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When You’re Addicted To Suffering

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Do you know someone who likes to turn everything into a problem or an argument? Do they chase after all the wrong things? Do they somehow sabotage all the good things in their life? Is that someone you?

The non-existent self (ideas ABOUT the self rather than the actual self) needs problems, conflict, and enemies to feed its perceptions of suffering.

The non-existent self – also called the ego – is some reputation, some role being played, some social status, some story about yourself or some perceived self-image…. The non-existent self isn’t actually you. It’s just some made-up ideas about you.

The IDEA of you – rather than the REAL you – doesn’t actually exist. This is why the non-existent self creates more and more drama, pain, and relentless desires that are never satisfied. The non-existent self is trying to feel something – anything – so it can feel that it exists. But the non-existent self can ONLY feel meaningless, empty… nothingness. Why? Because it doesn’t exist. There’s NOTHING THERE to think or feel ANYTHING.

If the suffering of the non-existent self is all you know, it might feel like you’re losing yourself if you aren’t suffering. You might even have a volatile reaction if someone tries to show you the illusions of suffering. You believe you NEED suffering for your very survival.

When you suffer, it isn’t actually you who’s suffering. The person who suffers is always an ‘idea’ of who you are. That thing only BELIEVES it’s suffering based on made up stories. But the power of those beliefs can feel very real and those made-up stories can affect your whole life.

Still, that thing that’s suffering isn’t actually suffering. The suffering is only a phantom belief occurring in a fictional story of the imagination.

The non-existent self isn’t the real you and it isn’t reality. The real you is the still, blissful consciousness within. The real you is the OBSERVER of the non-existent self who’s trapped in the illusions of suffering. The real you is the movie WATCHER. You’ve never been trapped in the movie and you never will be.

Let go of the ideas about you – let go of the movie – to experience the real beauty, wonder, and adventures of your own life. Suffering will naturally dissolve.

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