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How To Fix Your Life Mistakes

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Looking back on my nearly five decades of life, I found myself face to face with bad decisions and detrimental life mistakes I had made. Did I really do THAT? Did I really date THAT guy or jump into THAT important life decision on a whim? How could I be so stupid?

Yet, it turns out my mistakes were even worse than that. I had buried most of my life mistakes away from conscious memory. And, lo and behold, many of those memories decided to pay a visit all together at the same time.

It seemed as though I had made ignorant decisions every day of my life, all day long. Apparently, I thought, I must have been the world’s biggest idiot.

“Oh well,” I mused. “At least I learned from those mistakes, made some repairs, and I’m not making them anymore.”

But then I thought about that…. Wait a minute…. I’m STILL making life mistakes! They’re only newer and BETTER mistakes. What’s going on here exactly?

Eventually, the reality hit. Mistakes are constant. We are ALL making mistakes, ALL the time. Even if we aren’t learning anything new and even if we never leave the house, mistakes are being made in our very own mind.

Truthfully, however, victories and success are constant as well. Most of us are only aware of a very small percentage of what’s occurring in our multidimensions of consciousness at any given point.

But what about those mistakes? Let’s say you decide to learn snowboarding or skiing. Let’s say you get all of your gear, take some lessons, and you’re at the top of a beginner’s run. If you didn’t know it was perfectly normal and natural to fall down, you might feel some shame when that happens. You might even berate yourself. To avoid embarrassment, maybe you try as hard as you could to reach the bottom of the hill without falling down. But, what happens then? By constricting your energy in nervousness, you end up falling down even MORE and going home with some injuries and public humiliation.

Let’s say you go back the next day. This time you accept the fact you WILL HAVE to fall down if you want to learn a new skill. After you accept the fact of falling, this time you learn how to fall BETTER, and preferably in a soft patch of snow. When you intend to go one way and your board or skis go another way, you learn to ride with the mistake and course correct later. In fact, you can now flow with every turn which inherently involves a fluctuation of intended and unintended consequences. Welcome to life itself!

You might notice professionals make mistakes all the time. But they’re so good at what they do, even their mistakes are admirable or hardly noticeable to the public eye. That’s because they accept, incorporate, or use their mistakes for something even better. They aren’t worried about it because they know failures are a fundamental aspect of success. They also have enough self-awareness to realize they have no choice but to accept it all.

So, the best way to fix your life mistakes is to fully accept the fact of their existence and to even welcome them with open arms. You need them to experience life. It’s much easier to accept a mistake when you realize your true self is the person EXPERIENCING it, rather than being the mistake itself. Failure-success is a valuable, worthwhile life experience, but it’s still only an experience – not who you really are.