edit [April 8]: “We also have indications that the Russians have already begun this mobilization of reservists, and there’s some indications that what they’re hoping to do is to recruit upwards of 60,000 troops for this — during this mobilization phase.” “”And they’re exploring the option of combining BTGs with one another and they hope to get refit / reinforced by new conscripts — there’s a whole new conscription schedule coming here in May.” — U.S. Senior Defense Official

Edit [April 9]: “The Russians are also flying armed unmanned aerial vehicles over Ukraine—and they’re chalking up kills, too.

April 10

Mercury square Pluto, Jupiter conjunct Neptune, Sun in Aries 21°

Delusional ambitions beyond intellectual and financial capabilities, blaming others for one’s own arrogance, lazy neglect, indecision, lack of skills, lack of credibility, or failures. Hidden intel or battle formations, verbal manipulation, propaganda, censorship. A bear.

Edit [April 10]: “Russian attack helicopters have destroyed a convoy of Ukraine’s armoured vehicles and anti-aircraft warfare, Russia’s defence ministry has reported.” “This is 4 or 5 different videos from different areas and times spliced together, but besides that….. they’re definitely not shooting at anything down there, much less an entire convoy” “You are right, Russian Defense released a similar video of the same helicopters taking off, firing rockets in the air, and landing a couple weeks ago. This time they replace knocking out an ‘Ukrainian’ artillery vehicle with a few parked ‘trucks’ in the mid section of the video.”

Edit [April 10]: “Kiev is Preparing Mass Murder of Civilians in Lugansk With West’s Support, Russian MoD Says”

Edit [April 10]: “Chechen chief Kadyrov says Russian forces will eventually take Kyiv – Reuters News ‘Luhansk and Donetsk – we will fully liberate in the first place … and then take Kyiv and all other cities’ – Ramzan Kadyrov, the powerful head of Russia’s republic of Chechnya”

Edit [April 9]: “Russian authorities on Saturday accused the YouTube platform, which belongs to the American giant Google, of having blocked the Russian parliamentary channel and promised retaliation.” “According to Google, the chain was closed due to the recent sanctions decreed by the United States government.”

Edit [April 9]: “The U.S. is going to expand and recalibrate the #intelligence information it is sharing with #Ukraine as the scope of the #Russian invasion is shifting, the @DeptofDefense says. @PentagonPresSec

Edit [April 10]: “…mass expulsion of over 400 Russian diplomats from Europe in recent days. It means that roughly half of undeclared Russian intelligence officers in legal rezidenturas (stations) in Europe are being kicked out….”

Edit [April 10]: “Another massacre in Kyiv Oblast: Along the road near the village of Buzovaya the bodies of 50 people, shot execution-style at close range, have been discovered. In the village itself, another mass grave with dozens of bodies.”

President Putin installed a new central war commander, the same general who oversaw a brutal war campaign in Syria targeting civilians

April 11

Jupiter conjunct Neptune, Leo Moon trine Sun, opposite Saturn, Mars; Moon, Saturn square Nodes, Sun in Aries 22° octile Venus

Legal evidence and judicial trials. Relentless heavy conflict. Betrayal or injury from plotting “friends” unless benevolent with unwavering resolve and fortitude. Indecision, weak willpower, or wrong judgements may lose friends or credibility. Tomorrow: Chemicals.

Edit [April 11]: “Russian forces kept a group of women and girls in a basement of a house for 25 days and repeatedly raped them. Nine of them are now pregnant. The police found five members of a family, including two women and a child, their bodies dumped and burned.

Edit [April 11]: “Ukrainians’ ‘last stand’ to battle for Mariupol as city expected to fall to Russia

Edit [April 11]: “Russia still has large numbers and outnumbers Ukrainian defense forces and has the technology advantage but they don’t have the willpower, morale, and momentum of all that resides in Ukrainian forces.” — Retired former commander of U.S. Armed Forces Robert Abrams

Ukraine Exhumes Bucha Victims For Forensic Tests, Reburial

Three war crimes in Bucha reflect the senseless murder of Ukrainians by Russian troops

April 12


Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces 24°, Virgo Moon trine Mercury Uranus; Sun in Aries 23° conjunct Pallas, sextile Saturn, octile Venus, Saturn contraparallel Uranus

A careless fool who wastes energy on pleasure or worthless ambitions and lacks force of character. Trouble from the opposite sex.

Transfer of artillery, vehicles, or material resources may occur after blockage. Underhanded activity, punishment for rape. Untrusting or hysterical emotions. Successful diplomacy, police work.

Chemicals. Atmosphere. Nuclear talks or discussions. Material resources and transportation. Strategic memes. Detailed statistics. Conflict involving material resources. Oil and gas, discovery in a field.

Victory in military, diplomacy, or high level political office in negotiations or smart strategy after maintaining unwavering faith, high resolve, and honor through intense conflict, danger, and loss after sustained assaults from a fierce enemy.

Edit [April 1]: “Another night, another instance of thermite incendiary munitions being used by the Russians. This time reportedly over Alexandrovka.”

Edit [April 9]: “Aerosoles from the explosion of a cylinder with 4 tons of nitric acid spread towards the positions of the Russian military near Kudryashivka and Varvarivka, there is no threat to population – the head of the Luhansk regional administration”

Edit [April 11]: “Azov regiment says Russian troops used kind of chemical dropped from a drone, those impacted have respiratory failure, vestibulo-atactic syndrome”

Edit [April 11]: “Ukrainian forces report Russia has deployed chemical weapons on the besieged city of #Mariupol. According to @Polk_Azov an unknown poisonous substance was dropped by a Russian UAV causing victims respiratory failure and vestibulo-atactic syndrome.” “Victims are in satisfactory condition.”

Edit [April 11]: “Zelensky has not confirmed the Azov Battalion’s chemical weapons accusations in Mariupol and is still treating a Russian chemical attack as a hypothetical”

Edit [April 11]: “WARNING: #Mariupol #ChemicalWeapon attack? My phones are burning up w/people stating a chemical package givIng SARIN nerve agent symptoms occurred. It was a small. If so, it may have been a test for dispersal rate & determine if concentration is adequate. A bigger one may follow.”

Edit [April 11]: “@DanKaszeta nerve agent expert is asking the right questions about #Mariupol. Till we get them answered HOLD YOUR FIRE. This happened in Syria several times before and we need more data.”

Edit [April 11]: “Ukrainian President Zelensky warns Russia are preparing to use chemical weapons in Mariupol

Source: @TheStudyOfWar

Edit [April 12]: “Secretary of State Antony Blinken: The US has ‘credible information’ Russia may use ‘chemical agents’ against Ukrainian troops and civilians.

Edit [April 12]: “The Pentagon: There is reason to believe that Russia may try to hide a possible chemical attack in Ukraine.

Edit [April 12]: “Zelensky announced that Viktor Medvedchuk, a lawmaker with the pro-Kremlin party Opposition Platform was captured by the Security Service. Medvedchuk is accused of treason. He escaped house arrest in February.

Edit [April 12]: “#Kyiv says ongoing negotiations with #Russia to end war ‘extremely difficult’ – AFP”

Edit [April 12]: “Vladimir Putin says peace talks with Ukraine are ‘at a dead end,’ vowing to continue Russia’s invasion, and says claims of war crimes carried out in Buch are ‘fake‘”

Edit [April 12]: “Vladimir Putin denies war crimes as Russians appear conflicted over the war in Ukraine

Edit [April 12]: “Putin’s justifications for the war in Ukraine: – ‘the main goal is to help people’ – ‘we were forced to do it’ – ‘we couldn’t put up with it any longer’ – ‘a clash was inevitable’ – ‘it was just a matter of time’ – ‘we didn’t have a choice, this was the right thing to do‘”

Edit [April 12]: “16-year-old Karina’s mother has been looking for her missing daughter for weeks. It has now been confirmed that Karina was raped by Russian soldiers in Bucha and then murdered with a shot to the head.

Edit [April 12]: “Joe Biden just accused Vladimir Putin of committing genocide in Ukraine

Edit [April 12]: “Pres. Biden doubles-down on calling Putin’s invasion of Ukraine ‘genocide.’ ‘I called it genocide because it’s become clearer and clearer that Putin is just trying to wipe out the idea of even being able to be Ukrainian…The evidence is mounting.

Edit [April 12]: “Pentagon invites top 8 U.S. arms makers to Wednesday meeting to discuss weapons for Ukraine, sources say. Reuters

Edit [April 12]: “‘Yesterday, two U.S. flights arrived in the region with everything from small-arms ammunition, machine guns, body armor, grenades and other explosives. In the next 24 hours, we expect another flight from the United States to arrive with similar things in it.‘” “‘So of the just-slightly-more-than 20 flights that we expected to be required to close out that $800 million, we are at 19, so we’re very close to finishing it out… We believe we’ll be done by the middle of the month'”

Edit [April 12]: “U.S. has delivered a ‘significant amount’ of the first 100 Switchblade drones to Ukrainian troops and the kamikaze drones are being used in the field: senior U.S. defense official U.S. is working hard to expedite the supplies of more of the drones that detonate over targets

Edit [April 12]: “Pentagon does ‘not object’ to potential transfer of jets from Slovakia to Ukraine” “The U.S. objected Poland’s deal because Poland wanted to give them to the U.S. and U.S. transfer them to Ukraine. Slovakia is not asking the U.S. to be involved in this deal with Ukraine.

Edit [April 12]: “Everyday massive surrenders at Mariupol aside of failed breakthroughs

Edit [April 12]: “#Mariupol Update: Mariupol has not yet fallen on April 12 despite reports of dwindling #Ukrainian resources and Ukrainian troops surrendering.”

April 13

Jupiter conjunct Neptune sextile N Node, trine S Node, Virgo Moon opposite Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, trine Uranus, N Node, Pluto; Sun in Aries 24° conjunct Pallas, sextile Saturn, octile Venus


A powerful independent man who acts with unjust tyranny gains control. Success with help of close allies. Unexpected change in material weaponry or technology in favor but fierce conflict requires extraordinary endurance. Activism, developments, competitive diplomacy, a powerful strategy, relentless resistance. Small panic-stricken man.

Edit [April 13]: “Presidents of Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia met in Kyiv”

Edit [April 13]: “‘This is not war, this is terrorism.’ Poland’s President has branded Russia’s war on Ukraine ‘terrorism’.”

Edit [April 13]: “Czech embassy resumes work in Kyiv. ‘Czechia will always stand with Ukraine,’ Czech Foreign Ministry wrote on Twitter on April 13.”

Edit [April 13]: “The flag of #Ukraine was raised today next to those @NATO member states at @ccdcoe to welcome Ukraine on the road to membership. Ukraine will be a valuable contributor when it wins the war and starts to rebuild. For that we support and #StandWithUkraine️ in every possible way.” “THANKS A LOT! WE NEED MORE WEAPONS in UKRAINE!”

Edit [April 13]: “Sweden and Finland’s prime ministers have just held a joint press conference outlining plans to join #NATO. Sweden expected to move first. PM Marin says she won’t give a timetable but ‘it will happen quite fast—within weeks, not within months, we will have the discussion’

Edit [April 13]: “If Finland or Sweden join NATO “we have missiles which we will put on the border with Finland, Sweden, Poland & in Kaliningrad”, senior Russian parliamentarian Pyotr Tolstoy tells ITV News”

Edit [April 13]: “The Pentagon announced it will be sending an additional $800 million aid package to Ukraine, including 18 Howitzers, 40,000 artillery rounds, 10 counter-art. radars, 300 Switchblade drones , 11 MI17 helicopters & 500 Javelins, among other weapons & equipment.”

Edit [April 13]: “Russia slaps sanctions against 398 members of US Congress”

Edit [April 13]: “‘Russia has made large new deployments of troops and vehicles in Dubrovka and Biriuch, just 5 miles from the Ukrainian border. A senior U.S. defense official said that Russia’s combat power is now hovering around 80% of pre-staged troops and equipment in Ukraine”

Edit [April 13]: “New @Maxar satellite imagery shows ongoing fires and heavy damage to urban areas, industrial sites and workshops in #Mariupol. Via @EUSPACEIMAGING

Edit [April 13]: “Ukrainian Marines attempt breakout from #Mariupol siege, #Azov Regiment remains to fight on”

Edit [April 13]: “Ukrainian Marines in Mariupol out of food and ammunition”

Edit [April 13]: “Over 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered in Mariupol: Russia”

Edit [April 13]: “Russian state television showed images of dozens of men in military uniforms walking with their hands in the air, while others were carried on stretchers.”

Edit [April 13]: “Major-General Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for Russia’s military, told the official Tass news service that 162 officers and 47 women were among the 1,059 Ukrainian marines who had ‘voluntarily laid down their arms and surrendered in the area of the Ilyicha metals factory in the city of Mariupol.’ Mariupol: Russia”

Edit [April 13]: “Mariupol ‘likely to fall in hours'”

Edit [April 13]: “Soldiers of 36th Marines Brigade reportedly made a successful breakthrough and linked up with Azov Regiment in #Mariupol.” “The marines of 36th Marines Brigade have been defending #Mariupol alongside Azov since the day one of invasion. There were two pockets, marines made a breakthrough connected with Azov. There is now just one pocket.” “Serhiy Volyna: “We have successfully completed the operation to unite with the Azov Regiment. Our morale is strong and we know what we are fighting for. We will do everything necessary to successfully complete our combat mission”. — 36th Marine Commander”

Edit [April 13]: “#Russian forces captured the #Ilyich metal plant in northern Mariupol on April 13, though some elements of defending #Ukrainian forces escaped to link up with Ukrainian forces in Azovstal despite Russian claims of a mass surrender.”

Edit [April 13]: “President Volodymyr Zelensky said that despite an ongoing offensive and Russia’s negligence towards human life, Moscow has doubts over its ability to break Ukraine.”

Edit [April 13]: “OSCE report published today. ‘the mission found clear patterns of IHL violations by the Russian forces in their conduct of hostilities…Some violations and problems were also identified regarding practices attributable to Ukraine.'””OSCE: ‘credible evidence…violations concerning even the most fundamental human rights (right to life, prohibition of torture and other inhuman and degrading treatment…) have been committed, mostly in the areas under the effective control of Russia'” “OSCE: Bucha ‘evidence points to a major war crime and a crime against humanity committed by the Russian forces. Such an event deserves and requires a serious international enquiry, on the spot, with forensic experts'”

Edit [April 13]: “‘We will resume the lunar programme’- President Vladimir #Putin at Vostochny #Cosmodrome, Far Eastern #Russia

April 14

Jupiter, Neptune sextile N Node, trine S Node, Virgo Moon opposite Neptune, Jupiter, trine N Node, Pluto; Sun in Aries 25° octile Venus


Attainment to great things due to merit and assistance. A practical visionary makes tangible progress. Sea vessel in conflict. Gas, oil, large body of water, mass explosion. Retaliation. Intense collateral damage requires extraordinary endurance. A regrouping or new cycle comes with new material resources.

Edit [April 13]: “Russian Defense Ministry- As a result of a fire on the Moskva missile cruiser, ammunition detonated, the crew was completely evacuated” “This comes after a Ukrainian official in Odesa and an aide to Ukrainian President Zelensky claimed the Russian naval vessel was hit by two Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCM’s).” “Russian MoD has stated that Moskva Project 1164 missile cruiser, Black Sea Fleet flagship, has sustained serious damage after its ammunition exploded. It has a large arsenal of surface-to-air missiles, so if this cruiser has been knocked out, Russia just lost a big asset.” “Russia claims ‘a fire’ ignited ammunition on warship with unknown cause.” “Russia claims all 500 sailors were evacuated and transferred to other ships.”

Edit [April 14]: “Russia’s flagship Black Sea cruiser Moskva that has been badly damaged is still afloat, still on fire, and heading eastwards: Pentagon

Edit [April 14]: “Four or five other Russian warships dispersed off the coast of Ukraine have pulled farther south away from the coastline, the senior U.S. defense official says

Edit [April 14]: “Russian Navy cruiser Moskva sank while being towed in a storm – Russian Ministry of Defence quoted as saying” “Russia’s defence ministry says its Moskva missile cruise ship has sunk – Reuters reports citing RIA”

Edit [April 14]: “Russian Black Sea Fleet flagship Moskva confirmed sank. The first Russian loss of a flagship since the Russian-Japanese war of 1904-1905. A historic Ukrainian victory.

