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How To Change Your Faults

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When survival is viewed as social competition rather than a group effort, there’s a tendency to reach toward superiority, or to at least feel superior in the mind. Humans feel more secure if they believe they deserve what is perceived as limited resources.

So the tendency is strong to ignore personal faults or bury them far from memory. It’s a matter of survival. Plus, most people aren’t equipped to handle them anyway. Did you ever learn how to change your flaws as a subject in school?

Of course, when faults are buried deep into the psyche, those faults never actually go away. Quite often, they’re projected onto other people, which enhances that aforementioned superiority complex.

But here’s the interesting thing: It’s OKAY to be flawed. Faults are a perfectly normal, natural occurrence. Even the wisest sage makes mistakes. Mistakes are a fundamental aspect of being human because they serve the free will dynamics of life.

When you allow yourself to be as you are, with all of your ignorance and issues, you may notice that they begin to dissolve all on their own.

Why? When you’re free to be yourself, you can relax. The pressure is off. When you don’t feel pressure to be a perfect human, you can allow yourself to be any way that you are. Within that freedom, you have a chance to realize that being an authentic, kind, intelligent person with integrity is more pleasant than not. It isn’t something you HAVE to be to survive; it’s something you GET to be which makes life more enjoyable. Eventually, you realize that being perfect was your true nature all along.