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Who Or What Is God?

Depending on the language and culture, there are many different names for God, including: Creator of the Universe Source Tao The Great Mother Supreme Being Unified Energy Field of Consciousness Om Shiva Shakti Brahma All-Glorious Shangdi Akal Purakh [Timeless Being] Allāh Hu YHWH Elohim Jehovah I Am Jah No term or concept such as in […]

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Is There Any Truth To The Law Of Attraction?

Let’s say an unsuspecting person has a life-changing experience in self-realization. That person might become a respected leader or teacher. Entire branches of religions may develop from the teachings of this one person. As if often the case, people feel there’s some truth to the religion but ultimately, the religion fails to grasp the full, […]

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Are You An Intuitive?

How do you know if you’re an intuitive? Have you ever had a subtle but undoubtedly bad feeling about a celebrity that everyone loves and years later information comes out revealing they were involved in some scandal or pattern of abuse? That was your intuition that gave you that information. Everyone has intuitive capabilities, but […]

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The Importance Of Letting Go

“But why is my site undergoing so many spam and DDOS attacks?” That was the question I asked my web host technician. He said, EVERY website that gets traffic undergoes constant malicious attacks from spambot developers in order to steal data, send out mass junk mail, plant viruses and malware, overload your server, and increase […]

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Letting Go Of Perfectionism

Are you having a hard time accepting the fact of your mistakes? Here are some thoughts on perfectionism, spiritual holiness, eating disorders… and misery.

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Why Does Life Feel So Difficult?

Popular advice would say it’s only a matter of having a positive perspective. But an exclusive perspective is really an illusion, which leads to all of our suffering.

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The Loneliness Factor

One day, years ago, I walked through the front door of my empty home and felt a deep, aching pang of loneliness. It was especially noticeable when it was at the door, waiting to welcome me home….

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The Wisdom Of Giving Up

Lately, I’ve been running instead of walking hills for my morning workout… in which I learned the art of giving up… in order to run faster.

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How To Handle Unrequited Love

Unrequited love can sting like nothing else. Sometimes the emotional pain is so deep, it can last a lifetime for some people, and even beyond.

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Why Does Suffering Exist?

There are two kinds of people in the world. There are those who try to hide, bury, or avoid their suffering. And there are those who notice it has wings.

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What About Politics?

“As your consciousness expands, you can zoom out and simply watch the drama unfold as it’s fueled by the sport of taking sides.”