Edit [April 15]: “The sunk Russian warship Moskva was damaged by two Ukrainian missiles, a US defense official says, supporting Ukraine’s account of events

Edit [April 15]: “‘Captain of sunk Russian warship Moskva ‘killed in explosion’, says Ukraine

Edit [April 15]: “‘American intelligence assessments say there were a number of casualties as the ship was struck but could not provide a specific number. He said that there were also some Russian sailors who survived and were seen being picked up by lifeboats.‘”

Edit [April 14]: “The Moskva’s destruction is prompting calls in Russia for the ‘special military operation’ to be upgraded into a formal declaration of war with Ukraine

Edit [April 14]: “Intensifying attacks in east Ukraine to avenge fact that Moskva sank by accident.

Edit [April 14]: “Russian submarines fire missiles in Sea of Japan amid Ukraine tension

Edit [April 14]: “Large-scale air alert in many regions of Ukraine

Edit [April 14]: “Air raid siren has been declared in all regions of Ukraine

Edit [April 14]: “Reports of explosions in Kyiv, Kherson, Bila Tserkva. Whole country is under air raid alert.

Edit [April 14]: “Anti-Aircraft Fire as well Air Defense Systems are Active over a number of Cities across Ukraine tonight, over the Capital City of Kyiv Heavy Explosions from Missile Strikes and Interceptions can be heard, this appears to be Large-Scale Russian Air/Missile Campaign.

Edit [April 14]: “Ukrainian troops will likely receive training on the expanded arsenal of weapons the Pentagon is sending in Europe, the senior U.S. defense official says.“’We do not assess that it’s going to take longer than a few days, max, to get them trained up on those systems,’ senior U.S. defense official says.

Edit [April 14]: “Big fire again in Belgorod, Russia. Local authorities urge calm and say everything is under control.

Edit [April 14]: “Russia dismisses allegations of war crimes in Ukraine despite evidence of atrocities

Edit [April 15]: “The New York times and MAXAR have just proven with Satellite images that the atrocities in Bucha, have been before the Russian military left.

Edit [April 14]: “Canada to send troops to Poland to help Ukraine refugees

Edit [April 14]: “Russia just sanctioned 87 Canadian Senators and Russian media outlets are linking Canada to Neo-Nazism over the Canadian army’s alleged training of Azov Battalion members

Edit [April 14]: “China defends stance on Russia after US criticism

Edit [April 14]: “Russia ‘would deploy nuclear arms’ near Finland, Sweden if they join NATO

Edit [April 14]: “Russian president may resort to using a tactical or low-yield nuclear weapon in light of military setbacks in the invasion of Ukraine, CIA director William Burns has said at Georgia Tech university in Atlanta.

Evidence of Russian War Crimes from Mass Graves in Bucha

Moscow has now claimed victory after one thousand Ukrainian forces reportedly surrendered. But Kiev claims the city remains under its control. Who’s to be believed?

April 15

Sun in Aries 26° octile Venus, Mercury octile Jupiter, Neptune; Libra Moon opposite Chiron, in difficult aspects, Mars in Pisces trine Lilith in Cancer

A rich man loses fortune due to bad judgements or lack of resolve. Total ruin can be avoided with wisdom, tenacity and hard work. Family estrangement, breaking up of families, loss of family traditions, a violent death possible.

Edit [April 14]: “Russian Senator Lilia Gumerova is aghast that many of the Ukrainian children ‘from the liberated territories’ don’t speak fluent Russian.

Edit [April 14]: “Separating children from their parents, deporting them, and stripping them of their culture is genocide as defined by Article II Section E of the 1948 Genocide Convention.

Edit [April 15]: “Russian state-owned media outlet Россия-1 (Russia-1) anchor openly calling for the erasure of the idea of being Ukrainian.

Edit [April 15]: “Russia says it will scale up attacks on Kyiv in response to cross-border strikes | DW News

Edit [April 15]: “…Russia has formally protested the US’s ongoing shipment of weapons to Ukraine, sending a diplomatic note to the State Department warning of ‘unpredictable consequences’ should the support continue

Edit [April 15]: “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Friday that Russia could use nuclear weapons out of desperation as its invasion falters

Edit [April 15]: “Russia begins delivery of new S-400 missile system to India amid war in Ukraine

Edit [April 15]: “Turkey limiting access to strait, preventing more offensive vessels entering Black Sea” — Sky News

Edit [April 15]: “Germany to give Ukraine a billion dollars in military aid

Edit [April 15]: “Ukraine has run more than 8,600 facial recognition searches on dead or captured Russians in the 50 days since the war began, using the scans to find the soldiers’ social media profiles – and send photos of their corpses to their families back home” — Washington Post

Edit [April 15]: “DNR advisor Yan Gagin says that the assault on Mariupol is progressing so slowly because AzovStal plant, one of the last remaining defensive Ukr positions, is the size of a city with underground tunnels and buildings that can withstand bombings and ‘even nuclear strike’”

Edit [April 15]: “Russian military is ‘constantly’ readying more units to attack the besieged city of Mariupol: Ukraine Ministry of Defense spokes is attacking in the area of the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works and the seaport & using Tu-22M3, Su-24M & Su-34 aircraft to attack, per MoD.

April 16

Sun in Aries opposite Full Moon in Libra 26° 45′

Overly ambitious but cautious status seeker concerned with appearance sacrifices personal aspirations to follow popular opinion and live a complacent life of tedious work… in conflict with a generous person with wise advice who is favored by many friends and attention.

Trouble with group cooperation. Obstacles in communications or technology. Success or powerful protection from a woman.

Edit [April 15]: “Ceasefire negotiations have effectively collapsed. Both #Russian and #Ukrainian officials are unprepared to engage in serious negotiations in the coming weeks in any format.” — @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar

Edit [April 16]: “Russia bans UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other senior ministers from entering Russia over the UK’s ‘hostile’ stance on the war in Ukraine”

Edit [April 16]: “#Russian President Vladimir Putin may be purging elements of his intelligence service and blaming close allies for Russian intelligence and planning failures in the lead-up to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

Edit [April 16]: “Western officials believe that Russia has lost a disproportionate number of generals in Ukraine – likely the most of any modern military since WWII – because a failure to communicate orders to the front, forcing flag officers to do it themselves.

Edit [April 16]: “The Russian Defense Ministry announces the downing of a Ukrainian cargo plane loaded with Western weapons near the port of Odessa” “The Kiev authorities did not comment on Russia’s announcement that it had shot down a plane carrying aid from the West.”

Edit [April 16]: “The battle over the “Ilich factory: Russian claims control of Ilich steel factory. Most of Mariupol was already under Russian control” “… at least 5 Ukrainian cargo trucks, a command truck, 6 HMMWV infantry mobility vehicles and a Kozak-2 APC were destroyed and damaged” “Azovstal and Ilich are two different factories. Ilich is in the north of the city, Azovstal in the south.”

Edit [April 16]: “Russia claims control of southern port of Mariupol” “Russia sets deadline for Ukraine troops in Mariupol to surrender”

Edit [April 16]: “Russian army has offered the remaining Ukrainian units in #Mariupol to lay down their arms to save their lives. The offer is valid from 6:00 to 13:00 local time. – Russian Ministry of Defense”

Edit [April 16]: “Zelenskyy says while his forces there are blocked, they are still fighting” “the Ukrainian govt says they still have a military presence in Mariupol, but are awaiting reinforcements or negotiations as the next step.”

Edit [April 16]: “Ukrainian governor says Mariupol ‘has been wiped off the face of the earth’

Edit [April 16]: “A Russian strike on a kitchen set up by World Central Kitchen in #Kharkiv killed three people and injured 34 yesterday

Edit [April 16]: “The President of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, appealed to the countries of the European Union with to supply weapons to Ukraine as soon as possible.”

Edit [April 16]: ““All member countries (of the European Union), who can, must quickly deliver (weapons to Ukraine – ed.), because only then can Ukraine withstand its difficult defensive struggle,” von der Leyen said in an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.” “I don’t distinguish between heavy and light weapons. Ukraine should get what it needs for defense and what it can handle.”

Russia reported to now be in control of Ilich factory in Mariupol

Edit [April 16]: “There were 2 Azov regiments, one in Mariupol one in Kiev and they both fought alongside the Ukrainian army and valiantly defended Mariupol up until now.” “…those Ukrainians in Mariupol are some of the bravest humans and going on over 50 days with no food/water resupply, no ammo resupply, watching their city get taken block by block while they do their best to buy time for the rest of their country.” “Regardless of their beliefs they deserve credit for that. Remember in our country we’re allowed to think what we choose.”

April 17

Sun in Aries 27°, Scorpio Moon trine Mars, Venus, opposite Mercury, Uranus; Venus octile Pluto

Opportunity for due reward, will attract great attention. A “bright, serious, trusting but careful” person. [Weber, The 360 Symbolic Degrees] Communications, technology, material resources in conflict. Generally, success but with continued obstacles.

Edit [April 17] Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba on Mariupol: “The situation in Mariupol is both dire militarily and heartbreaking. The city doesn’t exist anymore.”

Edit [April 17] “Additional Russian reinforcements heading towards #Mariupol

Edit [April 17] “… apocalyptic footage of #Mariupol, completely gutted by Russia. The few buildings that still stand look like skeletons.”

Edit [April 17] “Ukrainian prime minister says forces in Mariupol have not surrendered”

Edit [April 17] “#Russian forces likely captured the Port of #Mariupol on April 16 despite Ukrainian General Staff denials, reducing organized #Ukrainian resistance in the city to the Azovstal factory in eastern #Mariupol.”

Edit [April 17] “Zelenskyy says #Ukraine would not give up territories in Donbas to #Russia in order to end the war. Ukrainian Army will fight and this battle will be decisive in this war.”

Edit [April 17] “The expected battle over the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine is likely to result in the biggest clash of tanks since the Second World War.”

Edit [April 17] “Told to choose between surrender and death, the encircled Ukrainian soldiers have chosen immortality. This resonates with all of us. Malraux said that courage is another fatherland to which belong all of the brave on all sides of all fights.” — Phillipines Foreign Minister

Ukraine will ‘not surrender’ to Russia: Ukrainian prime minister

Mariupol: A Prosperous Ukrainian City Turned Into A Cemetery

April 18

Sun in Aries 28°, Sun square Pluto, Mercury conjunct Uranus 13° 48′ Taurus, Venus sextile Mercury, Uranus, Scorpio Moon square Saturn, trine Jupiter and Neptune, conjunct S Node, opposite N Node, World Point

Natural disasters, earthquakes, intense conflict, violence, death, quick or unexpected events, stuck in the past or finally liberated from it. Sanctions, oil, gas. An overbearing aristocrat, plutocracy. A heavy, critical choice must be made. A dark, somber day but a beautiful awakening is possible. In other news, a humble yet strong person enjoys rewards of their hard work, becoming stronger and more loved through challenges.

Edit [April 18, 2022] “Ukraine says five ‘powerful’ missile strikes hit western city of Lviv

Edit [April 18, 2022] “Russia says it has destroyed large weapons depot near Lviv, Ukraine

Edit [April 18, 2022] “13 people were killed today as a result of the Russian bombing of the Kharkiv Governorate.

Edit [April 18, 2022] “Putin honours brigade accused by Ukraine of atrocities in Bucha

Ukrainian Paramedic Braves Shelling To Comfort Kharkiv Wounded

Edit [April 18, 2022] “Russians are bombing the Ukrainian garrison’s last major fortress, the Azovstal.

Edit [April 18, 2022] “2,500 Ukrainian forces in Mariupol set to fight to the end

Edit [April 18, 2022] “#NATO Allies have significantly increased the number of fighter jets on alert. They are conducting around the clock air patrols over eastern Europe to safeguard Allied air space

Edit [April 18, 2022] “Sergey Aksenov, the Russian governor of Crimea, said over the weekend that Ukrainian teachers from across the occupied areas of southern Ukraine will be taken to ‘requalification camps’ in the peninsula so that they would follow ‘Russian standards’

Edit [April 18, 2022] “Russian occupation authorities [in Melitopol] have said they would seek to make the Russian ruble legal tender and say they will reopen schools teaching a Russian curriculum” Note that Melitopol is not even in Donbas.” — Wall Street Journal

Edit [April 18, 2022] “Zelenskyy says the Russians have begun their offensive to take control of eastern Ukraine – AP

Edit [April 18, 2022] “‘We can now confirm that Russian troops have begun the battle for the Donbas, which they have been preparing for a long time. A large part of the Russian army is now dedicated to this offensive,’ Ukraine’s President said on Telegram.” “Heavy Russian MLRS fires are also being reported across the Donbas line.”

Edit [April 18, 2022] “I just spoke to a Ukrainian commander on the frontline near Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, who said their positions are being hit by Russian airstrikes and heavy artillery 14 hours a day. They are “desperate” for more help, he said, outgunned, and running low on ammunition.

Edit [April 18, 2022] “Mykolayiv locals describe the situation on the ground as ‘Armageddon’, say power is out. Russian warplanes intensely flying in the skies above, says @MarQs__

Edit [April 18, 2022] “A Ukrainian army lieutenant on the frontline in Donetsk region tells me he and his soldiers are being hit as we speak with Russian howitzers, mortars, and MLRS ‘at the same time.’ They endured a similar bombardment earlier today ‘plus two Su-25… and our day became hell.‘”

Edit [April 18, 2022] “US Dept of Defense Press Sec #JohnKirby presser: Says US assess, generally speaking, that Russia still has ‘the vast majority of their assembled combat power available to them.'”

Edit [April 18, 2022] “‘Thousands of Ukrainian Civilians Are Holed Up in a Steel Plant in Mariupol, Officials Say'” – The New York Times”

April 19

Sun in Aries 29° square Pluto, Sagitarrius Moon square Mars, Saturn square Nodes, Mercury sextile Venus


“The dog and his bone are best left alone.”

— La Volasfera by Sepharial, The 360 symbolic degrees

Selfish, arrogant, combative person who doesn’t recognize need to cooperate with others has no help in a time of misfortune. An ambitious bully, controlled by animal instincts, unhappy marriage, trouble with females. Diplomacy is needed to resolve conflict.

Edit [April 19, 2022] “The operation to capture Azovstal plant has begun, says the head of self-proclaimed DNR.”

Edit [April 19, 2022] “At least 1,000 civilians are reportedly hiding in underground shelters beneath the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, according to the city council. Most of the civilians are believed to be women with children and elderly people.”

Edit [April 19, 2022] “According to Ukrainian lawmaker Sergiy Taruta, Russia dropped a “powerful bomb”on a hospital near Azovstal. Reportedly, there were at least 300 people in the hospital at the time, including children. Some Ukrainian accounts report hearing the blast up to 60 miles away.

Edit [April 19, 2022] “The #Azovstal factory was bombed and is almost completely destroyed – deputy commander of the #Azov regiment Svyatoslav Palamar. ‘Heavy-duty bombs are being dropped on the plant, and a lot of people are under the rubble.'”

Edit [April 19, 2022] “The Russian Ministry of Defense says all civilians remaining in the Azovstal plant can leave it from 14:00 to 16:00 local time today along the agreed corridor. Ukrainian soldiers can also surrender during this period. Russia has occupied Kreminna in Luhansk”

Edit [April 19, 2022] “Ukraine confirms that Russia has occupied Kreminna in Luhansk”

Edit [April 19, 2022] “Sr US def official says #Mykolaiv is ‘in #Ukrainian hands. The #Russians never did take Mykolayiv.

Edit [April 19, 2022] “Senior US defense official: US sees Russia carrying out “prelude” to larger, expected offensive operations in eastern Ukraine; about seven US flights heading to Europe in next 24 hours carrying weapons for Ukraine. Reuters.”

Edit [April 19, 2022] “Finland is shipping a third military aid shipment to Ukraine. No details are provided about the contents of the shipment, but equipment sent has been coordinated with Ukraine to fit their needs.”

