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Why Does Life Feel So Difficult?

Popular advice would say it’s only a matter of having a positive perspective. But an exclusive perspective is really an illusion, which leads to all of our suffering.

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The Loneliness Factor

One day, years ago, I walked through the front door of my empty home and felt a deep, aching pang of loneliness. It was especially noticeable when it was at the door, waiting to welcome me home….

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The Wisdom Of Giving Up

Lately, I’ve been running instead of walking hills for my morning workout… in which I learned the art of giving up… in order to run faster.

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How To Handle Unrequited Love

Unrequited love can sting like nothing else. Sometimes the emotional pain is so deep, it can last a lifetime for some people, and even beyond.

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Why Does Suffering Exist?

There are two kinds of people in the world. There are those who try to hide, bury, or avoid their suffering. And there are those who notice it has wings.

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What About Politics?

“As your consciousness expands, you can zoom out and simply watch the drama unfold as it’s fueled by the sport of taking sides.”

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What Do Synchronicities Mean?

Have you ever noticed repeating numbers or events in your environment? That tells you something about reality and how reality works.

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Your Best Life Guidance

Your best life guidance is so close… and yet it can be so far away. How can you get in touch with your own inner knowing?

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What To Do About Bad Situations

You can try to avoid or resist the bad things in life… or you can use them to experience your most deeply fulfilling, REAL life.