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Are You An Intuitive?

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How do you know if you’re an intuitive?

Have you ever had a subtle but undoubtedly bad feeling about a celebrity that everyone loves and years later information comes out revealing they were involved in some scandal or pattern of abuse?

That was your intuition that gave you that information.

Everyone has intuitive capabilities, but many people are not aware of this inherent skill.

Some people are more gifted in the area of intuition. Just like everyone is capable of doing math, some people are more gifted at math. That is their personal or specific area of interest and expertise. The same goes for an intuitive, although the public at large may not accept or acknowledge the validity of an intuitive like they would a mathematician. You won’t find accredited academic schools or universities and certified degrees that develop the skill of intuition like there are programs for math, psychology, or art.

One advantage of an intuitive, or anyone who utilizes their intuition, is discernment.

We live in a realm of illusory realities. People often present a mask that covers who they really are. “Special” business offers are not always forthright about their terms. Experts and professionals are not always an expert or professional. An intuitive can more easily spot a load of ‘bullcrap’ when they see it, while large amounts of people may walk right into the trap.

In the same vein, there may be qualified people or business companies that are genuinely skilled and true to their integrity. An intuitive can more easily spot high quality information, helpful resources, and trustworthy people. They can often see subtle patterns of behavior and thereby predict with a percentage of probability what will happen next.

An intuitive is simply more aware of what everyone knows but is not aware of what they know. Or, an intuitive is more aware of factors people are not ready to accept. Those factors might feel “too real” for their sense of comfort. While some people may have some internal resistance to ‘what is,’ the reality of a matter may be more apparent to an intuitive.

Again, EVERYONE has intuitive abilities, just like every human has physical capabilities, mental logic, and emotional sensitivity.

Before you can get in touch with your intuition, you must first connect with your mental sense of logic as well as your emotions. These are important human tools needed to navigate life and experience your existence. Your logic cannot function at its highest capacity unless it’s balanced with your emotions. Also, your emotions will not be reliable unless they’re balanced with logic.

When your logic and emotions are well-functioning and working together in balance, that allows you to become aware of your intuition.

If your empathy or emotions are suppressed or if you are not actively utilizing your intellect, any self-proclaimed intuitive abilities are just a sham. Logic, emotions, and intuition work together in a dynamic synergistic relationship, and there are no shortcuts to that relationship.

If you’d like to get in touch with or develop your intuitive capabilities, focus on utilizing your intellect, common sense, discernment, empathy, and emotional sensitivities, allowing them to function together in harmony. Your intuition will naturally follow.

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