Edit [April 19, 2022] “The Netherlands will supply #Ukraine with armoured vehicles”

April 20

Sun in Taurus 0°, Saturn square Nodes, Sagittarius Moon square Jupiter, Neptune, trine Sun


“Opponents are numerous and, although reluctant to wage war, they don’t hesitate to fight back in case of aggression.” — Janduz, The 360 Symbolic Degrees

Reckless or elevated conflict. Many enemies but success in defensive strategy through diplomacy unless help isn’t received. A critical choice must be made regarding global freedom, service to the world.

Edit [April 19, 2022] “UK to revoke Moscow Stock Exchange’s status as a recognized stock exchange, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs department announced today.”

Edit [April 20, 2022] “EU will do ‘everything possible’ to help Ukraine win war: EU Chief Michel”

Edit [April 20, 2022] “Wimbledon organizers announced that Russian and Belarusian players will not be allowed to compete at this year’s grand slam following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

Edit [April 20, 2022] “Ukraine Has Received Fighter Jets From Unnamed US Ally: Pentagon” — Zero Hedge

Edit [April 20, 2022] “The Netherlands will supply Ukraine with PzH 2000 self-propelled 155-mm howitzers. Germany will provide ammunition for them.”

Edit [April 20, 2022] “The United States has unveiled the latest Russian sanctions, this time targeting a key commercial bank and a global network led by a Russian oligarch.”

Edit [April 20, 2022] “U.S. sent another four planeloads of military aid to the region for delivery to Ukraine, including howitzers: senior U.S. defense official Four more flights set in the next 24 hours with howitzers from President Biden’s $800 million military aid package to Ukraine.”

Edit [April 20, 2022] “Threats to critical infrastructure remain very real. Russian state-sponsored and cybercriminal groups may target CIKR networks in the U.S. and globally, including attempting destructive actions. Prioritize our top mitigations to be prepared.” — @NSA_CSDirector

Edit [April 20, 2022] “We are doing more than the maximum to ensure the supply of weapons to our army. Every day, all our diplomats, all our representatives, and I personally work 24/7 through all possible channels – official and unofficial – to speed up the delivery of aid.” “And I am very pleased to say, with cautious optimism, that our partners started to understand our needs better. Understand what exactly we need. And when exactly we need all this. Not in weeks, not in a month, but immediately.” — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Edit [April 20, 2022] “US Says ‘No Major Territorial Gains’ By Russians In Donbas So Far” — Zero Hedge

Edit [April 20, 2022] “#Russian forces have not achieved any major breakthroughs, nor have they demonstrated any new capability to conduct multiple successful, simultaneous advances.” — @TheStudyOfWar

Edit [April 20, 2022] “Putin says Russia has successfully tested a new intercontinental missile ‘that is capable of overcoming all modern means of anti-missile defense.’ – Reuters” “Russia says completes first test-launch of Sarmat ballistic missile. Putin says missile will make foes ‘think twice'” “Russian nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile test ‘routine’ and ‘not a threat’: Pentagon” — Insider Paper

Zelenskyy offers to release Russian prisoners in exchange for safe passage — Sky News

April 21

Sun in Taurus 1°, Saturn square Nodes, Capricorn Moon trine Sun, Uranus, square Chiron, octile Saturn, S Node

Vanishing Hope

A dying man lies on the ground under the beams of the sunset….” — Janduz, The 360 Symbolic Degrees

A man lying up on the ground in the last moments of life. The Sun is setting amid clouds.” — La Volasfera by Sepharial, The 360 Symbolic Degrees

Fraud, bankruptcy, natural disaster, fire, destruction, deep wounds. Inflated ambition. Stuck in the past. Effort is useless unless capable of long, relentless hard work. A critical choice must be made regarding a social alliance and material resources. Advanced technology.

Russian BMP-3, Mariupol

Edit [April 21, 2022] “Russian forces seize control of 42 villages in eastern Ukraine” Reuters

Edit [April 21, 2022] “Russia Says It Controls Mariupol, but Ukrainian Troops Hold Out in Steel Plant” Wall Street Journal

Edit [April 21, 2022] “Territory of Azovstal plant in #Mariupol is being shelled. At the same time, fighting is taking place in the area of the tram depot, located at a considerable distance from the territory of Azovstal – adviser to the mayor of Mariupol” — @MarQs_

Edit [April 21, 2022] “Almost all men in the city have been behind bars and interrogated in filtration camps.” — Mayor of Mariupol

Edit [April 21, 2022] “Satellite imagery reveals a mass grave site about 12 miles west of Ukraine’s besieged city of Mariupol. Russian soldiers have been reportedly taking the bodies of people killed in Mariupol to this site in Manhush, Ukraine that contains more than 200 graves.” — @JackDetsch

Edit [April 21, 2022] “…Maxar Technologies released images of what appeared to be a mass grave in the same area. The site had been expanded in recent weeks to contain more than 200 new graves, Maxar said.” — The Guardian

Edit [April 21, 2022] “The mayor, VadymBoichenko denied claims by Putin that the city had been ‘liberated’ by Russia. He said Ukrainian soldiers remained holed up in the Azovstal steel factory on Mariupol’s left bank, with between 300 and 1,000 civilians, including women and children. ‘We don’t know the precise civilian figure because we haven’t been able to get them out. We need a day’s ceasefire for this to happen,’ he told the Guardian. The civilians were living in desperate conditions in a network of underground tunnels, surrounded by Russian troops.” — The Guardian

Edit [April 21, 2022] “Putin ordered his forces not to storm the sprawling factory complex, after his defence minister, Sergei Shoigu, admitted that the Russian army was still fighting thousands of Ukrainian soldiers there. The Russian president described a plan to penetrate the complex as impractical, and called instead for a blockade of the area ‘so that a fly can’t get through’. Putin told Shoigu, in remarks broadcast on state television: ‘There is no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl underground.'” — The Guardian

Edit [April 21, 2022] “‘We will fight to the last bullet’, declares Ukrainian soldier in Azovstal steel plant” — @Telegraph

Has Russia taken the Ukrainian city of Mariupol? — BBC News

Edit [April 21, 2022] “‘We’ve already welcomed tens of thousands of Ukrainians to the United States and today, I’m announcing a program ‘Unite for Ukraine,’ a new program to enable Ukrainians seeking refuge to come directly from Europe to the United States.'” — U.S. President Joe Biden

Edit [April 21, 2022] “Ukrainian advisors are learning American howitzer artillery quickly and are very happy with the system: Pentagon A senior U.S. defense official said yesterday that 50 Ukrainian military advisors had begun training on howitzers at a remote location.” — @JackDetsch

Edit [April 21, 2022] “Edit [April 21, 2022] “The Kremlin: Ukraine’s threats to target the Kerch bridge between Crimea and Russia a ‘terrorist declaration.'”

Edit [April 21, 2022] “President #Putin on successful launch of Sarmat ICBM: This unique weapon will strengthen combat potential of our Armed Forces reliably ensuring Russian security vs external threats, & will be a wakeup call for those who try to threaten our country in frenzy of rabid, aggressive rhetoric”

Edit [April 21, 2022] “A deadly fire in Russia destroyed the building of a top-secret military research institute working to develop Russia’s newest ballistic missiles” — @Telegraph

Edit [April 21, 2022] “Two large fires in Russia today. One at the Second Central Research Institute of the Russian Air and Space Forces, in Tver. The other at the Dmitrievsky Chemical Plant, in Kineshma.” — @BBCDanielS

Edit [April 21, 2022] “The Russian military research facility is apparently involved in development of at least some of the S-series surface-to-air missiles and Iskander ballistic missiles. It is currently on fire with unknown number of dead and injured.”

British Defense Ministry April 21, 2022

April 22

Sun in Taurus 2-3°, Capricorn Moon trine Mercury, Uranus, N Node, sextile Venus, Neptune, Jupiter

Maturity, Independence, Persistence

Tyranny, Demanding Rage, Violence, Mutiny

“… a person in whose life much sedition will prevail, whose affairs will be marred by his own violence, and whose house will be dismembered through strife, in whom wrath will effect great evils , and whose force will be turned against himself….” — La Volasfera by Sepharial, The 360 symbolic degrees and their interpretation

Failing to cooperate with others results in self-inflicted consequences. Arrogant independence or tyrannical authority creates its own downfall. Conflict over natural resources or material resources. Political incidents involving expansion in ocean or navy.

Edit [April 22, 2022] “Another mass grave near #Mariupol was found with the help of a satellite. Its size is 45×25 meters(27×49yard). This is the second mass grave near Mariupol. The first was 300 meters (0.2miles) long.” — @InnaSovsun

Edit [April 22, 2022] “Russia seeks to ‘influence’ Ukrainian economy with new phase; Mariupol still ‘contested,’ Pentagon says”

Edit [April 22, 2022] “The Russian military took control of the arsenal of the Armed Forces of #Ukraine in the #Kharkiv region with thousands of tons of ammunition, warehouses are located on an area of several hundred hectares, including those with Western-made shells” — @MarQs_

Edit [April 22, 2022] “Russian Defense Ministry says #Russia plans to establish full control over #Donbas, southern #Ukraine and to secure a corridor to #Crimea and #Transnistria during the second phase of the ‘special operation'” — @MarQs_

Edit [April 22, 2022] “According to Russian state media the new short term goal of Russia is to connect Transnistria to Russia. Completely cutting Ukraine out of the natural resource filled Black Sea. In 2014 a lot of analysts thought Russia’s goal with Crimea was based on water and fracking rights.” — OSINTdefender

Edit [April 22, 2022] “Germany’s Chancellor Scholz says he doesn’t see how an embargo on Russian gas would end the war” — The Spectator Index

Edit [April 22, 2022] “France and Germany evaded arms embargo to sell weapons to Russia” — @Telegraph

Edit [April 22, 2022] “French President Macron confirms that France is supplying Ukraine with CAESAR self-propelled artillery systems: – Features: 155mm, 52-calibre barrel; can maintain a firing rate of six to eight rounds a minute in sustained fire, or three rounds in 15 seconds in rapid fire.” — Global: MilitaryInfo

April 23

Sun in Taurus 3° square Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius, Moon square Uranus, octile Venus, Neptune, septile Jupiter. Venus septile Pluto. Mercury square Saturn, conjunct N Node, opposite S Node

Tyranny, Demanding Rage, Violence, Mutiny

“… a person in whose life much sedition will prevail, whose affairs will be marred by his own violence, and whose house will be dismembered through strife, in whom wrath will effect great evils , and whose force will be turned against himself….” — La Volasfera by Sepharial, The 360 symbolic degrees and their interpretation

Failing to cooperate with others results in self-inflicted consequences. Arrogant independence or tyrannical authority creates its own downfall. Conflict over natural resources or material resources. Political incidents involving expansion in ocean or navy. Fast-changing or unexpected weather conditions.

In some places, the atmosphere may be electric or there may be unexpected or extreme weather patterns. Conflict in the ocean, air, or vehicular incidents. Little or no respect for the feminine, although the feminine holds wisdom and even power.

Edit [April 23, 2022] “Zelenskiy said Ukraine’s allies were finally delivering weapons which Kyiv has asked for.” — Reuters

Edit [April 23, 2022] “Putin to meet with UN chief Guterres in Russia next week” — Twitter

Edit [April 23, 2022] “Ukraine leader Zelenskyy says he will meet Sunday in Kyiv with US defense secretary Austin, secretary of state Blinken.” — Associated Press

Edit [April 23, 2022] “Ukrainian Military Intelligence reports that two Russian generals were killed & one was wounded in a strike on Russian command near occupied Kherson, per @KyivIndependent. If confirmed, this would bring the death toll of Russian generals killed in Ukraine to 9 dead in two months” — @JackDetsch

Edit [April 23, 2022] “Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Agency has now confirmed the strike on a Russian military HQ near Kherson…. According to GUR, two Russian Generals were killed and one other is in critical condition from the strike. Reportedly, this was the HQ of Russia’s 49th Combined Arms Army. The 49th CAA’s last known commander, Lt. General Yakov Rezantsev, was killed in Ukraine on March 26.” — @LtTimMcMillan

Edit [April 23, 2022] “The United Nations and Red Cross say the civilian toll is at least in the thousands.” — Reuters

Edit [April 23, 2022] “The United Nations said it has evidence Russia appears to be targeting civilians”ABC News

Edit [April 23, 2022] “Russia resumed its assault on the last Ukrainian defenders holed up in a giant steel works in Mariupol on Saturday, days after Moscow declared victory in the southern city and said its forces did not need to take the plant.” — Reuters

Edit [April 23, 2022] “Russian General Rustam Minnekayev on Friday said Moscow wanted control of the whole of southern Ukraine, comments Ukraine said indicated Russia had wider goals than its declared aim of demilitarising and ‘denazifying’ the country.” — Reuters

April 24

Sun in Taurus 4-5°, Aquarius Moon conjunct Saturn, square Mercury, Nodes. Mercury conjunct N Node, opposite S Node, sextile Neptune

Communications, technology, trade, vehicles

Internal conflict in communications, propaganda, cyber warfare, trade, or vehicular incidents whether land or air; roadblocks to future progress. But satisfaction in achievements from long, hard work. For progress, a critical choice may be required.

Edit [April 23, 2022] “The Russian Ministry of Defence warns that the U.S. and NATO could use nuclear weapons in Ukraine and frame Russia. The aim would be to expel Russia from the UN Security Council and convince China and India to sanction Russia” — Russian Ministry of Defence

Edit [April 24, 2022] “Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schalenberg believes that Ukraine should not be offered EU membership….” — DIP

Edit [April 24, 2022] “The U.S. secretaries of state and defense met with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy in the highest-level visit to the war-torn country’s capital of Kyiv by an American delegation since the start of Russia’s invasion, according to Zelenskyy’s adviser” — CBS

Edit [April 24, 2022] “Red Cross calls for ‘immediate and unimpeded humanitarian access’ to Mariupol, says it’s ‘deeply alarmed’ by situation…. The humanitarian group said it’s prepared to help both parties negotiate ‘practical and workable arrangements’ to evacuate civilians.” CNBC News

Edit [April 24, 2022] “Ukraine wants to establish an immediate ceasefire in Mariupol, ‘multi-day’ humanitarian corridors, and the freeing or swapping of Ukrainian fighters trapped in the Azovstal steel plant, presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych said in a video address. — Reuters” CNBC News

Edit [April 24, 2022] “‘Russia is continuously attacking the Mariupol Azovstal. The place where our civilians and military are located, is shelled with heavy air bombs and artillery,’ Mykhailo Podolyak, a presidential advisor in Ukraine” CNBC News

Edit [April 24, 2022] “An hour ago, air raid alert was activated in almost all of #Ukraine. In Kremenchuk, Poltava Oblast a Russian cruise missile was filmed flying over.” — @MarQs_

Edit [April 24, 2022] “Five Russian missiles hit infrastructure facilities in the Poltava Oblast, air raid alarm continues” — @MarQs_

Edit [April 24, 2022] “Impacts reported in Kremenchuk, fires are burning in the city according to local reports” — @MarQs_

Edit [April 24, 2022] “Russian forces shelled the border area near Bilopillia, Putyvl and Nova Sloboda, says the head of Sumy oblast.” —

Edit [April 24, 2022] “Russia’s defense ministry said its missiles struck nine Ukrainian targets overnight, according to Reuters, which includes four arms depots in the Kharkiv region where [foreign] weapons were being stored.” CNBC News

Edit [April 24, 2022] “Eight dead, two wounded, at least seven houses and a police station destroyed in the #Luhansk Oblast due to Russian shelling” — @MarQs_

Edit [April 24, 2022] “Multiple Massive Explosions in the Western Russian city of Bryansk have caused Large Fires to begin raging throughout the Area, there have been reports about what has caused the Explosions though some Russian Sources are Claiming Ukrainian Missiles have struck the City.” — @sentdefender

According to geo-locating the Fires appear to be coming from 2 different Oil Depots located within the City of Bryansk.

