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Heartbreaks And Desire

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Heartbreaks. If someone leaves you and breaks your heart, is it really worth getting upset about them? Wouldn’t you celebrate the fact they’re no longer there to break your heart again? But why aren’t you celebrating?

Maybe the problem isn’t that they broke your heart. Maybe the problem is that they didn’t live up to your hopes, dreams, and expectations. Maybe the real problem is your hopes, dreams, and expectations. Maybe that’s what really broke your heart.

Hopes, dreams, and expectations are other names for ‘desire.’ Maybe desire is what really broke your heart.

From a religious perspective, desire might be seen as some kind of sin, for which you will surely be punished if you go after it. But there’s another way to look at it.

There’s no God in the sky that will punish you. It’s just that desire itself makes you feel awful. You want what you don’t have. Desire makes you feel good when you think about having it, but that’s a delusion. In reality, you don’t have it or can’t have it – or it will destroy you. The punishment happens when you wake up and realize your desire is unreachable, or disappointing, or harmful. The object of desire ALWAYS eludes your grasp.

Desire doesn’t just plunge you into despair; it IS despair.

Desire is what you feel when you’re already in despair. You don’t feel satisfied as you are. You’re missing something. You’re lacking something. And you’re desperate to get it, or desperate to feel good any way you can, even if the good feeling is only temporary, or bites you in the ass.

When you break free from the chains of desire, you’re in a consistent state of perfect contentment. When you feel satisfied within, it doesn’t matter what you have and don’t have. The whole world becomes satisfying. Even a breath of fresh, outdoor air feels ecstatic. But when you’re disconnected from your inner bliss, the whole world becomes one big heartbreak.

You’ll never find what you’re looking for outside of yourself. You have to go within. Look within. Your inner bliss is there, if you’re aware enough to see it.

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