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Is There Life After Death?

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Is there life beyond the grave? If yes or no, is it possible to know for sure?

Religions and spiritual cultures have some things to say about life after death. But this question is really only possible to answer according to real life, personal experience. That’s how you can KNOW one way or the other, without relying on assumptions or hearsay.

And yet, how can you experience either life or death after you die… before you die?

Personally, there’s no doubt in my mind that life exists after death because I’m in consistent contact with conscious, intelligent beings who are not in human form. One of those beings is my own soul as well as other dimensions of my own consciousness. So, it’s clear to me that my human form is only one aspect of me. My body-mind is something I would consider more of a ‘vehicle’ for my soul which is the real me.

Communicating with people after they’ve died as well as with other people’s soul guides on a daily basis is further proof to me, especially when there’s consistent evidence in the material realm of the information they provide. Interdimensional communication can be a little tricky and isn’t always clear, but if there’s a higher percentage of accuracy, that increases the probability.

Reincarnation goes without question among the most awakened or enlightened teachers throughout time. Reincarnation is also the only piece to the existential puzzle that makes any logical sense to me. It answers my long list of unanswered questions such as, “Why are we here?” and “What are we supposed to do here?” and “Does our existence make any sense at all?” It most certainly does, unless you leave reincarnation out of the equation.

And then we have the multitude of claims from people who have had near death experiences (NDE’s) as well as prebirth and past life memories. While some of these claims may be based on illusions, at some point, you have to do something with all of those claims rather than ignore them.

What if you haven’t had any of these experiences yourself? Do you have to believe in life after death? Absolutely not. In fact, there’s a time to ‘forget’ the grander reality or parallel universes so we can limit our focus to the physical realm and gain something from the human experience and perspective.

This is why our memory is “erased” when we’re born as infants. We don’t have a clue about what’s really going on. If we were born with a fully awakened consciousness, we wouldn’t be able to fully experience our existence in material form. It would be like watching a movie while remembering the characters are only acting. You can see that the lights, camera angles, and special effects are only creating a bunch of illusions. That awareness makes it really difficult to ‘be fooled by’ the movie and thereby enjoy the movie.

So, whether you believe in life after death or not, that really doesn’t matter too much in the whole scheme of things. Beliefs can’t change one iota of reality anyway. Awakening to the real reality can, however, alleviate the fear of death for some people – as long as you have those awakening experiences yourself. Then you know it’s reality rather than based on mere faith.

There’s another way to know there is at least a possibility of life after death, even if you haven’t had any awakening experiences or communication beyond the veil. That involves your consciousness. If you can stand back and observe your thoughts, your emotions, your actions… you will have to ask yourself who is doing that observation? Who’s the observer? That’s how you KNOW there is at least a possibility that your expanded consciousness is distinct from your limited brain, biochemical reactions, and physiological actions. So, if your body-mind comes to an end, it’s quite possible your consciousness may live on.