In the rare news conference, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announces that US secretary of state and defence secretary will be visiting Kyiv, as trains intermittently passed by. — Sky News

April 25

Sun in Taurus 5-6° quintile Saturn in Aquarius sextile Pisces Moon, Mercury sextile Neptune, Jupiter

An Admired Person Is A “Shining Example To All”

— Weber, The 360 Symbolic Degrees

Diplomatic connections, treaties, social alliances in favor. Isolation creates problems. Religious freedom. Culture and beauty, honor and dignity. Sharp, intuitive intellect overcomes obstacles. Concrete plans to make dreams come true. Structural incidents or ground fire contained or diffused.

Communications, technology, trade, vehicles, judicial corrections in favor unless isolation

Edit [April 25, 2022] “Ukraine has not agreed on a humanitarian corridor with Russia to evacuate the civilians stuck in the Azovstal steel complex in the besieged city of Mariupol, its Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshschuk said. Earlier in the day, Russia’s defense ministry said it was opening a humanitarian corridor for the civilians — who number up to 1,000 according to the Ukrainian government — to leave the steel plant. This ‘could be believed if the Russians had not broken the humanitarian corridors many times before,’ Vereshschuk said…. ” — CNBC News

Edit [April 25, 2022] “The U.N. says Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are stressing the urgent need for ‘effective access through humanitarian corridors’ to evacuate Ukrainian civilians and deliver humanitarian aid to communities impacted by the war.” CNBC News

Edit [April 25, 2022] “Had an important phone conversation with President @RTErdogan. On the eve of his talks with Putin, I stressed the need for immediate evacuation of civilians from Mariupol, including Azovstal, and immediate exchange of blocked troops.” — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Edit [April 25, 2022] “U.S. officials say American diplomats will soon return to Kyiv, which they evacuated when the war began….. Bridget Brink, a veteran foreign service officer who has spent most of her career in the shadow of the former Soviet Union, has been nominated by President Joe Biden to serve as the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine” ABC News

Edit [April 25, 2022] “Russia’s Rosneft failed to sell oil in a jumbo tender after demanding prepayment in rubles, five traders said on Monday, meaning the country’s top oil company will need to find ways to divert more crude to buyers in Asia via private deals. The failure of the tender highlights a growing struggle by the Kremlin oil major to sell oil due to sweeping Western sanctions on Russia for the invasion of Ukraine.” — CNBC News

Edit [April 25, 2022] “At the meeting in Kyiv — which was shrouded in secrecy and the highest-level visit to Ukraine by U.S. officials since the invasion began — the U.S. pledged just over $700 million in military financing to help Ukraine and other allied countries in central and eastern Europe involved in the war effort.” CNBC News

Edit [April 25, 2022] ” U.S. Secretary of State Blinken and Defense Secretary Austin arrived in Kiev by train… throughout much of that trip the shades were drawn, according to a Senior State Department official… Russia unleashing new attacks on at least railway stations… across Western and Central Ukraine” ABC News

Edit [April 25, 2022] “Confirmation from TheWarZone that SecDef Austin and Secretary of State Blinken used the C-17s and ‘Silver Bullet’ VIP pallets for their trip to Kyiv.” — @TheIntelFrog

Edit [April 25, 2022] “‘In terms of Russia’s war aims, Russia has already failed, and Ukraine has already succeeded, because the principal aim that President Putin brought to this, in his own words, was to fully subsume Ukraine back into Russia, to take away its sovereignty and independence,’ Blinken said, addressing a pool of press. ‘And that has not happened, and clearly will not happen.” — CNBC News

Edit [April 25, 2022] “#Russian forces resumed ground assaults against #Ukrainian defenders in the Azovstal Steel Plant and continued heavy bombardment on April 25 but did not secure any discernable advances.” — @TheStudyOfWar

Edit [April 25, 2022] “UK says Russia has not made a ‘significant breakthrough’” — CNBC News

Edit [April 25, 2022] “Instead, Russia has lost at least seven generals, 3,000 pieces of large equipment and as many as 20,000 troops during its nine-week war against its much smaller neighbor, according to NATO estimates, Ukrainian government reports and open-source intel tracker Oryx. It has still not managed to gain air superiority over the country, thanks to stiff Ukrainian resistance and a high volume of weapons and intelligence support from NATO countries.” — CNBC News

Edit [April 25, 2022] “Britain to ship missile launch vehicles to Ukraine” Insider Paper

Edit [April 25, 2022] “NATO warships arrive at Finnish port for training exercises” Reuters

Edit [April 25, 2022] “BREAKING: Two large explosions reported in the city of Parcani in Transnistria (‘breakaway republic of Moldova’). Parcani is right next to the border with Moldova. There was an RPG attack against the Ministry of Security of Transnistria a few hours ago too. Escalation.” @visegrad24

Edit [April 25, 2022] “Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Service has just released a memo saying today’s attack on the Ministry of State Security building in Transnistria was a planned false-flag operation. According to GUR… the false flag was an attempt by Russian FSB to ‘instill panic and anti-Ukrainian sentiment…and justify the war on the territory of Ukraine or involve the Transnistrian region in hostilities.'” @LtTimMcMillan

Edit [April 25, 2022] “#Breaking: The risk of nuclear war is real, and this threat should not be underestimated, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.” — Sputnik Russia

April 26

Sun in Taurus 6-7°, Taurus Stellium quintile Pisces Stellium, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Venus sextile N Node, trine S Node

Love Or Lust, Happiness Or Danger

Effortless love and happiness unless lust, overindulgence, or moral depravity: In that case, danger of a violent death or barbaric cruelty. Suffering may involve a woman or women.

Edit [April 26, 2022] “The UN atomic watchdog chief on Tuesday described radiation levels at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site as ‘abnormal’, saying the area’s brief Russian occupation had been ‘very, very dangerous’.” Insider Paper

Edit [April 26, 2022] “Tensions surge after attacks in Moldova’s Russia-backed breakaway region” Reuters

Edit [April 26, 2022] “Germany announced its first delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine” CNBC News

Edit [April 26, 2022] “U.S., allies promise heavy arms for Ukraine, shrug off Russian nuclear war warning.” Reuters

Edit [April 26, 2022] “The United Nations says it has confirmed 2,729 civilian deaths and 3,111 injuries in Ukraine since Russia invaded… numbers are likely much higher” CNBC News

Edit [April 26, 2022] “New satellite images reveal a third mass grave near the besieged southeastern city where locals have been forced to work in exchange for food, mayor says” — CNN Breaking News

Edit [April 26, 2022] “The city of Kreminna in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine is believed to have fallen to Russian forces, according to the latest intelligence update from the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence on Tuesday” CNBC News

Edit [April 26, 2022] “Ukrainian attacks on Russian soil are ‘completely legitimate,’ UK minister says” CNBC News

April 27

Sun in Taurus 7-8° novile Moon, Jupiter. Taurus Stellium octile Pisces Stellium, Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces 24° 28′, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Pluto square Pallas

Opposition, Trouble, Illusions

“An old man, poorly clad, stands by the side of a river, from which he collects bits of wood and straw with a rake.” — La Volasfera by Sepharial, The 360 symbolic degrees and their interpretation

Material loss or failure due to lack of intelligence, mistakes, too much socializing, gullibility, or opportunism. Stock market loss. Quick large scale fire. Caution is advised. Troubles may involve a feminine figure who may be indifferent.

Incidents involving social media or social equality. Watch for mental illusions or hidden intel; use intuition to see missing details.

Victory in Military Strategy or Diplomatic Negotiations Possible

Victory in a crisis if clear, noble strategy is chosen. Success in diplomatic negotiations, military, or high level-government.

Edit [April 27, 2022] “Microsoft discloses onslaught of Russian cyberattacks on Ukraine” Reuters

Edit [April 27, 2022] “A senior Ukrainian official alleges that a Turkish defense firm stole $5 million in a body armour, helmet scam • Aka Arms Defence representatives never delivered the promised defense equipment which was crucial in the first weeks of the invasion. Ukrainian government personally holds [Ukrainian official] responsible for the death of four Ukrainian soldiers because of undelivered defense equipment.” Breaking Defense

Edit [April 27, 2022] “Russia will cut off gas to other buyers who don’t pay Rubles, Kremlin says” Reuters

Edit [April 27, 2022] “Putin warns if any other country intervenes in Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, Russia will launch a quick-fire military response” Insider Paper

Edit [April 27, 2022] “He said Russia’s military prevented a ‘real threat, which was hanging over our motherland.’ Putin added that the Kremlin would retaliate against anyone who interfered with the ongoing military operation. ‘Our response, our retaliation, those attacks will be very fast. We have all instruments for that. Such instruments as nobody can boast and we’re not going to boast. We’re going to use them if we have to. I want everybody to know that,’ Putin said.” — CNBC News

Edit [April 27, 2022] “A high-profile prisoner swap between the U.S. and Russia. Russia released Marine Veteran Trevor Reed who had been jailed in Moscow for nearly three years. The U.S. agreed to release a convicted Russian drug trafficker serving time in prison.” Komo News

Edit [April 27, 2022] “The U.S. has so far transferred nearly 6,000 Javelins, which are co-produced by defense giants Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, to the Ukrainian government. It has provided $3.4 billion in weapons to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in late February.” CNBC News

Edit [April 27, 2022] “A Soviet monument to friendship between Ukraine and Russia was demolished in Kyiv” CNBC News

Edit [April 27, 2022] “#Russian forces continued assaults against #Ukrainian defenders in Mariupol’s Azovstal Steel Plant on April 27. The Ukrainian military reported Russian forces continued to conduct a high tempo of air strikes.” @TheStudyOfWar

Edit [April 27, 2022] “UN mobilizing team for Mariupol steel plant evacuation The U.N. says its humanitarian office is mobilizing an experienced team from around the world to coordinate the complex evacuation of civilians from the besieged steel plant in the battered Ukrainian city of Mariupol with the International Committee of the Red Cross. U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed in principle to U.N. and ICRC participation in the evacuation from the plant during a nearly two-hour, one-on-one meeting Tuesday. The sprawling Azovstal complex, which has been almost completely destroyed by Russian attacks, is the last pocket of organized Ukrainian resistance in Mariupol. An estimated 2,000 troops and 1,000 civilians are said to be holed up in bunkers underneath the wrecked structure. — Associated Press” — CNBC News

Dozens of women assembled in central Kyiv, chanting ‘Save Mariupol’ and ‘Save Azovstal,’ as Ukrainian soldiers and civilians remain holed up inside huge Azovstal steel works in the southern city of Mariupol.

April 28

Sun in Taurus 8-9° sextile Mars (Applying), Taurus Stellium sextile Pisces Stellium, Venus conjunct Neptune. Venus conjunct Jupiter, Neptune, sextile Mercury, Pluto. Mercury trine Pluto

HAPPINESS, PEACE, SUCCESS especially related to home, family, agriculture, animals, or security

Ignoring blatant flaws or danger, chronic illness due to overconsumption.

Edit [April 28, 2022] “Russian strikes hit Kyiv as UN chief visits: mayor” Insider Paper

Edit [April 28, 2022] “Russia just launched several air-launched Kalibr missile strikes on Kyiv. This is the first time the Ukrainian capital has faced air strikes in nearly a month.” “The UN Secretary General reportedly IS still in Kyiv. — @LtTimMcMillan

Edit [April 28, 2022] “Russia has launched more than 1,900 missiles since the beginning of the invasion, according to the official. The person added that almost all of the strikes are coming from Russian airbases and not from inside of Ukraine. ‘We are seeing them begin to leave Mariupol,’ the [Pentagon official] said, adding that some troops have moved north and northwest.” — CNBC News

Edit [April 27, 2022] “Trained Russian Navy Dolphins are Protecting Black Sea Naval Base, Satellite Photos Show…. Sevastopol is the Russian Navy’s most significant naval base in the Black Sea. The dolphins may be tasked with counter-diver operations — a traditional role both the U.S. and Russia have trained marine mammals for. This could prevent Ukrainian special operations forces from infiltrating the harbor underwater to sabotage warships.” — USNI News [Note: This might be the most 8° Taurus sextile Mars in Pisces Stellium I’ve ever seen!]

Edit [April 28, 2022] “Russia shocked the European community by halting gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria on Wednesday because they had refused to pay for the gas in Russian rubles, as Moscow demanded.” CNBC News

Edit [April 28, 2022] “Finland and Sweden could join NATO quickly, Stoltenberg says” “Russia has long warned against any future enlargement of NATO, reportedly accusing the alliance of being ‘a tool geared towards confrontation.”’ CNBC News

Edit [April 28, 2022] “Finland welcomes NATO support amid security fears” Insider Paper

Edit [April 28, 2022] “US President Biden proposes record $33bn aid package to help Ukraine, hours after Russia warns West against sending more weapons” BBC

Edit [April 28, 2022] “US has sent Ukraine 10 anti-tank weapons for every Russian tank: Biden” Insider Paper

Edit [April 28, 2022] “The cost of this fight is not cheap, but caving to aggression is going to be more costly if we allow it to happen. We either back the Ukrainian people as they defend their country or we stand by.”” — U.S. President Biden

Edit [April 28, 2022] “US not attacking Russia but aiding Ukraine’s defence – Biden” BBC

Edit [April 28, 2022] “Biden says Russia should stop ‘idle’ threats of nuclear war” Insider Paper

Edit [April 28, 2022] “Russia on Thursday warned the West that there would be a tough military response to any further attack on Russian territory, accusing the United States and its key allies of undermining European security by openly inciting Ukraine to assault Russia.” Reuters

Edit [April 28, 2022] “Ukrainian Special Operation Forces confirms an operation behind enemy lines and the destruction of a railway bridge near

Edit [April 28, 2022] “Ukrainian official to Al-Arabiya: Kiev was targeted by Russian missiles launched from the Black Sea.” — @EndGameWW3

Edit [April 28, 2022] “Russian bombs landed in a field hospital at the Azovstal steel complex in the Ukrainian port city of #Mariupol, killing or further injuring dozens of wounded soldiers in a violation of the Geneva Conventions” — New York Times

April 29

Sun in Taurus 9-10° sextile Mars, octile Neptune. Aries Moon sextile Saturn, square Pluto. Venus Jupiter Neptune Triple Conjunction in Pisces. Jupiter sextile Pluto. Taurus Stellium sextile Pisces Stellium. Mercury in Gemini trine Pluto, sextile Pisces Stellium



Harmony and cooperation in social and political alliances, and negotiations form a world superpower.

Self-indulgence leads to self-destruction. Financial or material loss, especially related to romance. Judicial incidents.

Chaos turns to order if clear resolve and hard work to support it; otherwise, indecision, excessive worry, a mind that changes “with the tide.”

