On The Subject Of Relationships

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I get some interesting questions and do a lot of readings on the subject of relationships. I can’t say I’m a relationship authority but there are 3 things that become clear about relationships as you awaken in consciousness.

  1. Sex and romance are highly illusory. There’s a place for them, but they’re just a mirage, a fantasy, a high in the sky. After you get it, it vanishes. Poof. Gone. Unless there’s a SOUL CONNECTION, there’s no lasting substance there.
  2. What you really want is a soul connection. Someone you can be completely real, open, and honest with… while knowing that person will still love you.
  3. When real love is there, it can’t not be there. When real love isn’t there, trying to force it, control it, or wish as hard as you might only makes you the fool – a heartbroken fool. (I know this one from hardcore experience.)

There are things in life I personally love that I can’t always explain. For example, I love riding the bus. I love not owning a car. Riding the bus can be a real adventure sometimes – okay, nightmare – but I still love it and I can’t not love it.

I love not paying for gas or trying to find an electric hookup. I love not searching for parking, not getting an oil change, not paying for auto insurance, not feeling the stress of driving…. I love getting on a warm bus after waiting FOREVER in the cold, somber rain. I love the different kinds of people who ride the bus. I love that I can read or write in my journal or organize my projects… while being transported from point A to point B.

I didn’t have to talk myself into loving the bus. There’s no “committing to the long haul” and I didn’t have to go to counseling when my relationship with the bus was on the rocks. There’s no hesitation, no doubts, and no question of my love. When it’s there, it’s there and there’s really nothing even I can do about that. All I can do is accept the facts.

When real, authentic love is there, challenges make the ride even better – whether you’re in a relationship with a bus, car, bike, Lyft, or with a consenting human, or with life itself.

Actual love isn’t something you have to search and hunt for, then shoot it down. It’s within you, all around you, and expressed uniquely through you while genuinely respecting the subject of your affection. You only have to become aware of your own real love.