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What Do Synchronicities Mean?

Have you ever noticed repeating numbers or events in your environment? That tells you something about reality and how reality works.

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Your Best Life Guidance

Your best life guidance is so close… and yet it can be so far away. How can you get in touch with your own inner knowing?

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What To Do About Bad Situations

You can try to avoid or resist the bad things in life… or you can use them to experience your most deeply fulfilling, REAL life.

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How To Help Another Person

Real help really isn’t help at all. It’s an organic connection in which a person is enjoying, developing, and naturally contributing their personal skills.

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What Is Your Life Path?

Everyone has a life path or multiple life paths. But your life path might surprise you. And a true life path isn’t a life path at all.

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Working Hard But Getting Nowhere?

There are generally two explanations for wasted energy: 1) What humans call ‘achievements’ are really an illusion. And, 2) Most people are trying to live a life they have no genuine interest in living.

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When You’re Having A Bad Day

Do you ever feel like all the wrong things keep happening? Those events aren’t just a coincidence. They’re a signal you’re out of alignment with your own self.

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What To Do About Your Darkness

It might be a little shocking when you realize just how wrong and flawed you really are. But that realization is the path to your natural intelligence.

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How To End Suffering

Do you ever become aware that you’re suffering but you’re not sure what to do about it? While the answer is simple, we find all kinds of ways to go back to sleep.