Edit [April 29, 2022] “Russian submarine strikes Ukraine with cruise missiles, defence ministry says” Reuters

Edit [April 29, 2022] “Satellite image taken this morning recorded the likely loading of #Kalibr cruise missiles on a Kilo-class submarine in the port of occupied #Sevastopol – Maxar Technologies”

Edit [April 29, 2022] “Russian parliament chief says Ukraine is mortgaging itself to the United States” Reuters

Edit [April 29, 2022] “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s office said on Friday that Ukraine planned to evacuate civilians sheltering in underground bunkers in the vast industrial complex of Mariupol’s Azovstal steel works, though he gave no details.” “Guterres said intense discussions were underway.” — Reuters

Edit [April 29, 2022] “One of the fighters holed up in the steel works in devastated Mariupol, a major target of Russia’s invasion, told Reuters he hoped civilians blocked there for weeks would be evacuated after multiple failed attempts.” — Reuters

Edit [April 29, 2022] “Ukraine acknowledged on Friday it was taking heavy losses in Russia’s assault in the east, but said Russia’s losses were even worse” Reuters

Edit [April 29, 2022] “‘Due to strong Ukrainian resistance, Russian territorial gains have been limited and achieved at significant cost to Russian forces,’ the British defence ministry said.” Reuters

Edit [April 29, 2022] “Starlink internet becomes a lifeline for Ukrainians” CNBC News

Edit [April 29, 2022] “Britain sending experts to help Ukraine prosecute war crimes: Foreign secretary” CNBC News

Edit [April 29, 2022] “U.N. Officials are rushing resources to Ukraine to help prosecute sex crimes that have occurred during the war.” New York Times

Edit [April 29, 2022] “BREAKING: #Russia‘s war in #Ukraine – ‘It’s brutality of the coldest & most depraved sort’ per @PentagonPresSec ‘You can’t look at the way he’s [#Putin] prosecuting it & his forces are prosecuting it & come to a conclusion that he’s doing it in a justified manner@jseldon

Edit [April 29, 2022] “The US has evidence that Russian troops in eastern Ukraine have executed people who are trying to surrender, a top US official told the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday.” “These … reports suggest that atrocities are not the result of rogue units or individuals; they rather reveal a deeply disturbing pattern of systematic abuse across all areas where Russia’s forces are engaged.” Yahoo News

April 30

Partial Solar Eclipse, Moon conjunct Sun in Taurus 10° 27′. Taurus Stellium octile Pluto Rx, Lilith, Pisces Stellium. Taurus Stellium sextile Pisces Stellium [Wide Orb]. Mercury in Gemini. Pallas in Taurus. Venus conjunct Jupiter 27° 57′ Pisces. Venus Jupiter Neptune Triple Conjunction in Pisces. Venus, Jupiter sextile Pluto Rx. Saturn, Vesta square Nodes. Uranus septile Neptune, octile Venus, Jupiter, Lilith


A Hated Person Gains Power, Serious Threats from the Sea, Unexpected Powerful Chaos especially involving Water or Material Destruction

Manipulative or deceitful schemes in a position of eminence. Greed, exploitation, jealousy, lack of integrity gains wealth or power. Slanderous political campaign, propaganda, delusions. Grandiose ambitions.

Abandoning a goal before completion.

Taking precautions is advised.

Success in trade, especially if related to the sea. Courage, resilience. Potential for high distinction possible. Adaptability, cooperation, mediation, war of attrition. Strategy shifts to artillery, land, or natural resources.

Progress blocked. Internal conflict, plunging into the unknown or deep sea, difficult transformation needed.

Edit [April 30, 2022] “Ukraine says Russian strike knocks out Odesa airport” Reuters

Edit [April 30, 2022] “20 civilians evacuated from besieged steel plant in Mariupol…. Earlier in the day, Russian state media had reported that 25 civilians were evacuated from the plant. CNBC could not independently confirm either claim.” CNBC News

Edit [April 30, 2022] “Another mass grave has been found in the Kyiv suburb of Bucha, the scene of alleged mass executions of civilians before its recapture by Ukrainian forces in early March, the head of Kyiv’s regional police force said.” CNBC News

Edit [April 30, 2022] “‘On April 29, a pit with the bodies of three men was found in the Bucha district,’ regional police chief Andriy Nebytov wrote on Facebook. ‘The victims were tortured for a lengthy period of time. Bullet wounds were found on the extremities of their bodies. In the end, each of the men was shot through the ear. CNBC News

Edit [April 30, 2022] “Russian forces have stolen ‘several hundred thousand tonnes’ of grain in the areas of Ukraine they occupy, Ukraine’s deputy agriculture minister said on Saturday.” Reuters

Edit [April 30, 2022] “‘Russia has also blocked our ports, so there are no immediate solutions to replenish the deficit,’ Zelenskyy said.” Reuters

Edit [April 30, 2022] “‘The occupiers are deliberately destroying the infrastructure for the production, supply and storage of fuel,’ Zelenskyy said in a nightly video speech on Friday.” CNBC News

Edit [April 30, 2022] “However, regardless of where things end up in the near term with the Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts occupation by the Russians, the key issue in the war now is actually the Black Sea blockade” — @DAlperovitch

Edit [April 30, 2022] “Ukraine used to export over 130 million tons of goods before the war through its numerous ports on the Black Sea and Sea of Azov: Izmail, Odesa, Kherson, Mariupol and others. Everything from grain and vegetable oils, to iron ore, coal, metals and chemicals” — @DAlperovitch

Edit [April 30, 2022] “Russia has put a complete stop to those maritime exports. Using its Black Sea surface ships and submarines, as well as air and coastal battery assets in Crimea, it has imposed a blockade on Ukrainian shipping” — @DAlperovitch

Edit [April 30, 2022] “The Ghost of Kyiv is alive and well, as this does not refer to an individual, but speaks to the spirit of the Ukraine pilots as a collective.” — @Helleen_Liebe

Edit [April 30, 2022] “20 civilians leave Mariupol’s Azovstal site, Ukrainian regiment says” — AFP News Agency

Edit [April 30, 2022] “25 civilians, including 6 children, left the surrounded #Azovstal plant in #Mariupol, reported TASS. Last week, #Russian propagandists claimed that only ‘Nazis’ remained on the territory of the plant and bombed the plant with heavy bombs.” — @nexta_tv

Edit [April 30, 2022] “#Russian forces remaining in Mariupol, including elements of the 810th Naval Infantry Brigade, continued to block #Ukrainian troops in the Azovstal Steel Plant and carried out airstrikes on April 30.” Institute for the Study of War

May 1

Sun in Taurus 11°. Venus, Jupiter sextile Pluto Rx. Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus, N Node, square Saturn. Vesta square Nodes.

Happiness. Social Alliances of Peace.

Building a life dream with like-minded souls. Choose a better future.

Civilians evacuated from Mariupol

Edit [May 1, 2022] “An ongoing operation to move people out of Mariupol and the besieged Azovstal steel plant is underway” — International Committee of the Red Cross “The U.N. confirms evacuation is underway.” Reuters

Edit [May 1, 2022] “Ukrainian officials confirm more than 100 civilians, including women and children, evacuated from Mariupol steel plant. They hope to get more people out with the help of UN and International Red Cross.”CBC News Alert

Edit [May 1, 2022] “Cowering in the labyrinth of Soviet-era bunkers far beneath the vast Azovstal steel works, Natalia Usmanova felt her heart would stop she was so terrified as Russian bombs rained down on Mariupol, sprinkling her with concrete dust…. She recalled the lack of oxygen in the shelters and the fear that had gripped the lives of people hunkered down there.” — Reuters

Edit [May 1, 2022] “UN humanitarian spokesperson Saviano Abreu the rescued women, children and the elderly — who have been stranded for nearly two months — will receive immediate humanitarian support, including psychological services, in [Ukraine-controlled territory] Zaporizhzhia.”CBC News Alert

Edit [May 1, 2022] “Russian shelling on Mariupol steel plant resumes” ABC News

Civilians rescued with help of Ukrainian troops at Azovstal
Civilians rescued with help of Ukrainian troops at Azovstal

Edit [May 1, 2022] “Nancy Pelosi meets Zelensky on unannounced visit to Kyiv: official” AFP News Agency

Edit [May 1, 2022] “‘We believe that we are visiting you to say thank you for your fight for freedom,’ said Pelosi, who is second in line to the U.S. presidency after the vice-president and the highest-ranking American leader to visit Ukraine since the start of the war.” “Pelosi added: ‘We are here until victory is won.'”— CBC News Alert

Edit [May 1, 2022] “#MOSCOW: In Mytishchi, barely 30 minutes from the Kremlin, fuel oil tanks were set on fire. It is no longer humanly possible to keep track of all the fires and explosions all over #Russia. A train bridge was also successfully blown up in #Kursk, for example. #WindofChange” — @igorsushko “After fires and blasts inside Russia, a Ukrainian official says: ‘We don’t confirm, and we don’t deny.’New York Times

May 2

Sun in Taurus 12°, Jupiter sextile Pluto Rx, Venus in Aries, Venus octile Uranus, Mars octile Pluto Rx


Fire, chemicals, oil, underground liquid, powerful explosion, unexpected or quick changing events, out of control conflict. Neurotic jealousy, gossip and insults, compulsive desire, underhanded acquisition doesn’t satisfy. Harmony and cooperation have better results.

Edit [May 2, 2022] “…a deputy commander of Ukraine’s Azov Regiment, told Reuters from inside the plant that fighters could hear voices of women, children and elderly people trapped below ground, and lacked the equipment to dig them out.” “‘We were planning to tear up the bunkers, the entrance to which is blocked, but all night into Monday naval artillery and barrel artillery were firing. All day today aviation has been working, dropping bombs,’….” — Reuters

Edit [May 2, 2022] “#Russian forces conducted naval artillery and air strikes on Mariupol while civilian evacuations from the #Azovstal Steel Plant continued on May 1 and May 2.” — @TheStudyOfWar

Edit [May 2, 2022] “Russia plans to ‘annex’ Ukraine’s Donetsk, Lugansk regions” — United States Pentagon

Edit [May 2, 2022] “Ukraine forces pushed Russia 40km East of Kharkiv to Donbas. Russian generals have been killed.” — United States Pentagon

Edit [May 2, 2022] “Explosions were reported in the Russian border city of Belgorod, which is home to Russian fuel depots and ammunition facilities used for its war operations in Ukraine. CNBC News

Edit [May 2, 2022] “Meanwhile, more than 25% of Russia’s troops committed to its ground war in Ukraine have likely been rendered ‘combat ineffective,’ the U.K.’s Ministry of Defense says. CNBC News

Edit [May 2, 2022] “U.S. military shipments to Eastern Europe are landing about every 90 minutes CNBC News

Edit [May 2, 2022] “A top-level U.S. congressional delegation led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has visited Warsaw to express gratitude to Poles for their humanitarian and other support for Ukraine ABC News

Edit [May 2, 2022] “Turkey has managed to strike a delicate balance since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Istanbul maintains active diplomatic relations with both Moscow and Kyiv, while also supplying the Ukrainian military with deadly drones it uses to kill Russian soldiers. CNBC News

Edit [May 2, 2022] “Denmark is reopening its embassy in Kyiv, which it had closed immediately after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24. The move is a statement of support, Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said. CNBC News

Edit [May 2, 2022] “Finland, Sweden to drop players from Russian league teams Reuters

Edit [May 2, 2022] “UEFA bans Russia from women’s Euros and World Cup, clubs banned next season Reuters

Edit [May 2, 2022] “Germany could back immediate EU ban on Russian oil Reuters

Edit [May 2, 2022] “Oleg Tinkov, a Russian banking billionaire who criticized the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, says that Russian officials forced him to sell his business for pennies on the dollar and he is now in hiding in fear for his life. CNBC News

Edit [May 2, 2022] “Russian state television has issued a chilling warning that Moscow could wipe out Britain with a nuclear tsunami in retaliation for supporting Ukraine. In his Sunday evening primetime show, the Channel One anchor Dmitry Kiselyov said a strike by Russia’s Poseidon nuclear underwater drone could turn Britain into a wasteland by drowning the country in a 500-metre tidal wave of radioactive seawater @thetimes

May 3

Sun in Taurus 13° 28′, Waxing Gemini Moon square Mars, Jupiter sextile Pluto Rx


Success in the Defense of Justice after long, humble hard work. What’s hidden or underground comes to light. Mental conflict, transportation conflict, conflict in weapons transfer.

Edit [May 4, 2022] “Amid all the horrors that have unfolded in the war on Ukraine, the Russian bombing of the Donetsk Academic Regional Drama Theater in Mariupol on March 16 stands out as the single deadliest known attack against civilians to date. An Associated Press investigation has found evidence that the attack was in fact far deadlier than estimated, killing closer to 600 people….” AP

Edit [May 4, 2022] “The AP investigation also refutes Russian claims that the theater was demolished by Ukrainian forces or served as a Ukrainian military base. None of the witnesses saw Ukrainian soldiers operating inside the building. And not one person doubted that the theater was destroyed in a Russian air attack aimed with precision at a civilian target everyone knew was the city’s largest bomb shelter, with children in it.” AP

Edit [May 3, 2022] “Reports of a massive wave of Missile Strikes in almost all Ukrainian Territories! Reports from Ukrainian Media Channels say that almost every major provincial capital in Central and Western Ukraine is being hit by Cruise and Ballistic Missiles right now! — @theragex

Edit [May 3, 2022] “There was a very powerful explosion in Lviv, the mayor of Sadovaya says part of the city has no electricity — @theragex

Edit [May 3, 2022] “Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Russian aircraft and artillery hit hundreds of targets in the past day, including troop strongholds, command posts, artillery positions, fuel and ammunition depots and radar equipment.AP

Edit [May 3, 2022] “At least 167 Ukrainian health care facilities have been attacked since war started, WHO says CNBC News

Edit [May 3, 2022] “UN says 3,193 killed in Ukraine since start of war, warns death toll is likely higher CNBC News

Edit [May 3, 2022] “At least 10 killed in Russian strike on east Ukraine factory: governor AFP News Agency

Edit [May 3, 2022] “Russian forces Tuesday began storming the steel mill containing the last pocket of resistance in Mariupol…The U.N.’s Lubrani expressed hope for further evacuations but said none had been worked out.” — AP

Edit [May 3, 2022] “During the call, Macron expressed deep concern over the besieged city of Mariupol and the situation in the Donbas region, where Russia has focused its recent offensive. He called on Russia to allow the continuation of evacuations from the Azovstal steel plant, the last holdout for civilians and soldiers in Mariupol, the statement said. CNBC News

Edit [May 3, 2022] “Russia’s defense ministry claims its forces have hit a logistics center used to deliver weapons given to Ukraine by the West near to the port city of Odesa. CNBC News

Edit [May 3, 2022] “‘This is one of the most impressive campaigns of security assistance in recent history, both in terms of the scale and the agility of it,’ … ‘When the Pentagon announces that a shipment is going to happen, it’s literally in the hands of Ukrainians a few days

Russian forces are storming the Azov Steel Works Factory after evacuations

May 4

Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus 14°, Gemini Moon trine Saturn, square Neptune, Jupiter. Mars sextile Uranus.


Aggression. Release. Hidden Motives, Mystery, Conflict in Teaching or Learning. Shift in culture, land, or agriculture. Unexpected Events related to Artillery, Science, Technology, Material Resources.

Safely release repressed energy May 4-5 to avoid tragedy May 15.

Edit [May 4, 2022] “Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boichenko said that new battles have broken out at the Azovstal plant, where hundreds of civilians are still trapped inside along with the last Ukrainian defenders in the city.” CNN

Edit [May 4, 2022] “Russian forces on Tuesday tried to storm the plant with a ground assault while under the cover of airstrikes” — @TheStudyOfWar

Edit [May 4, 2022] “Mariupol mayor says contact has been lost with Ukrainian forces in Azovstal plant as heavy fighting continues” CNN

Edit [May 4, 2022] “the Kremlin said the Russian Armed Forces were not ‘storming’ the Azovstal plant but described it instead as suppressing ‘attempts by militants’ to take new firing positions. ” CNN

Aerial video of the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works, where hundreds of Ukrainian civilians and wounded soldiers are sheltering, showed what the Donetsk People’s Republic said were its attacks on the besieged plant.

Edit [May 4, 2022] “Another 344 civilians were evacuated from the city and suburbs of the southern port city of Mariupol and are on the way to the Ukraine-controlled city of Zaporizhzhia, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his nightly address.CNBC News

Edit [May 4, 2022] “The U.K. defense ministry said Russia is probably unable to effectively discriminate targets when conducting air strikes in Mariupol because of its likely use of unguided free-falling bombs, increasing the risk of civilian casualties” CNBC News

Edit [May 4, 2022] “Russian forces are carrying out about 40 to 50 missile strikes a day against Ukraine, with a high focus on the Donbas region and north of Mariupol, a senior U.S. Defense official said.” CNBC News

Edit [May 4, 2022] “Photos show mass destruction in Chernihiv as Russia pulls out” CNBC News

Edit [May 4, 2022] “The United States has provided intelligence that has helped Ukrainians target and kill many of the Russian generals who have died in action in the Ukraine war, according to senior American officials.” New York Times

Edit [May 4, 2022] “EU leader calls for Russian oil ban in new set of sanctions” ABC News

Edit [May 4, 2022] “Swedish foreign minister says U.S. is willing to give ‘security assurances’ if Sweden, Finland seek NATO membership” CNBC News

Edit [May 4, 2022] “…the U.S. ambassador to Moldova, said on Wednesday Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and what he described as its attempts to redraw the map of Europe at gunpoint were a cause of great concern around the world.” Reuters

Edit [May 4, 2022] “Men and boys are among the alleged victims of rape by Russian soldiers in Ukraine, according to UN and Ukrainian officials….” “Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Iryna Venediktova, said on Tuesday that her office had received reports of sexual violence by Russian troops against men and women of all ages, from children to the elderly.” — Insider Paper

May 5

Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus 14° 47′. Cancer Moon square Venus, Chiron. Mercury sextile Venus.


Mass release of energy. Ruin or Sorrow from unexpected events or unexpected enemies. Hidden motives, smooth talk. Transfer of land ownership or travel within state lines. Refugees. Home or ancestral land in conflict affects emotional health.

Sisters fled Mariupol, lost contact with mother

Edit [May 5, 2022] “The Kremlin claimed Thursday that humanitarian corridors to get civilians out of Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant were functioning, after the Russian army announced a three-day ceasefire at the site” AFP News Agency

Edit [May 5, 2022] “Onslaught at ‘full strength’ at Mariupol steel works as civilians remain trapped” ITV News

Edit [May 5, 2022] “‘With the support of aircraft, the enemy resumed the offensive in order to take control of the plant,’ Ukraine said in its update Thursday morning.” CNBC News

Edit [May 5, 2022] “Russia ‘violated’ promised truce at Mariupol plant: Ukraine commander” AFP News Agency

Edit [May 5, 2022] “Russia ‘violated’ a truce it promised at the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol, where Ukrainian forces are making a last stand in the city, a Ukrainian commander said Thursday, pleading for help for ‘dying’ soldiers and the evacuation of civilians” AFP News Agency

Edit [May 5, 2022] “Attacks on Mariupol steelworks intensify” CNBC News

Edit [May 5, 2022] “Putin says Russian army ‘still ready’ to give safe passage to civilians from Azovstal” AFP News Agency

Edit [May 5, 2022] “Bloody battle rages at Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol” CNBC News

Edit [May 5, 2022] “Kremlin says Western arms supplies to Ukraine prevent ‘quick’ end to conflict” AFP News Agency

Edit [May 5, 2022] “Having re-focused its attacks away from northern Ukraine and the capital Kyiv, Russian forces are now looking to take full control of the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine in order to create a land bridge from Russia to Crimea, territory it annexed in 2014.” CNBC News

Edit [May 5, 2022] “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announces the launch of a global crowdfunding platform to help Kyiv win the war with Russia and rebuild the country’s infrastructure” AFP News Agency

Azovstal Evacuees Tell Harrowing Tales Of Survival In Mariupol’s Besieged Steelworks

May 6

Sun 16° Taurus, Mercury sextile Venus, Cancer Moon sextile Sun, Uranus, N Node, trine Mars, Jupiter, Neptune. Moon octile Mercury in Gemini [Shadow].


Unrealistic goals, misjudgments, biased agenda, propaganda, manipulation, superficial celebrity. But also: Hard-working, noble objectives may fail yet, under the surface, this person eventually changes the world. Harmony, global compassion, cooperation.

Bicycle Volunteers Deliver Essentials To The Vulnerable In Ukrainian City Of Mykolaiv

After weeks of bombardment and delays, progress is being made in efforts to evacuate civilians from the port city of Mariupol, the Ukrainian president’s office said on Friday. Nearly 500 civilians have been rescued in a United Nations-led operation, said Andriy Yermak, who heads the office of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He announced the figures in a post on Telegram, adding that Kyiv will “do everything to save all its civilians and military” stuck in the heavily damaged city that is almost completely under the control of Russian forces. The UN is set to send in a new convoy later on Friday in an effort to rescue hundreds more civilians who remain trapped in the city’s Azovstal steel plant. Despite Russia’s announcement of a three-day daytime ceasefire, fighting reportedly has continued at the complex. The UK Defense Ministry confirmed that Russian forces are carrying out a ground assault on the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, despite claims from Moscow that it only seeks to seal off the plant. In an update posted on Twitter, the UK Defense Ministry said the efforts to seize the plant “come at a personnel, equipment and munitions cost to Russia.” The ministry added that the push to capture Azovstal is a likely bid by Russian President Vladimir Putin “to have a symbolic success in Ukraine” linked to the upcoming May 9 Victory Day commemorations. On Thursday evening, the Ukrainian government said Russian forces had infiltrated the site and were shelling the site. Moscow denied that its troops were storming the plant. Ukrainian forces and hundreds of civilians are still holed up in the plant, which has faced heavy shelling for weeks. A new UN convoy is set to evacuate more civilians from the besieged plant later on Friday. — DW News

Edit [May 6, 2022] “Russia renews assault on Azovstal steel plant ahead of ‘Victory Day’” CNBC News

Edit [May 6, 2022] “Russian President Vladimir Putin has said shelling of the southeastern city will only stop when Ukrainian troops surrender.” CNBC News

Edit [May 6, 2022] “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said evacuations will continue from the besieged coastal city of Mariupol amid sustained Russian shelling.” CNBC News

Edit [May 6, 2022] “‘In total, nearly 500 civilians have been evacuated from the #Azovstal plant, after living under relentless shelling and scarce availability of water, food, and sanitation. We must continue to do all we can to get people out of these hellscapes,’ — @antonioguterres— @UNGeneva

Edit [May 6, 2022] “The Kremlin is establishing economic, governmental, and informational control over occupied Ukrainian territory, indicating that Russia may be preparing to create a series of Russian proxy ‘people’s republics’” — @TheStudyOfWar

Edit [May 6, 2022] “Ukraine’s ports are only working at 20 percent of pre-war capacity: Deputy Infrastructure Minister More than 75 percent of Ukraine’s pre-war trade was carried by sea, said Yuriy Vaskov, but international sea trade is “virtually suspended.”” — @JackDesch

Edit [May 6, 2022] “The European Union’s foreign affairs chief has voiced worry that Russia might expand its war in Ukraine to include Moldova, a small nation that borders southern Ukraine. He cited recent explosions in the country as well as the presence of Russian troops.” — CNBC News

Edit [May 6, 2022] “The Italian government froze a yacht with reported links to Russian President Vladimir Putin, blocking the vessel from leaving its port.” — CNBC News

Edit [May 6, 2022] “Russian forces made no progress on the #Izyum axis but likely secured small gains on the outskirts of #Severodonetsk in the last 24 hours, though they are unlikely to successfully surround the town.” — @TheStudyOfWar

Edit [May 6, 2022] “There were no significant changes on the southern axis in the last 24 hours. Russian forces here continued to reinforce their forward positions.” — @TheStudyOfWar

Edit [May 6, 2022] “Russian forces continued assaults on the #Azovstal plant, but ISW cannot confirm any specific advances.” — @TheStudyOfWar

Edit [May 6, 2022] “Russian foreign ministry spokesman Alexei Zaitsev said on Friday that Russia will not use nuclear weapons in Ukraine.” Reuters [He also said Russia would never attack or invade Ukraine, Feb 2022]

Edit [May 6, 2022] “Zaitsev told reporters the use of nuclear weapons by Russia – a risk that Western officials have publicly discussed – was not applicable to what Moscow calls its special military operation in Ukraine.” Reuters

Edit [May 6, 2022] “Russia on Wednesday announced it had conducted simulated nuclear missile strikes near a region between Poland and Lithuania, according to a report.” Newsweek

Edit [May 6, 2022] “The Times reported the foreign ministry’s statement said units that participated in the exercise also practiced ‘actions in conditions of radiation and chemical contamination.’” Newsweek

May 7

Sun 17° Taurus sextile Mars, Cancer Moon trine Neptune, Jupiter, sextile Mercury, opposite Pluto Rx, Saturn conjunct Vesta


Peace. Many friends. Balance logic with emotion, mind with heart. Slow down ambitions, but also avoid careless laziness. Quick to fight will make many enemies and dangerous threats.

Edit [May 7, 2022] “‘All women, children and elderly people have been evacuated from #Azovstal. This part of the #Mariupol humanitarian operation has been completed,’ by @UKRINFORM.Iryna Vereshchuk, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine

Edit [May 7, 2022] “Ukrainian defenders at Azovstal in Mariupol have a right to be evacuated. They are appealing to international organizations or a third country (like Turkey) to launch an ‘extraction’ procedure. They know they cannot surrender to Russians because they would be executed” — Olga Tokariuke, Independent Journalist, Disinformation Researcher, @olgatokariuke

Edit [May 7, 2022] “Ukrainian forces are pursuing a counteroffensive near the northeast Kharkiv region, which… could soon free the city from the artillery range of Russian forces. CNBC News

Edit [May 7, 2022] “WHO gathers evidence for possible war crimes investigation against Russia Reuters

Edit [May 7, 2022] “Finland, Sweden need to move now on NATO while Putin is preoccupied with Ukraine, former secretary general says CNBC News

Edit [May 7, 2022] “No ‘practical evidence’ Russia planning to use tactical nuclear weaponsCIA Director

Edit [May 7, 2022] “Russia’s Defense Ministry has claimed to have destroyed a large stockpile of military equipment from the U.S. and European countries in the Kharkiv region. CNBC News

Edit [May 7, 2022] “Putin believes ‘doubling down’ will improve Ukraine war outcome, CIA director says Reuters

May 8

Sun 18° Taurus sextile Mars in Pisces. First Quarter Moon in Leo square Sun, Uranus, trine Chiron.


Excess, luxury, or ease destroys passion, determination, true skill. Lazy, weak, lack of competence. A lot of noise, no substance. Passive aggressive. Internal conflict, sudden or unexpected fire or explosion, hopeless, healing a wound.

“U.S. first lady Jill Biden makes unannounced visit to Ukraine Reuters

Edit [May 8, 2022] “U.S. first lady Jill Biden made an unannounced trip to Ukraine on Sunday to show support for its people amid Russia’s invasion, visiting a school that is serving as a temporary shelter and meeting Ukraine’s first lady, Olena Zelenska. Reuters

Edit [May 8, 2022] “Biden, who had been traveling in neighboring Slovakia, gave flowers to Zelenska, who was making her first public appearance since the Russian invasion began on Feb. 24, according to a U.S. official. The two women hugged. Reuters

Edit [May 8, 2022] “Zelenska said Biden was courageous for making the trip.” “‘We understand what it takes for the U.S. first lady to come here during a war when the military actions are taking place every day, where the air sirens are happening every day even today,’ she said” — Reuters

Edit [May 8, 2022] “As many as 60 people were feared to have been killed in the Russian bombing of a village school in the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk, the regional governor said on Sunday.” — Reuters

Edit [May 8, 2022] “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an unannounced visit on Sunday to the Ukrainian town of Irpin, which was retaken from Russian troops in late March after fierce fighting, the town’s mayor said on Telegram.” — Reuters

Edit [May 8, 2022] “U2’s Bono gives ‘freedom’ concert in Kyiv metro” — Reuters

Bono, The Edge and Ukrainian serviceman, frontman of the Antytila band Taras Topolia sing during a performance for Ukrainian people inside a subway station, as Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues, in Kyiv, Ukraine May 8, 2022. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

Edit [May 8, 2022] “The forward deployment of commanders has exposed them to significant risk, leading to disproportionately high losses of Russian officers in this conflict. This has resulted in a force that is slow to respond to setbacks and unable to alter its approach on the battlefield.” — U.K. Ministry of Defence

Edit [May 8, 2022] “Ukrainian fighters at the besieged Azovstal steel plant in the southeastern port of Mariupol, who are the last holdout against Russian forces in the city, vowed on Sunday to continue their stand as long as they are alive.” — Reuters

Edit [May 8, 2022] “Ukrainian fighters at the besieged Azovstal steel plant in the southeastern port of Mariupol, who are the last holdout against Russian forces in the city, vowed on Sunday to continue their stand as long as they are alive.” — Svyatoslav Palamar, second in command of the Azov Regiment in Mariupol, and Illia Samoilenko, an Azov Regiment lieutenant, are speaking to journalists from inside the Azovstal plant via Zoom

Edit [May 8, 2022] “Great irony that the Azov fighters in Mariupol, so often accused of being far right extremists, are sacrificing their lives for democracy….” — Anders Östlund

May 9

Sun 19° Taurus sextile Mars in Pisces. VOC Moon square Sun, Mercury, Nodes, opposite Saturn. Venus octile True Node. Neptune semisextile Saturn, septile Uranus, novile Pallas.


Evil plans, lust or anger lurking in the shadows, gross malevolence, envy, conceit, slander, estrangement between friends or family. Empty distractions used for harm. Blocked progress. Judicial incidents, conflict. Animal-like instincts intended to harm others hurt self only.


Edit [May 9, 2022] “‘We assess that the Russians continue to make incremental progress moving down from the north pushing down into the Donbas area,’ Pentagon’s Kirby says at press briefing about the war in Ukraine. ‘They continue to meet a very stiff Ukrainian resistance.’” ABC News

Edit [May 9, 2022] “China will boost ties with Russia in military tech, energy and space, Ambassador Zhang Hanhui tells Russian news agency.”

Edit [May 9, 2022] “Everything must be done to avoid ‘horror of global war’: Putin” AFP NEWS

Edit [May 9, 2022] “Russian President Vladimir Putin evoked the memory of Soviet heroism in World War Two to inspire his army fighting in Ukraine, but offered no new road map to victoryReuters

Edit [May 9, 2022] “President Vladimir Putin says Russian forces in Ukraine are defending the Motherland from an ‘absolutely unacceptable threat,’ as he opens annual parade marking WWII victory over Nazi Germany. Putin says Russian forces in Ukraine are continuing the battle against Nazism” AFP NEWS

Edit [May 9, 2022] “US says Putin claim of defensive war ‘patently absurd’” AFP NEWS

Edit [May 9, 2022] “In the weeks since Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion of its ex-Soviet neighbor, Washington and its allies have imposed rounds of coordinated sanctions that have vaulted Russia past Iran and North Korea as the world’s most-sanctioned country.” CNBC News

Edit [May 9, 2022] “Western sanctions have hurt Russia’s ability to resupply its forces with weapons and equipment in its fight against Ukraine, a senior U.S. Defense official said.” CNBC News

Edit [May 9, 2022] “Biden’s signature on the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022 will make it easier for the U.S. to lend or lease military aid to allies affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.” CNBC News

Edit [May 9, 2022] “Nearly all U.S. howitzers have arrived for the fight in Ukraine, U.S. Defense official says” CNBC News

Edit [May 9, 2022] “Zelenskyy says Ukraine has completed second part of EU membership application” CNBC News

Edit [May 9, 2022] “Elon Musk spars with Russian space head over SpaceX providing Starlink dishes to Ukraine” CNBC News

Edit [May 9, 2022] “The United States has seen indications that some Ukrainians are being moved to Russia against their will, Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby said, calling the actions ‘unconscionable.’” Reuters

The Eiffel Tower in Paris lit up in the national blue-and-yellow colors of Ukraine to show solidarity with the war-torn country and its people.

Edit [May 9, 2022] “Acc to #Mariupol town council, today russians focused on destroying the bridge via which the evacuation from #Azovstal was held. Key goal they pursue is to cut off the ways for getting the defenders out of the plant.” @OlenaHalushka

Edit [May 9, 2022] “#Russian forces continued to conduct artillery strikes and assaults against #Ukrainian defenders in the #Azovstal Steel Plant on May 9.” — @TheStudyOfWar

May 10-11

Sun 20-21° Taurus. Virgo Moon square Mercury Rx, opposite Mars and Neptune, trine Sun, N Node, Uranus. Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter in Aries, Venus octile Saturn, Jupiter octile Uranus



“Sly enemies abound and conceal their real nature while waiting for the moment when they can successfully grab what does not belong to them, be it money or an already married person.” — Janduz, The 36o Symbolic Degrees

Assault from unexpected source overthrows “many carefully designed plans” [La Volasfera by Sepharial]

An evil plan is foiled or dangerous trap avoided but forever enemies. Cyberwarfare, censorship, propaganda, transportation, roads, bridges in conflict. Long-lasting isolation or separation between family, friends, alliances, cultures. Contentious relationships. Memories. Change your thinking. Self-inflicted harm. An isolated bully with a short temper. Envy, conceit, slander, character assassination.

Edit [May 11, 2022] “Kharkiv cuts off ‘sister’ ties with Russian cities. Kharkiv City Council announced on May 11 that it has unilaterally severed ties with Belgorod, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, and Novosibirsk” @KyivIndependent

Edit [May 11, 2022] “According to Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov, it is impossible for the city to have relationships with those that “kill Ukrainians and destroy our Motherland.”” @KyivIndependent

Volunteer Rescuer Shares Phone Videos Of Evacuations From Kyiv Suburb

Edit [May 10, 2022] “EU and U.S. accuse Russia of cyber attack on internet satellite company ahead of invasion” — CNBC News

Edit [May 10, 2022] “‘The cyberattack took place one hour before Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 thus facilitating the military aggression,” — CNBC News

Edit [May 10, 2022] “Secretary of State Antony Blinken wrote in a separate statement that Russia carried out destructive cyber activities against Ukraine in the months leading up to its invasion.” — CNBC News

Edit [May 10, 2022] “Russia routinely denies it carries out cyberattacks” Reuters

Edit [May 10, 2022] “UK: Hack was ‘deliberate and malicious’” Reuters

Edit [May 10, 2022] “Russia’s economy, hit by international sanctions, is expected to contract 10% in 2022 while the Ukraine invasion is forecast to cause Ukraine’s economy to shrink by 30% this year, the EBRD said Tuesday.” CNBC News

Edit [May 10, 2022] “WHO says at least 3,000 have died in Ukraine due to lack of medical services” — CNBC News

Edit [May 10, 2022] “Belarus to deploy special forces to southern border near Ukraine” Reuters

Edit [May 10, 2022] “Russia has used up about half of its existing missiles during its invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian official says—but still maintains the capacity and a certain supply of components to replenish some of their depleted arsenal.” ABC News

Edit [May 10, 2022] “President Vladimir Putin will not end the Ukraine war with the Donbas campaign and is determined to build a land bridge to Russian-controlled territory in Moldova, US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said” AFP NEWS

Edit [May 10, 2022] “Russia has about 20 ships in the Black Sea but far from Ukrainian coast, U.S. Defense official says. The Pentagon said the Russian Navy has maintained a standoff position in the Black Sea since the sinking of the Moskva war ship.” — CNBC News

Edit [May 10, 2022] “First responders work at the site of a missile strike in Odesa” — CNBC News

‘Capture means death to us’, says Azov Brigade officer in Mariupol

#Ukraine calls on the United Nations @UN and Red Cross @ICRC to conduct an “extraction” procedure to rescue remaining civilians, wounded soldiers, and last defenders from the Azov steel factory in Mariupol:

Sign the petition at

May 11

Sun 21° Taurus novile Venus. Virgo Moon opposite Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, trine Sun, N Node, Uranus, Pluto Rx. Mars octile Pallas, Jupiter octile Uranus, Uranus septile Neptune, Pluto Rx quintile Mars, septile Venus


Censorship, misinformation, propaganda, cyber warfare, social media issues, platform shifts or transfers, hidden information revealed, communications technology, troll or spam bots, transportation, roads, bridges in conflict or delays through June 20, 2022

Edit [May 11, 2022] “Russian forces ‘pushed back’ from second-largest city Kharkiv” — CNBC News

Edit [May 11, 2022] “Russian forces are at least two weeks behind schedule in Donbas goals, U.S. Defense official says” — CNBC News

Edit [May 11, 2022] “Fighting continues at Zmiinyi Island, also known as ‘Snake Island,’ with Russia repeatedly trying to reinforce its exposed garrison there, according to the British Ministry of Defence in its latest intelligence update.” — CNBC News

Edit [May 11, 2022] “Ukraine’s allies in the West appear to be preparing for a long war, with no resolution to the conflict between Moscow and Kyiv on the horizon.” — CNBC News

Edit [May 11, 2022] “The U.S. believes Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for a long conflict in Ukraine” — CNBC News

Edit [May 11, 2022] “UN chief does not see Ukraine peace negotiations in the near future” — CNBC News

Edit [May 11, 2022] “U.S. House passes $40 billion aid package to Ukraine. The House voted 368-57 after President Joe Biden urged quick congressional action in stepping up support for Kyiv in its war against Russia, the report said.” — CNBC News

Edit [May 11, 2022] “Top EU official backs multi-trillion plan to rebuild Ukraine” Reuters

Edit [May 11, 2022] “Pro-Russian leader installed in Ukraine’s Kherson will ask Putin to annex it. He added that Kherson will be entirely under Russian law by the end of this year.” — CNBC News

Edit [May 11, 2022] “Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov responded by saying that it was up to Kherson’s residents to decide whether they would join Russia. But Ukrainian and Western officials warn that Moscow is planning to hold a sham referendum there to justify Russian rule.” — CNBC News

Edit [May 11, 2022] “almost half of the total – filled the discussion with racially motivated or violence inducing content. Messages combined religious references with extreme homophobia, overt racism, calls for violence…. Russian social media users have echoed state media pundits in describing Ukrainians as ‘vermin,’ ‘rats,’ ‘unpeople’ (neliudi), and as ‘diseased.’ This discourse is consistent with that found on state news sources both online and on television, which have demonized Ukrainians as subhuman since the invasion of Crimea in 2014, painted the war in religious terms (indeed, the Moscow Patriarch even blessed Russian military action), and encouraged extreme violence.8 More alarmingly, this discourse has obvious parallels with Nazi discourse….” — Dr. Ian Garner, Journal of Genocide Research

Edit [May 11, 2022] “Ukrainian refugees being forced into Russia face systematic interrogations, detention and other abuses. Strip searches, ‘disappearances,’ Siberia” Washington Post

Edit [May 11, 2022] “The Russian Foreign Ministry has said the reports of forcible displacement are ‘lies.’ “the Russian Embassy in Washington wrote in a Telegram post. ‘In order to avoid sabotage operations by Ukrainian national battalions, soldiers of the Russian armed forces thoroughly inspect vehicles heading to safe regions. We will detain all bandits and fascists.’” — Washington Post

Edit [May 11, 2022] “Ukraine offers to exchange Russian POWs for injured Azovstal defenders. ‘There is no agreement yet. Negotiations are ongoing’” Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk

Edit [May 11, 2022] “Governor: Luhansk Oblast cut off from communication. Serhiy Haidai said on May 11 that mobile communication in the region is disrupted and the humanitarian situation is dire. There is little aid remaining in the warehouses and delivery is difficult due to damaged roads.” @KyivIndependent

May 12

Sun 22° Taurus novile Venus, septile Jupiter. Libra Moon opposite Jupiter, Venus, Chiron, trine Mercury Rx. Jupiter octile Uranus, Venus octile Vesta, Mars octile Pallas


Buried things surface. Memories. Discovery. Disturbing news, yet symbolic. Ambitious, dangerous risks or bad choice of partners may result in isolation, loss, accidents, dishonor. But fortune and success are assured from relentless hard work and noble alliances. Rewards must be deserved.

Edit [May 12, 2022] “Russia needs de-Nazification, says Pussy Riot leader after escape” Reuters

Edit [May 12, 2022] “In epic detour via Russia, Ukrainians skirt war front to flee to EU” Reuters

Edit [May 12, 2022] “Ukrainian fighter trapped in Mariupol steel plant asks Elon Musk for help” Reuters

Edit [May 12, 2022] “Ukraine is negotiating the exchange of 38 seriously wounded #Azovstal fighters, said Ірина Верещук, the Minister of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories.” Anton Gerashchenko

Edit [May 12, 2022] “Russia threatens to retaliate as Finland seeks NATO membership ‘without delay’” Reuters

Edit [May 12, 2022] “Dmitry Medvedev, a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, said the supply of weapons to Ukraine ‘increased the likelihood of a direct and open conflict between NATO and Russia instead of their ‘war by proxy’.’” CNBC News

Edit [May 12, 2022] “It comes after European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Russia was the ‘most direct threat’ to the international order.” CNBC News

Edit [May 12, 2022] “Russia’s oil revenue rises 50%, enabling its aggression. According to a report published by the International Energy Agency, Russia has been making $20 billion a month from selling about 8 million barrels of crude oil and oil products a day since the beginning of this year.” @KyivIndependent

Edit [May 12, 2022] “Ukrainian forensics experts exhume Russian soldiers in the village of Zavalivka” CNBC News

Edit [May 12, 2022] “Four high-ranking congressional Democrats sent formal requests to the CEOs of YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook’s parent company, Meta, asking them to archive content that could be used as evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine.” CNBC News

Edit [May 12, 2022] “On Wednesday, Ukraine’s prosecutor general tried a Russian soldier for war crimes for the first time since the invasion began in February — the prosecution was announced on Facebook.” CNBC News

Edit [May 12, 2022] “The U.N.’s top human rights body has overwhelmingly passed a resolution calling on its investigators to specifically look into possible rights abuses and violations in northern Ukraine shortly after Russia’s invasion. In a 33-2 vote, with 12 abstentions, the Human Rights Council concluded a special session on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine also by calling on Russia to grant international human rights groups ‘unhindered, timely, immediate, unrestricted and safe access’ to people who have been transferred from Ukraine to Russia or areas controlled by Russian forces or affiliates.” — CNBC News


First Ukraine war crimes trial with Russian sergeant, 21, accused of killing civilian | ITV News

May 13

Sun 23° Taurus, conjunct True Node, novile Venus, Libra Moon Yod Apex, Sun and True Node sextile Mars, Jupiter octile Uranus, Uranus septile Neptune


Much flattery or kind words, very few actual friends. Hidden motives, things you can’t see, ‘in the dark,’ eye problems for some. Sacrifice, generosity, or virtue used for manipulation purposes. Avoid people on a mission from God. Gullibility and trusting wrong people results in disappointment, loss, suffering. Giving too much leads to poverty. Deceit, abandonment. Real integrity expects no reward.

Edit [May 13, 2022] “‘Moles in the dark’… Mariupol steelworks” Reuters

Edit [May 13, 2022] “Ukraine accuses Russia of forcibly deporting over 210,000 children” Reuters

Edit [May 12, 2022] “U.N. human rights chief details cases in Ukraine that ‘may amount to war crimes’” CNBC News

Edit [May 13, 2022] “A Russian soldier is due to stand trial on Friday for killing an unarmed Ukrainian citizen. It marks the first alleged war crime since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on Feb. 24.” CNBC News

Edit [May 13, 2022] “When Leonid Pliats and his boss were shot in the back by Russian soldiers, the killing was captured on CCTV cameras in clear and terrible detail. The footage, which was obtained by the BBC, is now being investigated by Ukrainian prosecutors as a suspected war crime.” BBC

Edit [May 13, 2022] “But this was no firefight: the video clearly shows heavily armed Russian soldiers shooting the two unarmed Ukrainians and then looting the business.” BBC

Edit [May 13, 2022] “Russia advises against travel to UK because of ‘unfriendly’ visa stance” Reuters

Edit [May 13, 2022] “Residents of #Mariupol receive Humanitarian aid from Russian army.” “Really great humaniatarians. First they bomb you to smithereens and then they pretend to be mother Teresa.” — Twitter Reply

Edit [May 13, 2022] ‘… As of today, 1,015 settlements have been de-occupied, plus 6 in the past 24hr. We return electricity, water supply, communications, transport, social services there … we will not leave anyone to the enemy.'” — Zelenskyy

Edit [May 13, 2022] “Pentagon chief urges cease-fire in call with Russian defense minister, their first talk since February” CNBC News

Edit [May 13, 2022] “… U.S. Senator Rand Paul stymies effort to pass $40 billion Ukraine aid bill” Reuters

Edit [May 13, 2022] “G7 invoke ‘unity’ against Russia; EU pledges Ukraine funds” ABC News

Edit [May 13, 2022] “Turkey’s leader opposes letting Finland, Sweden join NATO” ABC News

Edit [May 13, 2022] “Russian forces have failed to make any significant advances….” CNBC News

Edit [May 13, 2022] “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Russia’s strategic defeat is ‘already obvious’ …” CNBC News

Edit [May 13, 2022] “How did Russia lose an ‘entire battalion’ crossing a Ukrainian bridge?” Times Radio [Video Below]

“The Russians have not demonstrated very good operational security or concealing their movements.”


“Azov morphed from a far-right police unit into a regular non-partisan military regiment, defending Ukrainians from Russia’s genocidal war. Today’s Azov is more multicultural than any other Ukrainian military unit.” “Analysis of the changing nature of the #Azov battalion that well argues it is now far removed from what it first was”:

May 14

Sun 23-24° Taurus novile Venus, Lilith. Scorpio Moon square Pluto Rx, trine Saturn, opposite Uranus. Mercury Rx septile Venus, quintile Mars, Jupiter octile Uranus, Neptune septile Uranus, semisextile Saturn.


Controlled by family or religious dogma. Religious moralism or spiritual virtues are useless in the real world, or used to control and manipulate. Loss due to superstition, gullibility, self-appointed savior on a mission from God. Extremes or extremism, internal and external conflict. Revolution, coup. Stress, anxiety, sudden or unexpected events. Violence as a cover for lack of skills. Mortality. Metamorphosis. Breaking free, liberation, conscious awakening, bliss.

Edit [May 14, 2022] “Ukraine collects Russian dead as war rages” Reuters

Edit [May 14, 2022] “Large convoy of evacuees from Mariupol reaches Zaporizhzhia safely. Petro Andriushchenko, aide to Mariupol’s mayor, earlier said the convoy contained between 500 to 1,000 cars, the largest single evacuation from the city since Russia’s full-scale invasion began.” — Reuters

Is a coup against Putin underway? | Dr Neil Melvin

Edit [May 14, 2022] “Russia’s deputy foreign minister has said the country will take action if NATO moves nuclear forces near its border” CNBC News

Edit [May 14, 2022] “Russia forges new partnerships in face of West’s ‘total hybrid war,’ Lavrov says. Speech cites China, India and Arab countries as key partners” Reuters

Edit [May 14, 2022] “Hungary’s new president condemns Putin’s ‘aggression’, plans trip to Warsaw” Reuters

Edit [May 14, 2022] “Kremlin using new and more outlandish claims to justify the Ukraine invasion. The state news has pushed narratives about ‘black magic’ supposedly practiced by Ukrainian troops and hinted at baseless allegations of drug use by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Viewers have been told that the war in Ukraine is not a war, but instead a ‘special military operation’ designed to spare civilians. Russian forces are framed as liberators, fighting against what the propaganda calls the ‘neo-Nazis’ who are said to overrun Ukraine under the influence of the United States and its allies and are allegedly committing ‘genocide’ against Russian-speaking Ukrainians.” CNBC News

Edit [May 14, 2022] “Ukraine is investigating 11,000 war crimes, and has 40 suspects: Prosecutor general” CNBC News

Edit [May 14, 2022] “Talks are underway to evacuate a large number of wounded soldiers from a besieged steelworks plant in the strategic southeastern port of Mariupol in return for the release of Russian prisoners of war, Ukraine’s president said.” CNBC News

Edit [May 14, 2022] “‘At the moment very complex negotiations are underway on the next phase of the evacuation mission – the removal of the badly wounded, medics,’ he said, adding that ‘influential’ international intermediaries were involved in the talks.” CNBC News

Edit [May 14, 2022] “Yuriy Ignat, spokesman for Ukraine’s Air Force, said Ukraine’s Air Force destroyed one Su-30/Su-34 aircraft, seven unmanned aerial vehicles, a platoon base, a command and control post, & 10 armored vehicles on May 14.” — Kyiv Independent

Edit [May 14, 2022] “‘We do not intend to be martyrs,  we are fighting for our lives as well, and we are waiting for support.— Azov Defender,

Edit [May 14, 2022] “Russia, which initially insisted the defenders in the sprawling Soviet-era bunkers beneath the steelworks give themselves up, has said little publicly about the talks.” CNBC News

Edit [May 14, 2022] “Ukraine launches a counteroffensive near Izyum” CNBC News

Edit [May 14, 2022] “U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell met with Ukraine President President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv.” CNBC News

Edit [May 14, 2022] “In the most precise prediction by a senior Ukrainian official to date, Major General Kyrylo Budanov has said he believes the war will be over by the end of the year.” CNBC News

A shower of white, brightly burning munitions cascades down on the the Azovstal steel works in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol in a video released by a pro-Russian separatist commander on Sunday. The video shows projectiles bursting into showers of burning material. Reuters was able to confirm the location, but not the time or date this video was taken. It was posted on the Telegram messaging app by Alexander Khodakovsky, a commander of the pro-Russian self-proclaimed republic of Donetsk. ‘If you didn’t know what it is and for what purpose – you could say that it’s even beautiful,’ Khodakovsky said in a message with the video Russia-Ukraine war – latest news

Edit [May 15, 2022] “Burning munitions cascade down on Ukrainian steel plant, video shows” Reuters

May 15

Sun 24-25° Taurus square Saturn, sextile Neptune, novile Venus, Chiron. Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio conjunct S Node, opposite Uranus, N Node, Sun, square Saturn. Venus conjunct Chiron. Mars trine S Node. Jupiter octile Uranus, Neptune septile Uranus.


Repressed violence unleashed without regard to consequences. Sudden or unexpected attack. Fires, heat, water incident. A hated person prone to combat rather than negotiations. Arrogant self-righteousness or superiority complex, spiritual or political ideologies useless in the real world, ambitious or greedy authoritarian. Anarchy, violence, extremism, manipulation as a cover for lack of excellence. Anxiety, self-doubt, envy, manipulation, never satisfied.

Taking up arms to face violence.

Deep internalized pain, past trauma, distress, ILLNESS, emergency room nurse, first responders, buried bodies. Confiscation of assets, imprisonment, betrayal, loss of “friends.” A violent death or suicide possible. Death and rebirth. Metamorphosis. With loss, something new begins.

Emotional security, food security, material support from powerful alliances, harmony between groups. Satisfaction of hard work achieved, joy in completing tasks, peace at home. Choose mercy and diplomacy without sacrificing justice or personal standards. Sink or swim.

Edit [May 15, 2022] “Efforts to isolate Russia ‘are doomed’ says Lavrov” — The Sun

Edit [May 15, 2022] “‘Certainly, from what we’re hearing from sources in Russia and elsewhere, is that Putin is, in fact, quite seriously ill’” Sky News

Edit [May 15, 2022] “His comments come after Ukrainian Major General Kyrylo Budanov, in an exclusive interview with Sky News, also said the Russian leader is seriously ill with cancer and that a coup to remove him is under way in Russia.” Sky News

Edit [May 15, 2022] “Russian Donbas campaign has lost momentum – British military” Reuters

Edit [May 15, 2022] “Ukrainian troops holding destroyed village believe Russians withdrawing across border” Reuters

Edit [May 15, 2022] “The counter-offensive has been Ukraine’s most successful since it expelled Russian troops from the north of the country and the area around the capital Kyiv at the end of March, and signals a new turning point in the battle for the east.” Reuters

Edit [May 15, 2022] “Ukrainian forces opened a dam early in the war in Demydiv, causing the Irpin River to flood the village and thousands of acres around. The move has since been credited with stopping Russian soldiers and tanks from breaking through Ukraine’s lines.” CNBC News

Edit [May 15, 2022] “Finnish president confirms country will apply to join NATO” Reuters

Edit [May 15, 2022] “Neutral Switzerland leans closer to NATO” Reuters

Edit [May 15, 2022] “Edit [May 15, 2022] “Putin does not consent to extraction of wounded soldiers from #Azovstal despite multiple international organizations and third countries engaged by Ukraine.” — Hanna Maliar, Deputy Minister of Defence

May 16

Sun 25-26° Taurus square Saturn, sextile Neptune. Neptune semisextile Saturn, septile Uranus. Waning Sagittarius Moon trine Jupiter, Venus, opposite Mercury Rx.


Success may come through DESTRUCTION rather than “peace.”

Conflict in communications, media, education, logistics, exchange, trade, or transportation. Real control is confidence to relax control. A powerful new start leads to fortune but requires extraordinary faith, an unconventional career, extreme patience, self-control. Joy in humble, mundane tasks, sticking to a budget. Must remain dedicated to a noble alliance or diplomatic negotiations. Shifts or inventions in wheat, gold, or metal. Many roads, sidetracked by desires, missed opportunity.

Edit [May 16, 2022] “METL [Mission Essentials Tasks List] is a commander’s prediction of what missions his/her unit will likely face in combat related to an anticipated mission.” — @MarkHertling

Edit [May 16, 2022] “Ukrainian forces blow up railway bridge to prevent Russian advance” — The Sun

Edit [May 16, 2022] “On 16 May, an agreement has been reached regarding the evacuation of the wounded [soldiers] as a result of negotiations with the Ukrainian military personnel blocked at the Azovstal steel works in Mariupol.” — Russian Ministry of Defence

Edit [May 16, 2022] “According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, a ceasefire at Azovstal has already begun  and a humanitarian corridor has been opened to transport wounded Ukrainian soldiers to a hospital in Russian-occupied Novoazovsk, a town located in the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts.” — Interfax, citing Russian Ministry of Defence

Edit [May 16, 2022] “The Ukrainian unit holed up beneath the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol said on Monday its garrison was fulfilling orders to save the lives of troops, an apparent sign that the longest and bloodiest battle of the Ukraine war had come to an end.Reuters

Edit [May 16, 2022] “Reuters saw about a dozen buses apparently carrying Ukrainian fighters leaving the plant on Monday. It was not possible to determine how many people were aboard. Reuters

Edit [May 16, 2022] “‘In order to save lives, the entire Mariupol garrison is implementing the approved decision of the Supreme Military Command and hopes for the support of the Ukrainian people,’ the Azov Regiment said in a social media post.Reuters

Edit [May 16, 2022] “In a video accompanying the Azov Regiment statement, one of the unit’s senior commanders, Denys Prokopenko, said: ‘The main thing is to realise all the risks, is there a plan B, are you fully committed to that plan which must allow for fulfilling the assigned tasks and preserve the lives and health of personnel?‘ ‘This is the highest level of overseeing troops. All the more so when your decision is endorsed by the highest military command.Reuters

Edit [May 16, 2022] “Ukraine’s Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar told Ukrainian television: ‘Any information can harm the processes that are taking place … Inasmuch as the process is under way, we can’t say what’s happening right now.Reuters

Edit [May 16, 2022] “Ukraine’s Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar told Ukrainian television: ‘Any information can harm the processes that are taking place … Inasmuch as the process is under way, we can’t say what’s happening right now.Reuters

Edit [May 16, 2022] “‘Ukraine cannot shoot down Russian missiles with shotguns, with machine guns…. And it is impossible to break the blockade in Mariupol without a sufficient number of tanks, other armoured vehicles and, of course, aircraft. All the defenders of Ukraine know that. All the defenders of Mariupol know that. Thousands of people – citizens, civilians who are dying there in the blockade –  know that.’ ‘The United States knows it. All European politicians know it. We have told everyone. And as many people on earth as possible should know it as soon as possible. So that everyone understands who was simply afraid to prevent this tragedy and why – simply afraid to make a decision.’” — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zellenskyy

Edit [May 16, 2022] “NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said.. ‘Ukraine can win this war’ …. His comments came after Finland announced it would apply to join the military alliance in what marks a historic move for the traditionally neutral Nordic country.” CNBC News

Edit [May 16, 2022] “Sweden to apply to join NATO, joining Finland in ending nonaligned status” ABC News

Edit [May 16, 2022] “Finland and Sweden will bring ‘real military capability’ to NATO, says ex-Army commander” CNBC News

Edit [May 16, 2022] “Russia’ Putin: The expansion of NATO to Sweden and Finland poses ‘no direct threat for us… but the expansion of military infrastructure to these territories will certainly provoke our responseInsider Paper

Edit [May 16, 2022] “U.S. to send delegation to Moldova, Georgia and the UK … and ‘reinforce U.S. support for Moldova’s democracy, prosperity, and security,’” — CNBC News

Edit [May 16, 2022] “Companies sell their businesses in Russia” Reuters

Edit [May 16, 2022] “Multinationals are still planning their Russia exit. There are many ways for a company to leave Russia, but all of them are bad….Reuters

Edit [May 16, 2022] “McDonald’s Corp (MCD.N) on Monday became one of the biggest global brands to exit Russia, laying out plans to sell all its restaurants after operating in the country for more than 30 years following the invasion of Ukraine.” Reuters

Edit [May 16, 2022] “Lockheed Martin wins $309 million contract for Javelin missiles, which Ukraine is using against Russia” CNBC News

Edit [May 16, 2022] “Lviv is under heavy attack right now. Friends say it has never been this loud. This is WEST #Ukraine. Very close to Poland” Lesia Vasylenko

Edit [May 16, 2022] “BREAKING: Turkey will vote against Sweden and Finland’s request to join NATO, Erdogan says

Edit [May 16, 2022] “‘A difficult day. But this day, like all others, is aimed at saving our country and our people. Thanks to the actions of the #Ukrainian military – the Armed Forces of Ukraine, intelligence, as well as the negotiating team, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the #UN, we hope that we will be able to save the lives of our guys. I want to emphasize that #Ukraine needs #Ukrainian heroes alive. This is our principle. I think that every adequate person will understand these words.’” — Zelenskyy

Edit [May 16, 2022] “The operation to rescue the defenders of Mariupol was started by our military and intelligence officers. To bring the boys home, the work continues, and this work needs delicacy. And time. We also maintain maximum diplomatic activity in other areas in the interests of Ukraine.” — Zelenskyy

Edit [May 16, 2022] “”#Mariupol defenders carried out the order, despite all the difficulties, held the overwhelming forces of the enemy for 82 days and allowed the #Ukrainian army to regroup, train more personnel and receive a large number of weapons from partner countries.”” — Denys Prokopenko, Azov Commander

Edit [May 16, 2022] “The evacuation of 53 severely wounded servicemen has begun. They were taken to a medical facility in #Novoazovsk. Another 211 defenders were evacuated to #Olenivka through a humanitarian corridor and then returned to Ukraine-controlled territory through an exchange procedure.” — @GeneralStaffUA

May 17

Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces 24° 59′

Sun 25-26° Taurus square Saturn, sextile Neptune. Neptune semisextile Saturn, septile Uranus. Waning Sagittarius Moon trine Jupiter, Venus, opposite Mercury Rx.


Sun 26-27° Taurus. Waning Gibbous Moon in Sagittarius trine Chiron, Venus, square Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, sextile Saturn. Mercury Rx octile Venus. Mars conjunct Neptune, semisextile Saturn. Uranus septile Mars, Neptune

A lucrative opportunity missed unless discipline conjoins humble cooperation or diplomatic negotiations. Slow down to avoid minor or grave mistakes. Important intel may be missing. Danger from self-righteous moralism, militant reactions, delusional ambitions, addictions, overconsumption. Failure due to lack of intelligence, skills, or competence. Fires, natural disasters. Victory over the fiercest enemy and security amidst crisis and heavy conflict especially in military or government due to a noble, clear-minded strategy, unswerving faith, unusual courage. Diplomatic justice defeats brute force.

Edit [May 17, 2022] “More than 250 Ukrainian fighters surrendered to Russian forces at the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol after weeks of desperate resistance, bringing an end to the most devastating siege of Russia’s war in Ukraine and allowing President Vladimir Putin to claim a rare victory in his faltering campaign.” Reuters

Edit [May 17, 2022] “The denouement of a battle which came to symbolise Ukrainian resistance gives Moscow total control of the Azov Sea coast and an unbroken stretch of eastern and southern Ukraine, even as its troops retreat from the outskirts of Kharkiv in the northeast.” Reuters

Edit [May 17, 2022] “A Reuters witness said seven buses carrying Ukrainian fighters from the Azovstal garrison arrived at a newly reopened prison in the Russian-controlled town of Olenivka near Donetsk.” Reuters

Edit [May 17, 2022] “What will happen to the fighters was unclear. The Kremlin said Putin had personally guaranteed the prisoners would be treated according to international standards, and Ukrainian officials said they could be exchanged for Russian captives.” Reuters

Edit [May 17, 2022] “TASS news agency said a Russian committee planned to question the soldiers, many of them members of the Azov Battalion, as part of an investigation into what Moscow calls ‘Ukrainian regime crimes’.” Reuters

Edit [May 17, 2022] “Russian parliament will consider a ban on exchanging Azov POWs for captured Russian soldiers, Russian state-controlled RIA Novosti reported. On May 26, the Russian Supreme Court will consider recognizing the Azov regiment as a terrorist organization.” — @KyivIndependent

Edit [May 17, 2022] “The operation to rescue UA military from Azovstal will continue until their full return home from uncontrolled territory. Ukraine was forced to exchange wounded UA servicemen in Mariupol for Russian POWs, as there was no other way to save them.” — Maliar (Deputy Defense Minister)

Edit [May 17, 2022] “The Azovstal defenders pinned Russian forces in Mariupol until Ukraine won in Kharkiv. Encirclement of Kyiv’s troops in Donbas is now highly unlikely. Their contribution to the county’s freedom is immense. Their sacrifice should be celebrated as heroic. It will become historic.” — @MaxRTucker

May 18

Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces 24° 59′


Unswerving Faith, Courage, Victory, Security

May 20


An extreme challenge draws out dormant strength

May 21-22

Sun 0-1° Gemini conjunct Mercury Rx, Mars sextile Pluto Rx, Aquarius Moon conjunct Saturn, square Uranus, square Nodes


Peace, prosperity, security due to kindness and protection of a powerful alliance. Courage, eloquence, precision, excellence in defense, military, or police deserving of honor but may die. Help is available but discernment needed to select only a few genuine friends and avoid risks in negotiations.

May 24-25

Mars in Aries, Mercury Rx trine Pluto Rx [Mar 26: Venus square Pluto Rx, Mars octile Uranus]


Acceleration of conflict. Forward movement but must be done right and be worth long term investment or spinning wheels and wasted resources. Power in genuine, authentic communications.

May 29

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries 3° 19′, Venus square Pluto (Separating), Sun contraparallel Pluto, Saturn square Moon, Mercury, Nodes.


Unbridled conflict, powerful explosions. Death. Squandered resources. May 30: FINAL SUCCESS or LIBERATION. Likely success in military defense or law. A crucial event marks a military leader of honor who achieves some type of milestone through sheer willpower that persevered through insurmountable circumstances. This person may come close to a violent death which may involve a sniper.

June 13


Neptune in Pisces, Mars in Aries, Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Gemini


Achievement of a life dream possible if commitment was sustained through long period of immense challenges. Inner work manifests outward reality. All obstacles disappear if in universal alignment. Allow the Divine to flow through you.

June 13 – 22 (Peak: June 17)


Mercury, Venus, and Mars are in a rare triple domicile which may indicate success through conflict. Neptune also in domicile.

July 31

Mars, Uranus, N Node Conjunction 18° Taurus

Betrayal, unexpected disaster beyond someone’s control, feeling defeated or victimized, unwilling to make effort to grasp a golden opportunity, stuck doing an unwanted job unnecessarily.

August 30, 2022

New Moon Solar Eclipse [Partial] in Taurus, Venus 27° joins Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces

Misplaced hope in a global illusion. Rebellion.

August 2023

Multiple planets in the 4th Quadrant are at the 27° success degree. International alliances may reach a powerful or successful agreement such as a formal acceptance into a diplomatic major world alliance.

November 1, 2023

At Pluto’s last pass over 27° Capricorn, the Russian Ukraine conflict may be finalized or come to a final conclusion. Putin and Zelenskyy likely out of public spotlight by this time.

Aside from war and violence in this conflict, there’s potential for deep intimacy, unity, harmony, and unique courage, relentless determination, or achievement on a grand scale – as long as disciplined hard work and grounded common sense are involved. This powerful energy in alliances can be used for different purposes. It’s vital to keep your head clear and avoid conflict, if possible.